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Programme 3

6 : 14.2 (Anton Gottsdanker, 1968)
The animation of stills breathes life into this ballet of long distance running. ... Read more

Abstract in Concrete (John Arronio, 1954)
The abstract patterns and rhythms of the neon signs of Times Square, New York, reflected on the wet pavements and roadway. ... Read more

Airplane Glue, I Love You (Howard Lester, 1970)
This film is part of a package of experimental shorts produced by student and independent filmmakers. ... Through an administrative error, a professional hobby shop model-maker, a 30 year-old case of… Read more

Asta Nielsen (Asta Nielsen, 1968)
Scripted and directed by herself. this ... documentary on the career of one o‘ ... the first famous stars of the screen ... contains excerpts from her films ... Cut into an interview with the lonel… Read more

Breath (Jimmy Murakami, 1967)
Breathing is necessary to life, but all living things breathe the same air. This is the source of many problems. . . . ... Read more

Calanda (Juan-Luis Buñuel, 1966)
Calanda is the Spanish village birthplace of Luis Bunuel. The great director's son has made this record of a strange annual ritual. Legend asserts that when Christ died the skies thundered for twenty… Read more

CALLE MAYOR (J. A. Bardem, 1956)
In Calle Mayor, Bardem continues the austere. intellectualised approach to his material which he established in Death of a Cyclist. Kosma's unusual score, the formal camera movement and sharply drawn… Read more

Chinese Checkers (Stephen Dwoskin, 1967)
Two lesbians play Chinese Checkers and ascend into dreamy, communication, each absorbing the other to bring their latent feelings to the surface. An underground movie in the American style. ... Read more

The locale is a small railway station somewhere in Bohemia during the Second World War. Nothing much happens here, except that some shabby carriages come to a brief stop or, now and then, a German tr… Read more

Conquest for Muzjilgi (M. Slavinskaya, 1955)
In July, 1955, the inhabitants of Osh, a town in Kirghizia, witnessed the departure of a mountaineering party which set out to scale the heights of the Mazar Range in northwestern Pamirs. Though not … Read more

Dae (Stole Popov, 1979)
A film dedicated to the "Last of the Mohicans". A surrealistic record of the incomprehensible and rare contrasts of modern life. ... Read more

DON QUIXOTE (G. Kozintev, 1957)
One tine summer morning, a tall, thin man. wearing the armour of a knight and mounted on a scraggy steed, rides forth from a small Spanish village. Following him on a little donkey is a good-natured … Read more

Here Are No Butterflies (Mizo Bernat, 1959)
A most moving little study of the relics of the children of the Teresian ghetto who were executed by the Nazis. With the typical imagination of children, they drew in pencil and colored crayons every… Read more

I'm a man (Peter Rosen, 1970)
Recreation of events in the life of a black militant leader, depicting relationships with police, lawyers, family, friends, and enemies. ... CINE Golden Eagle: Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival. ... Read more

JALSAGHAR (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
Jalsaghar is one of the few films made by Salyafit Ray. apart from the great Bengali trilogy about the life of the boy Apu. It leisurely and patientty unfolds Ihe story of the decline of the last mem… Read more

KANAL (Andrzej Wajda, 1956)
On the first of August 1944 the city of Warsaw rose against the Nazi occupiers. Through long incredible weeks the) continued the struggle until they were defeated and the city was destroyed by the Na… Read more

La Ville (Jean Bédard, 1970)
Cut to music, this bright collage film gives an impression of a big city. ... Read more

LAST DAY OF SUMMER (Tadensz Konwicki, 1958)
Out of waves breaking on a beach comes a woman from a swim. It is a desolate, empty seashore, backed by sand-dunes and reed-tufts. From the sky an echelon of jet-planes zooms down and away, followed … Read more

Lines Vertical - Lines Horizontal (Norman McLaren, 1960)
Lines in pure design — an attempt by Norman McLaren to create art interesting pattern entirely from straight lines engraved directly on plain black film. ... The effect in is of decorous ballet… Read more

LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC (Karel Kachyna, 1966)
A vivid re-enactment of life in a Moravian village towards the end of the last war. The cynicism of the story effectively conveys the sardonic humour of the villagers' efforts to protect their farms … Read more

LONG PANTS (Frank Capra, 1927)
Harry Langdon liked to call himself the "Christian innocent": innocent as are all the great pathetic comedians, having a skin less than ordinary people, and a sense missing, so that the most everyday… Read more

MIRACLE IN MILAN (Vittorio de Sica, 1951)
De Sica has described his film as “a fable for children - especially of the grown-up variety - a comedy with an undercurrent of tragedy”. The title he originally wanted was The Poor are Disturbin… Read more

MONSIEUR HAWARDEN (Harry Kümel, 1968)
A coach arrives in a village in the Ardennes in the mid-nineteenth century bringing an elegant gentleman and his lady companion. Monsieur Hawarden is the surviving member of a family of Viennese aris… Read more

Mouse and Cat (W. Nehrebecki, 1959)
A most enterprising and amusing cartoon full of twists and legerdemain. Polish mouse I.Q.- 120, ... American mouse I.Q.-80! ... Read more

OLD MAN MOTOR CAR (Alfred Radok, 1957)
It started at the turn of the century. In those days the first cycles were launched on the roads, cycles "which went under their own steam even uphill". These were the first motorcycles and soon afte… Read more

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