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Programme 37

A Stroll Around Peking (Chiang Yun-chuan, Ho Chung-hsing, 1960)
The film starts with morning in Peking and introduces us to the capital as it may be seen during a day's tour. Although historical monuments are shown we also see the changes of the last ten years. ... Read more

A Sunday on the Island of the Grande Jatte (Frans Weisz, 1965)
A famous Seurat painting forms one of the motifs for this fantasy film, which — as its subtitle, "Seven Authors in Search of a Reader", suggests — deals with the relationship of the autho… Read more

American Roulette (Theodore Gershuny, 1966)
A study of suicide in the context of our age. An engrossing film that mocks both characters and audience with visual and aural style and grace. ... First Prize for Short Subjects, Chicago Festival. ... Read more

Birds (Frans Zwartjes, 1968)
A girl lies with legs splayed on a couch. She dangles a paper bird on the end of a piece of string. ... The camera rocks and slides as if in a trance, and the white shape, fluttering to the raucous t… Read more

CLOSED PAGES (Gianni da Campo, 1968)
A boy hears his parents arguing, and then is sent off to school before their coming divorce. He is silent and reserved, but also headstrong, and he crosses one of his teachers. His need for love is c… Read more

CUMBITE (Tomás Gutierrez, 1965)
The story unfolds in the hamlet of Fonds Rouge in Haiti during the Forties. Manuel, a young country­man, returns to his native village after having spent some years in Cuba as a cane cutter. He f… Read more

Eating (Frans Zwartjes, 1968)
Loud licking alternates continually with a four-note clarion call, while the camera records a kinky eat-in, with three bare bosomed girls, one wearing a bearded mask, tasting food that is simultaneou… Read more

Images of Town (Herbert Seggelke, 1968)
A town is discovered as if through the eyes of a modern painter. ... Read more

Imagination 10 (Morton Goldsholl, 1967)
The sights and sounds of the passenger trains, the freights, and the people who run them. ... Golden Eagle, CINE; Chris Statuette, Columbus Festival; Silver Hugo, Chicago Festival. ... Read more

Irish Folk Music Festival (Louis Marcus, 1967)
Every year, musicians come from all over the country to play, to listen, and to swap tunes in the Flea Ceoil, a week-end folk festival of centuries-old music, song and dance in the Gaelic tradition. … Read more

MADHUMATI (Bimal Roy, 1958)
"The fruit of a deed is three-fold: it may arise here and now, or later, or in a succession of lives . . ." - Anguttara Nikaya. ... This is a story of the re-birth of two lovers who, having met in th… Read more

Monument to the Dream (L. T. Iglehart Jr., Charles Guggenheim, 1968)
The city of St. Louis built a memorial to the pioneers who opened up the West. The immense arch was designed by Eero Saarinen, the man whose intervention ensured that Utzon should win the competition… Read more

Moon's Men (, 1964)
Without commentary, this cinematic poem tells of the work of the shrimp fishermen of northern England. ... Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more

Mrofnôc (J. J. Sedelmaier, 1965)
A man finds himself alone in a society that is doing the complete reverse of what he thinks is normal. ... First Prize, Independent Filmmakers' Festival. ... Read more

Pinciano, a Sunday With Summer Sun in the Month of August (Fernando de Bran, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Hemingway set the fashion nearly 40 years ago with Jack Barnes, hero of "The Sun Also Rises", who became the archetype for countless thousands of young North Americans who have subsequently gone off … Read more

S.O.S. (Marcell Jankovics, 1971)
A drowning man calls for help in vain because no one pays any attention to his shouts. ... Read more

Seats Two (Frans Zwartjes, 1970)
Two girls nestle beside each other on a couch and try desperately to conceal their mutual craving. Sexuality is suggested through the weird rhythm of the film's editing and the tactile quality of the… Read more

Slag's Place (David Naden, Gwyneth Furdivall, 1965)
A group of children explore a deserted house and its overgrown garden. The story was filmed as it was improvised by children from a London Secondary School. ... Award, Venice Festival. ... Read more

STORM OVER ASIA (V. I. Pudovkin, 1949)
Pudovkin's third film, originally called The Heir to Genghiz Khan, is the story of a young Mongol trapper who, after being cheated by a European trader to whom he tries to sell a silver fox fur, caus… Read more

Svatopluk and His Sons (Jaroslav Boček, Bohuslav Srámek, 1968)
Old records are sometimes incomplete. This animated film tells the true reason why the Great Moravian Empire crumbled. ... Read more

The Axe and the Lamp (John Halas, 1964)
A diverting and irreverent cartoon which explores Bruegel's painting of the 'Netherlandish Proverbs'. The painting attacks sin with the axe of satire, and illuminates with the lamp of pity. ... Read more

The Daisy (Todor Dinov, 1965)
A beautiful white flower can only be picked by the pure. ... First Prize for Animation, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

THE DANCE OF THE HERON (Fons Rademakers, 1966)
This work, made by one of the leading Dutch directors whose films, The Spitting Image and The Knife, have previously been seen at Melbourne Festivals, is an uncompromising study of a thwarted relatio… Read more

THE HECKLERS (Joseph Strick, 1967)
A picture of politicians under pressure, shot during the 1966 elections in Britain. The camera goes to meetings up and down the land, with an eye on angry audience excitement. The result, dramaticall… Read more

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