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When the Independent Oil Company reduces the price of petrol by four pence per gallon to the lowest level on record, prosperity - as the song goes - is on its way. ... Where is the Independent Oil Company today? ... Read more
Somewhat misunderstood and underappreciated on its original release in the early 1950s, Renoir's adaptation, or revision, of Prosper Merrimee's Le Carrosse du Saint-Sacrement, has, over the years, come to enjoy something of a cult-classic status. It has been hailed by Andrew Sarris as "a glorious ... Read more
Billed as a "Mighty Epic of Australia's Great Open Spaces", this was Cinesound Studio's second feature, highlighted by the climactic bushfire sequence, fuelled by nitrate film and diesel oil. Watch film history go up in smoke! ... Prints courtesy of the National Film and sound Archive, Canberra ... Read more
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