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Programme 25

Adventures of a Small Carp (Ho Yu-men, 1959)
This cartoon from China tells how Granny Carp tells the small carp the story about some of their ancestors who jumped over the Dragon Gate. It is said to be wonderful on the other side but the gate i… Read more

APARAJITO (Satyajit Ray, 1957)
In the second part of the Apu trilogy, we find Harihar, his wife, Sarbojaya, and their son, Apu, in the holy city of Benares. Here, the father ekes out a living by reading the scriptures; when he die… Read more

An ABC film unit went around the world to uncover the inside story of Hamersley Iron Pty. Ltd. This film probes the issues involved in the debate on overseas investment in Australia through a company… Read more

EARTH (Alexander Dovzhenko, 1930)
The story of Earth is a simple one. It tells, after a slow, lyrical prologue, of the fierce opposition of the Russian Kulaks to collective farmers. Its personal drama is that of Vasili, a young farme… Read more

Indus Valley Road (H. R. Peer, 1968)
A 250-mile highway runs between Swat and Gilgit in the north of Pakistan. Till 1959 the region was isolated, almost inaccessible, immensely beautiful—and known to be rich in mineral and forest … Read more

Keep Moving (Paul Schneller, 1980)
In a world of alienation, against a background of computers, surveillance and paranoia, Peter has found a way to survive: he keeps moving. ... Read more

MOTHER (Mark Donskoi, 1955)
Gorki's famous novel, "Mother", was first filmed during the height of the Russian silent period by Pudovkin who used the story for the realisation of his theories on constructive editing. ... This ne… Read more

NINE LIVES (A. Skouen, 1957)
Each account of heroism and hardship which came out of World War II seemed to set a new level for man's indestructible spirit: but none seemed so utterly incredible as this tale of the Norwegian unde… Read more

Pins and Needles (Barbara Chobocky, 1979)
One of Genni Batterham's earliest symptoms of multiple sclerosis was the constant feeling of pins and needles. This film shows how she is coping with a disease that has changed her life forever. It a… Read more

POTO AND CABENGO (Jean-Pierre Gorin, 1979)
Poto and Cabengo are the names two identical twin sisters have given each other as part of a complex private language they have invented, and this film by Jean-Pierre Gorin documents the phenomenon. … Read more

Sense of the City (, 1966)
An evocation of the spirit of New York as seen through the eyes of poets whom it has inspired. ... Read more

Sketches from ‘The Tempest' (George Dunning, 1979)
The film, as it stands, is all that was completed by George Dunning, the great British animator, before his tragic death last year. Much of it is in pencil form (done on paper to check the animation … Read more

Taming the Yellow River (Chen Chien, 1959)
The Sanmen Gorges are one group of many gorges along the vast length of the Yellow River. This district has been called "Impassable Sanmen". This film shows the course of the water conservation proje… Read more

THE LOUVRE (John S. Sughrue Jr, 1964)
The world's greatest collection of art housed in the Louvre, also reveals a fascinating view of the history of France from the eleventh century to the end of World War II. Charles Boyer narrates the … Read more

This is a film of a Chinese national dance which is based on an old legend. Travelling to the capital to take his examination, Liu Yen-chang comes to the temple of the Goddess San Sheng Mu on Mount H… Read more

A shy young truckie keeps every weekend free from engagements in case he should be lucky enough to meet, at the Saturday night dance, a nice girl who would never let him down. But all of a sudden two… Read more

THE SCARLET EMPRESS (Josef von Sternberg, 1934)
Sophia Frederica is brought from Germany to Russia to become the wife of the mad Grand Duke Peter. She is, at first, innocent and wondering, but when married and plunged into the intrigue of the deca… Read more

The Seine Meets Paris (Joris Ivens, 1957)
The buildings and bridges, the people and their lives viewed from the Seine as it flows through Paris. ... Read more

THE WHITE ROOM (Metodi Andonov, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

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