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Reel Dance - Cinematheque de la Dance

46 Bis (Pascal Baes, 1988)
Filmed over 24 hours in an interior courtyard in the Belleville neighbourhood, in the black and white tones of the early mornings immortalized by the Nouvelle Vague. Rapid, crazy, streetwise and esot… Read more

An All-coloured Vaudeville Show (Roy Mack, 1935)
"When The Nicholas Brothers made their first entrance at the Cotton Club, Harold was 8 years old and Fayard 14. Impeccably dressed in top hat and tails, they were a combination of youth and sophistic… Read more

Four Solo by Mary Wigman (, 1929)
Synopsis not available Read more

Heretic (, 1929)
Synopsis not available Read more

Josephine Baker (, )
Extracts from Zouzou and PrincessTam Tarn "...Josephine entered the stage, a revelation of new world. Eroticism found a style. The expression of desire, its call, its wild ardor" ... • Paul Acha… Read more

Kok (Regine Chopinot, 1988)
With Marie Atger, Lee Black. Regine Chopinot, Poonie Dodson. Jean Hughes Laleu. Joseph Lennon ... Read more

La Lampe (Joëlle Bouvier, Régis Obadia, 1991)
"The light fixes her body, searches through her nakedness. In a second, an opening is made for her to slip into dreams..." Joelle Bouvier and Regis Obadia transform a grungy disused public space with… Read more

La Mort du Cygne (, 1925)
Anna Pavlova performs La Mort du Cygne. ... Read more

Lalala Human Steps - Sex Duo No.1 (Bernar Herbert, 1987)
A pristine, monochrome subterranean dance fantasy. Two members of the Montreal troupe Lalala Human Steps perform a tough, jumpy, tender pas de deux in a dream-like setting. ... (Winner, Best Experime… Read more

Le Cygne (Dominique Delouche, 1983)
With Yvette Chauvire, Dominique Khalfouni. In Le Cygne no one speaks, transmission occurs in silence; it's less about transmitting a role or shape, than an intensity, the naked intensity of the swan … Read more

Le Jeune Homme et la Mort (Roland Petit, 1973)
"There was a side to Nureyev that was bestial' frenetic, like a centaur or Rasputin, even though he controlled every step. He was extraordinarily handsome, with a remarkably photogenic face the evide… Read more

Le Lys (, 1934)
A serpentine dance interpreted by one of Loie Fuller's disciples This short film was part of the series La Fee'rie des Ballets Fantastiaues. The decision to film outside the studio, in natural light,… Read more

Le P'tit Bal (Philipe Decoulflé, )
'I dream of Melies, of things phantas-magorical. All those elements that cruelly lack from present shows. A theatre is a space in volume, not just a stage with ants moving across it...The dream is th… Read more

Le Sacre du Printemps (, 1970)
With Tania Bari. Christine Brabant. Marie-Claire Carle, Louba Dobrievitch Jaleh Kerendi. Germinal Casada, Florie Alexander, Paolo Bortoluzzi, Antonio Cano, Pierre Dobrievitch. ... Read more

Montage of Dance Films by Louis Lumiere (Louis Lumiere, -6)
Synopsis not available Read more

Parade (Jean-Christophe Averty, 1980)
Parade, a choreographic work created in 1917 Cocteau, Massine, Picasso and Satie, mark decisive moment in Modern Art. ... Read more

Tzigne Dances (Jack Kemp, 1941)
"Carmen Amaya, she's hail against windows, the cry of a swallow, a black cigar smoked by a dreamywoman, a thunder of applause " ... Jean Cocteau ... Read more

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