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Programme 30

A GENTLE CREATURE (Robert Bresson, 1969)
The husband of a young girl who has just killed herself relates in a formal, almost detached manner, the strange story of their meeting, marriage and life together. It reveals the situation of a rela… Read more

A Storm of Strangers (Ben Maddow, 1969)
A documentary which, using authentic old photographs of arrivals at Ellis Island, life in the Lower East Side, the schools, workshops, factories, and tenements, brings to life a period and culture th… Read more

BOGART (Marshall Flaum, 1969)
Ten years after his death has come a phenomenal resurgence of interest in the work of Humphrey Bogart. This documentary analyses the Bogart revival through interviews, rare tapes, stills, newsreel ma… Read more

Children of Munich (Karl Otto Alberty, )
During the last day of the traditional Munich Carnival, the public takes over the streets. Costumed children at play are filmed with hidden cameras, in this kaleidoscopic record of the day. ... Read more

Das Bronzetor (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1955)
The story of the Bible as depicted on a bronze door at the Cathedral of San Zeno at Verona. The straightforward presentation of an important medieval monument allows one to observe some of the princi… Read more

Fantasmatic (Ernest Ansorge, Gisele Ansorge, 1969)
From free association of somber thoughts, a new world is born. An adventurous spirit explores images which beckon and threaten, reflections of contemporary man's psychological landscape. ... Golden L… Read more

Hunters of the Southern Seas (S. Kogan, 1956)
In October 1955 the Soviet whaling fleet set sail on its tenth trip to the Antarctic. The fleet consisted of the factory ship '"Slava" and fifteen small catchers. During the seven and a half months t… Read more

INSIDE NORTH VIETNAM (Felix Greene, 1967)
Felix Greene, whose colourful China! was seen at the 1967 Festival, shows in his latest film, life in North Vietnam under conditions of intensive bombing. Mostly avoiding Hanoi, it concentrates on th… Read more

John Grierson (, 1959)
A filmed record of an address by John Grierson at the National Film Theatre, London, in which he speaks of the early documentary movement in Great Britain. ... Read more

Lawsuits (Dragoslav Lazić, 1965)
In this forceful, often amusing documentary, the hidden camera observes peasanst wrangling, over seemingly trifling matters, in a district court. ... First Prize, Mannheim Festival. ... Read more

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (Timo Bergholm, 1968)
oung Anja, victim of society and of herself. has been sentenced to a young peoples prison. Her loneliness and desperation, her longing for sex and freedom, are studied against the background of strai… Read more

Ludwig (Roland Klick, 1965)
Ludwig is an outsider. He lives in a little village and works in the quarry. He has fallen in love with the sole beauty of the village. His boredom is interrupted by an incident which ends in violenc… Read more

Mr. Rossi on the Beach (Bruno Bozzetto, 1964)
The misadventures of Signor Rossi during his holidays at the beach. ... Award, Festival of Tourism, Venice; Televisuion Award, Venice. ... Read more

NAYAK (Satyajit Ray, 1966)
The Hero is one of Satyajit Ray's modern stories, concerned with the life and thoughts of an Indian film star as he travels by train to collect a prize in Delhi. Through dreams and flashbacks, he tel… Read more

Noces de Plumes (Patrick Leoux, 1968)
M. Basu calls his psychiatrist. He has just had An Experience. An ordinary street led him to a ruined church where a wedding was in progress. He has fallen in love with the bride. Then at the cocktai… Read more

Pierrot (Jacques Leroux, 1965)
Using experimental techniques in animation, the film is a poetic evocation of the metamorphosis of the carnival character of Pierrot. ... Animation Prize, Bilbao. ... Read more

David Lean, in a discussion with actress Maureen Pryor, comments on some aspects of his work and introduces extracts from his films. ... David Lean's distinctive and always dramatic 'visual' openings… Read more

The Last Mohican (Paul Leaf, 1966)
Alan Arkin as a pretzel seller trapped by a sociology student. ... Read more

THE OVERCOAT (Alexei Batalov, 1959)
First filmed in the days of the silent screen, by directors Kozintsev and Trauberg, Gogol's "The Overcoat" has since been adapted many times. It has been revived by Jack Clayton whose version was sho… Read more

The Top (Teru Murakami, 1965)
Synopsis not available Read more

Turner (David Thompson, 1966)
A selection of the painter's works, shown entire and studied in detail, and accompanied on the sound track by recollections of his contemporaries. ... Read more

WE'LL LIVE TILL MONDAY (S. Rostotsky, 1968)
Teaching in Russia, they would have us believe, is a matter of labour inspired, labour creative. There are mediocre teachers, of course, hard­hearted and dead-handed, but they are only the hammer… Read more

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