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Programme 9

A Goal in Life (Radivoj Gvozdanović, 1979)
A stream of demonstrators carrying placards and flags moves purposefully across the screen from right to left. There is only one man walking in the opposite direction carrying a flag. ... Read more

A MATTER OF DIGNITY (Michael Cacoyannis, 1958)
A Matter of Dignity tells of a bourgeois family on the verge of bankruptcy, pinning all their hopes on their daughter's catching a rich husband. ... The Pellas mansion is gripped in an atmosphere of … Read more

APPASSIONATA (Jiri Weiss, 1959)
From the musty archives of some supernatural Law Court a judge takes the dossier of a young girl accused of the crime of suicide. Gradually the evidence against her, her family, her fiance, her fianc… Read more

Big Footed Bertha (Guido Bettiol, Stefano Lonati, Italo Bettiol, 1964)
A puppet film about Pepin le Bref whose only desire is to sleep; the intrigues of his enemies, and his final triumph. ... Jury Award, Vancouver; Award, La Plata. ... Read more

Carousel of Lowicz (Jerzy Hoffman, 1959)
The area around Lowicz is famous for its beautiful regional costumes and this film is about the annual folklore festival held in that city. A Polish documentary which won distinction at the Oberhause… Read more

City out of Time (Colin Low, 1959)
A portrait of Venice as Canaletto, Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto must have seen it. City Out of Time is a discovery of the city, which, like the arts the city fostered and still cherishes, has tran… Read more

CUBA (Richard Lester, 1979)
Richard Lester made his name directing The Beatles in their two good fiSms, consolidated his reputation with a series of out and thrust comedies and, for several years now, has proved himself adept a… Read more

EL LAZARILLO DE TORMES (Cesar Ardavin, 1960)
Based on a classic by an anonymous author, Lazarc de Tormes' adventurer and misfortunes on the roads of 16th century Castille make up a lively and human story in the mainstream of this Spanish picare… Read more

Errigal (Patrick Carey, 1968)
Characters in order of appearance: the mountains of Donegal. ... Place: Ireland. ... Time: the ages. ... Plot: the battle with the elements. ... Dialogue: natural sound and music. ... A filmed play a… Read more

FANDO AND LIS (Alexandro Jodorowsky, 1968)
Once there were two tramps, Vladimir and Estragon, who spent their days waiting for Godot. Now a young couple, Fando and Lis, go in search of a city called Tar. On the way their quest is harried by v… Read more

GOTO, ISLAND OF LOVE (Walerian Borowczyk, 1968)
Goto, an island formed after an earthquake in the 19th century has been cut off from the mainstream of social progress and survives as a totalitarian world of concrete corridors, iron trapdoors and o… Read more

JAN HUS (Otakar Vavra, 1955)
This colourful film deals with the life of Jan Hus, reformer and preacher, who lived in Bohemia at the beginning of the 15th Century. It starts with the period when Hus preached his fiery sermons aga… Read more

La Balade d'Emile (Manuel Otero, 1967)
A brief fantasy on the theme that a little walk can really take a man out of himself. ... Read more

La Cage de Pierre (Pierre Zucca, 1967)
A little girl seems to be the sole ... occupant of an old house. But is it ... her refuge or her prison? Will she ... ever break the tyranny of the old ... stones? ... Read more

Lichtenstein in London (Bruce Beresford, 1968)
Roy Lichtenstein, one of the originators of pop art, has become one of the most controversial of internationally known American painters for his comic strip canvases. There was a retrospective exhibi… Read more

Life in a Box (Bruno Bozzetto, 1967)
Maternity ward box, home box, school box. university box, nuptial box, work box . . . box. But for one brief moment during his life, the box dweller really sees what surrounds him. ... Read more

METELLO (Mauro Bolognini, 1970)
Born to an anarchist father, Metello follows in his footsteps as a champion of liberty and social justice. When he is imprisoned after a strike action, he repeats the hollow promise his father made b… Read more

Mother and Son (Jan Nemec, 1967)
A film that attempts to shatter the conventional view of family love. ... Prix, Oberhausen; Prize, Lugano. ... Read more

MOUCHETTE (Robert Bresson, 1967)
Like Bresson's earlier Diary of a Country Priest, this film is based on a novel by Bernanos, but this time the book has been freely adapted. It is the story of an utterly despised and rejected person… Read more

Night Shift (Tony Price, 1979)
Two men sneak into a hangar at night and assemble a diesel engine. They recall the world they knew before the silicon chip destroyed employment. The engine runs as they pretend to work. ... Read more

Oisín (Patrick Carey, 1969)
Made as a contribution to European Conservation Week, Oisin is a moving record of the stark and simple glories of primitive nature and its sounds. ... There are no humans, no buildings, no music and … Read more

Opus (Don Levy, 1967)
An impressionistic view of contemporary British culture ranging from sculptors and painters to theatre and ballet, and even including sequences on jewellery and fast cars. ... Gold Medal, Barcelona; … Read more

Paint (Norm Gollin, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Praise The Sea (Herman van de Horst, 1959)
Van der Horst, like Haanstra, has made his name with distinguished short films such as Shoot the Nets and Houen Zo. This his latest film is about the Netherlands and its dependence upon the sea. ... Read more

RAVEN'S END (Bo Widerberg, 1963)
Raven's End is a glimpse of a fledgling writer's life in a working class district of Malmö in 1936. The film describes how the aspiring novelist comes to terms with his drunkard father and embittere… Read more

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