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A Year at the Middelheim (Frédéric Geilfus, 1962)
Against the changing backdrop of deciduous trees, the film exhibits the sculptures in the open air museum of Middelheim in Antwerp. ... Read more

Architecture and Gardens of Japan (Rokuro Yoshida, 1963)
A survey of the architecture of Japan from the Shrine of Ise in mythological times, through the Heian, Muromachi and Momoyama periods, to the intimate beauty of the Edo period. ... Read more

Gandhara Art (S. M. Agha, 1963)
From the recently excavated city of Taxilla in North­western Pakistan, we are shown relics of the Hellenistic-Indigenous culture that flourished in the first century B.C. to the second century A.… Read more

Maori Arts and Culture - Carving and Decoration (Ronald Bowie, 1963)
The traditional Maori arts of carving and decoration are studied in detail and the techniques involved are illustrated by the Construction of a village meeting-hall. ... Read more

The Sluice (Harry Kramer, 1963)
An abstract art film showing large scale mobile sculp­tures, moving to the beat of jazz, and photographed against ihe background of clouds and Cologne's industrial skyline. The sculptures are by … Read more

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