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Programme 8

A Day With Timmy Page (David Hoffman, 1967)
An 11-year-old film maker is seen at work with his associates, explaining his techniques and ideas- casting, influences, and so on. We are treated to short excerpts from the 20 ten-minute film he has… Read more

ALBERT SCHWEITZER (Jerome Hill, 1957)
This portrayal of the life of a famous man who abandoned the certainty of a distinguished career to become a medical missionary in French Equatorial Africa opens with scenes from his boyhood and adol… Read more

Allegro (Hugo Niebeling, 1970)
Three episodes about the joy of movement. ... Read more

And They Named It Holland (Gerard Raucamp, 1968)
A helicopter's eye view of The Netherlands revealed through its geographical history from the Ice Age through the formation of its landscape by interplay of wind and water, its flora, fauna, and at l… Read more

BADJAO (L. Avellana, 1957)
Intermarriage in the face of conflicting customs and tribal prejudices is viewed through this unusual story of the Badjao and Moro tribes. The Badjao is a pagan tribe of sea gypsies of the Philippine… Read more

Blake (Bill Mason, 1969)
Blake is a free-thinking individual who works in the city, but lives in a cabin in the woods. Parked near the cabin is an ancient, single-engine, open-cockpit bi-plane, in which whenever the urge ove… Read more

Blue-Beard (Olivier Gillon, 1978)
In this animated puppet film, Blue Beard's seventh bride is given the keys to the castle, and, while left alone, discovers marvellous, but tragic secrets. ... Prize for Best First Film: Annecy. ... Read more

CHINA IS NEAR (Marco Bellocchio, 1967)
Two brothers and their sister, living in a small provincial town, are at the centre of a complex plot through which Bellocchio criticizes petit-bourgeois morality and the current political situation.… Read more

Do You Like Snow? (Dieter Finnern, 1968)
St. Moritz. Where the ski champions go. And display all they can do on skis. Where the lovers of all winter sports congregate. And skate. curl, play ice hockey, swim, ride horses, bobsleighs, skeleto… Read more

Eveil (Peter Foldes, 1967)
The metaphysics of immortality mean that man must find woman again and again. An abstract shape undergoes a series of transformations and becomes a dancing woman. Another abstract shape comes to life… Read more

Games and Pastimes (Zain B. Hussain, 1959)
The film shows the traditional way in which the rural people of Malaya relax after the day's work and how they go about their sports and pastimes. ... Read more

HOROSCOPE (Boro Draskovic, 1969)
A remote railway station near the Adriatic Riviera in Yugoslavia is the limbo where five young layabouts laze away the summer days, ... making pointless bets like placing heads on the line as a train… Read more

Kashkeshet (Alina Gross, Yoram Gross, 1959)
An experimental film in which hand-painted illustrations have been set to music, ... Read more

LOVE 65 (Bo Widerberg, 1965)
The action of the film takes place during two summers and a winter. Keve is a film director whose relationship with his wife is deteriorating, and for a while he finds peace in the arms of another's … Read more

LOVE ON THE RUN (François Truffaut, 1978)
Francois Truffaut first came to the attention of the filmworld and filmgoing public when, in his first feature, he told the story of the childhood and early adolescence of Antoine Doinel (The 400 Blo… Read more

Masque of the Red Death (Pavao Stalter, Branko Ranitovic, 1970)
Based on the story of Edgar Allan Poe, the film tells the tale about Count Prospero, who amidst the plague devastating the world, locks himself into his castle with his decadent court. A ball is inte… Read more

Riff ‘65 (Eric Camiel, 1966)
A projection of the character of Riff, a resourceful, underprivileged youngster in conflict with his environment. ... First Prize, National Students' Awards, U.S.A. ... Read more

SAMYONG (Sang-ok Shin, 1965)
The story of Samyong, the poor, mute farmer, at the mercy of Kwangsik, the spoilt son of a rich family, is set at the beginning of the century. Conditions prevailing at that time in rural Korea releg… Read more

SILENCE AND CRY (Miklós Jancsó, )
After the first Communist revolution in Hungary in 1919, soldiers of the Red Army are in hiding from government patrols. One of them is sheltered by a farmer who is suspicious of him. His wife and si… Read more

Space (Ezra R. Baker, 1968)
Satire about a frustrated man who unsuccessfully seeks a parking space in a large shopping plaza. ... Read more

Stadium (St. Jedryka, 1959)
A curious essay about the romantic musings of a young girl sitting alone in a vast empty arena waiting for her beloved. A new experimental film from Poland. ... Read more

Taj Mahal (Mushir Ahmad, 1959)
This film conveys the beauty and grandeur of one of the world's most visited monuments. It tells the story of the fulfilment of the Mogul Emperor Shah Jehan's dream of building a great mausoleum to e… Read more

The Boiled Egg (Marc Andrieux, Bernard Brévent, 1964)
The adventures of an unlikely but very recognisable successor to Humpty Dumpty. ... Read more

The Christmas Visitor (John Halas, 1958)
A cartoon film which belongs wholly to the spirit of a child's Christmas. Having entered in traditional fashion by the chimney and filled the children's stockings, Father Christmas rests his weary sh… Read more

The Lieutenant (Roland Verhavert, 1965)
An analysis of the hero-worship of a small boy that evokes unerringly the fears and adulations of childhood. ... Jury Prize, Oberhausen Festival. ... Read more

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