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Programme 27

A Time Out of War (D. Sanders, 1954)
Drawn from a story by Robert Chambers &ndash: a pointed and deeply moving comment on the essential futility of war &ndash: this is a film of exceptional integrity and rare poetic grace. The American … Read more

An Artist Looks at Churches (John Taylor, 1960)
An artist's impression of the architecture and decoration of British churches through the ages. It is shown that the portrayal of the human face and figure has been a source of inspiration to those w… Read more

Antiquities of Pakistan (, 1954)
A study of the art, architecture, and antiquities of Pakistan, including the unusual seven-domed Mosque in Dacca, the Imperial Mosque ai Lahore, the palaces and tombs of the Mogul Emperors and relics… Read more

Ballet Girl (Bjarne Henning-Jensen, Astrid Henning-Jensen, 1954)
A little girl is sent on an errand to the ballet school of the Royal Danish Theatre and becomes a dancer herself. This is the theme of an authentic and beguiling ballet film produced by a notable tea… Read more

BETHUNE (John Kemeny, Donald Brittain, 1965)
Bethune's life has a legendary quality about it: as a roistering young doctor in the Twenties, he was struck down with T.B. and lost one lung. As a result, he put aside the flippancies of his youth a… Read more

Kabuki (Ginsaku Tobe, 1960)
The Kabuki, the classical drama of Japan dates back some 350 years and is still performed today. During its long history, it has absorbed much of Japan's traditional entertainment arts and has always… Read more

Light (Paul Cohen, 1969)
An experiment in film design showing light in its many forms, its changing moods, and its effect on the senses. ... Read more

ON THE COMET (Karel Zeman, 1970)
Karel Zeman once again returns to the science-fiction fantasy world of Jules Verne, this time in a French fort in North Africa at the turn of the century. ... A young lieutenant is saved from the sea… Read more

Papa Doc - The Black Sheep (Michael Blackstad, 1969)
Reports of revolution and threats of invasion have come once again from the black republic of Haiti. This teeming land of voodoo lives under the lash of its spiritual leader and president for life, D… Read more

Sonata in Brussels (E. Degelin, 1954)
With a touch of fantasy, the architecture and atmosphere of Brussels revealed in four movements: night lights and jazz; morning quiet; street bustle; and people at rest and play. ... Read more

Swedish Peasant Paintings (Olle Hellbom, 1958)
A film about the so-called "gourd" paintings which were done by the itinerant peasant artists who flourished in the Dalecarlia district of Sweden in the 18th Century. The scenes usually have a religi… Read more

The Pirogue Maker (Arnold Eagle, )
The pirogue &ndash: a graceful dugout canoe &ndash: carved by hand from a solid cypress log. The film records this vanishing art for posterity. ... Read more

The Urgent Queue (Jamie Uys, 1958)
This film is the story of the migration of a Bantu family to Port Elizabeth in search of work. The film tells an intensely human story, with highlights of drama and humour typical of the lives of mil… Read more

Think Twice (K. Gow, J. Levy, N. Disher, )
With good visuals and a pertinent commentary, this film shows the various hazards connected with boilermaking, and electric and oxywelding in particular. ... Read more

Vincent Van Gogh (Jan Hulsker, 1953)
The film tells Van Gogh's life story and his tragic struggle against poverty and madness by means of excerpts from his letters to his beloved brother, Theo, using as its visual material the artist's … Read more

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