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1 . . 2 . . 3 . . (Gyula Macskássy, 1965)
Humorous treatment of the develop­ment of numbers and the science of arithmetic. ... Read more

And Of Course You (Jimmy Murakami, 1968)
The benefits of space research are ... outlined: the improvement of weather ... forecasting, the location of oil. ... instant communication between ... continents, discoveries that may lead ... to im… Read more

ARTHUR PENN, 1922: THEMES AND VARIANTS (Robert Hughes, 1970)
Arthur Penn at home and at work, including long and revealing interviews with the director, whose three latest films, Bonny and Clyde, Alice's Restaurant, and Little Big Man won worldwide acclaim. ..… Read more

BHUVAN SHOME (Mrinal Sen, 1969)
A bureaucrat working for the ... railways uses the regulations to ... conceal himself and cloak any human ... reactions. Bhuvan Shome is a ... widower who even sacked his own ... son for negligence. … Read more

Breakfast (William Sachs, 1968)
A light satire on the American space race with a twist in its tail. ... Read more

Dear Green Place (Michael Pavett, Oscar Marzaroli, 1968)
Through a series of stills taken over a ten-year period, a Glasgow photographer affectionately traces the rebirth of his city as seen through the eyes of an old man recalling his youth. ... Read more

A group of young people in Toronto wanted their street closed to through traffic with its noise and fumes. The press tagged them as "hippies". The establishment, represented by Toronto City Council, … Read more

Golf, Scotland's Royal and Ancient Game (Austin Campbell, 1967)
A history of the game of golf, from its origins in the early Celtic legends until the present time. ... Read more

Hetty King - Performer (David Robinson, 1970)
An account of the life and career of one of the legendary figures of the English music hall, who was also a star of vaudeville in the United States and Australia during the early part of this century… Read more

Hides and Strings (John Abraham, 1969)
The traditional arts and crafts of making sitars and tablas. ... Read more

Le mystère Koumiko (Chris Marker, 1965)
Chris Marker whose films, Description of a Struggle, Le joli Mai and La jetee, have been shown at previous Festivals, went to Japan to film the Olympic Games. But there he discovered, working for a f… Read more

Like Fabulous Fireworks (Lino del Fra, 1968)
A report on the world of the hippie, the New Left and all those young people in Italy who are determined to change a world they don't understand and in which they do not believe. ... Read more

Man and Factory (Thorgeir Thorgeirsson, 1968)
No comment—but that of the ugliness and noise in a factory. A briskly edited study of workers, their tedium and alienation in the atmosphere of their place of work. ... Read more

MAN IS NOT A BIRD (Dušan Makavejev, 1965)
The action is set in an industrial centre in Eastern Serbia. Jan Rudinski, an engineer, comes to the town, entrusted with the assembly of some intricate machinery. He falls in love with the sensuous … Read more

Master Singers (Robert Vas, 1966)
The great choirs of the Welsh mining valleys first grew from the singing of hymns in chapel on Sundays — for many, the only time in the week into which beauty entered. Even now these choirs, an… Read more

The Bairds of Barrow Street (Don Luftig, 1967)
The design, creation and performance of puppets for a professional show at the Baird Puppet Theatre. ... Read more

The Big Shave (Martin Scorsese, 1968)
A very conventional young man is ... shaving in a very conventional ... bathroom. The camera carefully ... follows every stage of the operation, ... but then he doesn't finish shaving .... ... Read more

THE BOY ACROSS THE STREET (Josef Shalhin, 1966)
David, a boy of twelve, was born under an unlucky star. His mother deserted him, and his father, a new immigrant from Morocco, cannot adapt himself to the new surroundings. ... David gets into troubl… Read more

The Edinburgh Festival (H. Forsyth Hardy, 1965)
The film presents highlights of recent Edinburgh Festivals. After opening with a view of the city at night, sequences are shown of art exhibitions, concerts, theatre and ballet, with many notable art… Read more

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