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A Lesson in Geometry (Italian Lux, )
Synopsis not available Read more

A Spider Builds His Web (, )
Typical example of a recent German teaching film, designed for university level. Detailed close-up views of the methods used by the spider, showing the technique of "spot- welding" individual strands… Read more

Atoms at Work (Diana Pine, 1952)
Underlines the progress being made at Harwell Atom Research Establishment in the peaceful uses of atomic power. Shows the preparation of radio-active isotopes and various examples of their use in res… Read more

Cinéma et Astronomie (MM. Lyot et Leclerc, )
Demonstrates various applications of scientific cinematography in the field of astronomy. First part shows records of solar and lunar eclipses. Second part shows Lyot's monochromatic filter and the r… Read more

Conditioned Reflexes (Moscow Popular Science Film Studio, )
Reviews some of the work of the Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, whose experiments with conditioned reflexes paved the way to a better understanding of human and animal behaviour. Demonstrates diff… Read more

Crystal Growth (H. Emmett, 1949)
Unusual example of a research film. Makes use of polarized light techniques and time- lapse microphotography to study the growth process of various crystals. ... Read more

Diesel Story (Lionel Cole, 1951)
An introduction to the study of the modern diesel engine. Shows some of the reasons for its outstanding efficiency and performance. Includes material showing some of the early experimental engines. ... Read more

Examples of High-speed Photography (Dr. Michaelis, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Explosions on the Sun (Division of Radiophysics C.S.I.R.O, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Functional Photography (Eastman Kodak, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Grease (A. H. Luff, 1951)
Opens with brief description of how ball bearings are made and tested. Includes unusual sequences taken at 2500 exposures per second of a ball-crusher testing three balls to destruction. Remainder de… Read more

High-speed Cinematography of Gun Mechanisms (Dr. Lewis, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Marvels of Miniature (Dr. Noel Monkman, 1950)
Camera and microscope are combined in a study of the many forms of colourful microscopic animal life found in the sea round the Great Barrier Reef, including plankton (primary food supply for fishes)… Read more

Movements of the Tongue in Speech (, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Notornis Expedition (New Zealand Government Film Unit, 1950)
Records the expedition of New Zealand scientists to a practically inaccessible high mountain valley to study the life and habits of the native flightless bird, Notornis or Tahake, thought for eighty … Read more

Report from the Sea Bed (Naval Research Laboratories, )
Synopsis not available Read more

ROCKET FLIGHT (Intelligence Branch, Air Ministry, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Soils and Foundations (S. T. Evans, )
Shows problem of building rigid brick and masonry houses on troublesome soils which swell and shrink due to seasonal wetting and drying. Soil identification gives the key to physical properties and b… Read more

Some Medical Aspects of Venomous Snakes (Burroughs Wellcome Film Unit, 1950)
General discussion of venomous snakes. By means of diagrams and pictures of living snakes, describes their classification and characteristics, the venoms and their effects, and the treatment of snake… Read more

Spreading Wing (United States Information Services, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Substitution d'un Noyeau chez une Amoebe (Institut Pasteur, )
Synopsis not available Read more

The Development of the Honey Bee and the Bee Population (Institut für Film und Bild, Gottingen, Germany and Zoological Institute, University of Munich, )
Produced for teaching purposes at the high-school level. Gives an insight into the development of a single bee in a large hive. Stages shown include the laying of eggs by the queen; sealing pupas in … Read more

Volcanic Action in Hawaii (, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Wild Life on Macquarie Island (N. Laird, )
Deals with wild life of Macquarie Island, 900 miles to the south of Tasmania. Features plants, birds, and mammals which derive a livelihood from the stormy wastes of the south polar and sub-polar reg… Read more

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