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A MORNING OF SIX WEEKS (Nikolai van der Heyde, 1966)
Jimmy is a racing driver; Annette a photographer's model - two people whose professions on the glamour fringe of modern society occupy enough of their time and energy to shroud the essential emptines… Read more

Towards the close of the war, two boys escape from a Nazi transport and plunge desperately through a forest. Gradually as their minds start to wander, memories, hallucinations and desires rise and di… Read more

Femmes d'aujourd'hui (Claude A. Putzeys, 1966)
By showing various aspects of her life, this film pays homage to woman. ... Read more

JACK AND JILL: A POSTSCRIPT (Phillip Adams, Brian Robinson, 1969)
Jill is a young Catholic kindergarten teacher with cultural aspirations, who is becoming bored with her boyfriend. Jack is a tow-truck driver, a delinquent bikie in his spare time, with neither cultu… Read more

Overture to Tomorrow (Joseph McDonough, 1966)
Music and photography have been wedded to images of people, manufacturing, applications and systems, in this unconventional portrayal of a corporation. ... Special Mention, Venice Festival; Industria… Read more

PARANOIA (Adriaan Ditvoorst, 1967)
This is a sensual study of a young man, Arnold Cleever, who goes into retreat when a photo in a newspaper convinces him that he is a wanted SS officer. In his paranoid state, his relationship with hi… Read more

PRISONERS OF FREEDOM (Yona Zarecki, 1968)
The penal system of Israel provides a form of remission for good behaviour which permits prisoners twenty-four hours with their families at intervals to reduce the tension of their long incarceration… Read more

Rajgir (G. P. Asthana, 1963)
This film depicts the ancient glory of the historic city of Rajgriha, once the capital of the Magadh Empire. It is closely associated with the life and teachings of Buddha, and famous as a seat of le… Read more

Tevye (Julius Kohanyi, 1968)
Tevye is a popular character in some of the stories of the great Yiddish author, Sholom Aleichem. Saul Field, printmaker and film maker, produced a series of prints which he called the Sholom Aleiche… Read more

That Way to Madra (Adriaan Ditvoorst, 1965)
A young soldier's wife is injured in an accident. The films tells the story of his fight against red tape for a leave pass to visit her. ... Critics' Prize, Pesaro Festival. ... Read more

The Die-Hard - The Legend of Lasseter's Lost Gold Reef (David A Crocker, 1969)
By means of old newsreels and photographs recording the importance of gold prospecting in Australia's history, a background is created against which the legend of Lasseter's last ride is told. This t… Read more

The Great Walled City of Xan (Hal Barwood, 1969)
This is an animated glimpse of the greatest city that ever was, with a hint of its magic power and a record of its downfall. The dilemma expressed is not so much one of religious faith, but in the ad… Read more

The Legend of the Quetzal (Claude Putzeys, 1965)
Following little Pablo in his search for the Quetzal bird, we discover the tourist beauties and folklore interests in Mexico. ... Read more

The Moebius Flip (Roger Brown, 1969)
A fantasy movie about a group of skiers who find that the world has flip flopped on the other side of reality. The Moebius Flip, a flip plus a full-twist, proves to be the solution to their problem. … Read more

The Vanishing Street (Robert Vas, 1962)
The pathos of a rapidly disintegrating ghetto in the East End of London. ... Read more

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