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Programme 39

A GLASS OF BEER (Felix Mariassy, 1956)
Felix Mariassy, whose first film Springtime in Budapest painted a grim picture of a war-torn city, here creates a charming and vivacious love story. Scripted by his wife Judith, the film describes ho… Read more

Ares contre Atlas (Manuel Otero, 1967)
Five humorous sketches about war. ... Read more

AUTUMN MARATHON (Georgi Daniela, 1979)
Autumn Marathon tells of a gentle-souled English translator in Leningrad who can't keep his private affairs apart from his duties - that is, he has a mistress on the side and a wife he loves. In addi… Read more

BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT (Peter Whitehead, 1967)
When Peter Brook's production of "US" for the Royal Shakespeare Company was presented at the Aldwych Theatre, London, in the winter of 1966-7, it aroused considerable controversy. By the use of shock… Read more

Conquering the World's Highest Peak (, 1960)
Jolma Lungma, the highest peak of the Himalaya Mountains and the highest point on earth, is known as the world's "Third Pole". This film describes how a group of Chinese mountaineers undertook extens… Read more

Feldberg Fantasia (Gerhard Jentsch, 1965)
A fantasia for camera and orchestra in three movements: set in the natural beauty of the Feldberg Lake area of East Germany. ... Read more

Great Little Emotions (Doru Segal, 1964)
A reportage of the end-of-the-year celebrations at a kindergarten. ... Read more

HUNGARY AFLAME (I. Erdely, 1957)
The film is a compilation of newsreel material, first covering briefly the past history of Hungary. then giving in detail the uprising of October. 1956, ending with the Russian troops crushing the re… Read more

MIAO YEAR (W. R. Geddes, 1968)
The film covers the life of the Blue Miao tribe of northern Thailand over one year's cycle of social, religious and economic activities. It shows their ceremonies, their food-gathering, making of cos… Read more

Michel Pellus (Rafal Zielinski, Peter Czerski, 1979)
In 1977, Michel Pellus was released from prison after serving six years of a fourteen year sentence for trafficking in narcotics. While behind bars, Michel turned to painting as an escape from the mo… Read more

MUDDY WATERS (Louis Daquin, 1960)
In the post-Napoleonic period in France the pursuit of money was the ruling passion. Based on Balzac's novel, "La Raboilleuse", this film tells how it was the principal aim of Philippe Bridau. He cli… Read more

Pastoral Wedding (Ion Rodan, 1957)
The wedding of a shepherd in a wonderful place of Rumania, depicting the old traditions of the country people. ... Read more

Syrinx (Ryan Larkin, 1965)
In simple classic style - charcoal drawings on white paper - the film tells the story of how the goat-god Pan fashioned a flute from river reeds. ... Read more

TARAHUMARA (Luis Alcoriza, 1965)
Tarahumara tells of the impact of corrupt land-grabbers on a primitive Indian society. Using a deceptively familiar plot, the film takes a penetrating look at the Indians, their problems with exploit… Read more

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