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Programme 31

Birthright (Sarah Erulkar, 1960)
The film shows how the work of the Family Planning Association is directed towards helping not only those who wish to plan their families, but also those who are childless. The film emphasises some o… Read more

Do Not Pass Go (Phil De Montignie, 1979)
"Do Not Pass Go" follows the story of two teenagers from broken homes who are arrested by the police for separate offences, and committed for trial in the Children's Court. Both are sentenced to rema… Read more

Exorcism (Jerry Kaufmann, 1969)
A series of scenes, multiplied over one another, depicts dancers progressing from a disciplined exercise class to freer movement. ... Read more

From Generation to Generation (Francis Thompson, Philip Stapp, 1960)
By means of diagrams and actual photography the film tells with imagery and symbolism the story of human reproduction. ... Read more

GREECE WITHOUT RUINS (Angelos Lambrou, 1965)
Near the ruins of classical Greece, live the people of Greece of this age, who are creating new traditions and a life characteristically their own. This is the subject of Angelos Lambrou's film. The … Read more

GRIMACES (Ferenc Kardos, János Rózsa, 1966)
This film present the adventures of a six-year-old schoolboy, as recollected through the perspective of adulthood. It is a mixture of fact and fantasy, and it looks at childhood with understanding an… Read more

Hot Wheels (Don McBrearty, 1979)
When two girls turn down two teenage boys for more prosperous, motorised dates, the boys steal a car. ... Read more

I Want to go to School (John Krish, 1960)
The impression of a day at an average Primary School. The main theme of the film is the relationship which develops between child and teacher during the early years of education. Sequences which incl… Read more

IN THE YEAR OF THE PIG (Emile de Antonio, 1967)
The director of Point of Order (about the TV hearings of Joe McCarthy and the Un-American Activities Committee) and Rush to Judgment (based on Mark Lane's post -: mortem of the Kennedy assassination)… Read more

Intergalactic Zoo (Morton Goldsholl, 1964)
An album of animated characters from a zoo located on Mars. ... Read more

JOSé TORRES (Hiroshi Teshigahara, 1965)
This poetic documentary of the Puerto Rican boxer who became light-heavyweight champion of the world, is the first Japanese production to be filmed in the United States. At first the film has the fee… Read more

Journey Into Spring (Ralph Keene, 1957)
The visitor Lo Southern England can still find the wild life of cuckoo, mole, hedgehog and rook which Gilbert White made famous in his "Natural History of Seiborne". ... Read more

Jules and Bajus (Peter Kassovitz, 1965)
A lighthearted film about the rivalry of two Sunday fishermen on the shores of the river Marne. ... Read more

RAMPARTS OF CLAY (Jean-Louis Bertuccelli, 1969)
An excerpt from Franz Fanon's "Wretched of the Earth"' introduces the French-Algerian production Ramparts of Clay, a study of a period of change between fading traditions and economic and social deve… Read more

THE AMOROUS ONES (Walter Hugo Khouri, 1968)
A randy but otherwise impoverished university student borrows from his sister and works at odd jobs to support a life of unrelieved perplexity and emotional indecision. He is frustrated in all direct… Read more

The Cedars of Lebanon (Ferenc Olasz, 1979)
The film presents the two most well-known paintings, "The Lonely Cedar" and "Pilgrimage to the Cedar Tree" by the famous Hungarian painter, Csontváry. ... Read more

The Man from Sothebys (William Brayne, Roger Graef, 1964)
An introduction to the fabulous world of fine art. The drama of the salesroom, the hunt for new masterpieces, the assiduous cultivation of top clients are seen as we follow the chairman of Sothebys a… Read more

The Nail Clippers (Jean-Claude Carrière, 1968)
The fantastic adventures of a couple as they settle into their room in a hotel. ... Special Jury Prize, Cannes 1969 ... Read more

Through The Rip (Terry McMahon, 1979)
A saga of the Port Phillip sea pilots from their beginnings in 1938 to the present day. The film highlights the hazards of one of the most dangerous harbour entrances in the world, and the vital role… Read more

TRIO (Gian Franco Mingozzi, 1966)
The lives of three young people are intertwined in this initial feature by Gian Mingozzi. A young girl who wins a pop singing contest is seen to triumph in her work as a singer. An introverted youth … Read more

Where Mountains Float (Bjarne Henning Jensen, 1954)
Where Mountains Float is the first big Danish colour film and tells of the enterprise of Green-landers and Danes from kayak to cutter &ndash: from a hunting culture to fishing. This story is told in … Read more

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