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Sombre and romantic, this moodily shot musical narrative is set in the 19th century. Tackling issues of love, loss and the varying ways people cope with guilt and grief, Blood Ballad is a decidedly ambitious project that succeeds in being both mysterious and compelling.---D/S Matthew Rich P Rebecca ... Read more
A Moroccan mother who can't accept her son being gay; and a son who has rejected the traditions of his culture; learn to overcome their prejudices with the help of a charlatan rabbi.--- D Shay Hamias P Tamsin Lyons TD video/col/2006/11mins ... Read more
He's getting married and it's the happiest day of his life. A light-hearted film that reverses gender roles and assumptions, while subtly challenging the classic traditional wedding.---D/S Ursula Burton P Gabrielle Burton, Jennifer Burton, Maria Burton, Charity Burton WS Five Sisters Productions TD ... Read more
Imagine This!, from Irish filmmaker John Callaghan, is a reworking of John Lennon's 'Imagine' into 4 and half minutes of punk rock political clip art.---D/P John Callaghan WS Cal-TV TD video/col/2006/5mins ... Read more
The Mimis is a Dhuwa story that is told in Dalabon language in Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Despite all his efforts, a young boy finds he cannot hunt as well as his father. The boy sulkily wanders away, and discovers the Mimis. ---D Dave Jones S Tom E. Lewis (Balang) & Michael Wagner P ... Read more
Moon Man is a Dhuwa story that is told in Rittharngu language in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. Before the moon was in the sky, it was a man.---D Luke Jurevicius & Toby Quarmby S Vera Cameron (Galijan) & Michael Wagner P Domenic Friguglietti & Michael Wagner WS Australian Broadcasting ... Read more
Gina Sinozich began painting at the age of 70 as an attempt to work through the events of her traumatic life. This inspirational and intimate documentary takes us into the life of an extraordinary woman proving it is never to late to pursue your passions.--- ... D/S Olivia Rousset P Sylvie Le ... Read more
A man is about to cross a busy road. He falls over. A car is speeding towards him. A reality show programme is commenting the incident: either the man or the driver dies, or both. The public must vote.---D/S/P Wissem Tlili WS Long et Court L TBA TD 35mm/col/2006/10mins ... Read more
Gil sees his father as a vampire, feeding off the energy and vitality of his family. Reluctantly agreeing to a desert family trip, he unleashes a terrifying sequence of events. This smartly executed study of father-son hatred and reconciliation won Best Short at the Jerusalem Film Festival. D/S ... Read more
An old and mysterious stranger teaches the six-year old son of peasant farmers how to cultivate a crop that would forever change the lives of both him and his family. Can the riches of a little boy's dreams outweigh those of his reality?--- ... D/S Anis Lassoued P Lotfi Laayouni WS Amilcar Films L ... Read more
A delightful moral tale about the meaning of trust and friendship, Sankambe introduces us to the dynamic duo of the rabbit Sankambe and Muzhou the Jackal. ... --- ... D George Christacopoulous S Dowelani Nenzhelele P Dumisani Gumbi & Isabelle Rorke WS Anamazing TD video/col/2006/5mins ... Read more
In this tragicomedy, two Iranian refugees decide to pretend to be a gay couple in order to obtain asylum. But for the adventurous yet lonely Shahram and the serious journalist Abbas, it is hard to live with their façade to the very end.--- ... D Remy Van Heugen S Luuk Van Bemmelen P Joost De ... Read more
Spear is a Yirritja story that is told in Dalabon language in Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. The tribe's strongest and most respected hunter creates a magical spear.--- ... D Maurice Argiro & Nathan Jurevicius S Jimmy Wesan, Gojok P Sophie Byrne, Domenic Friguglietti & Michael ... Read more
Stratification by British composer/filmmaker Michael Salkeld is 4 minutes of orchestral maneuvers in colour, line and shape: Synesthesia for everybody! ... D/P Michael Salkeld TD video/col/2006/4mins ... ... ... Read more
What The Future Sounded Like Australia What The Future Sounded Like colours in a lost chapter in music history, uncovering a group of composers and innovators who harnessed technology and new ideas to re-imagine the boundaries of music and sound. Features music from Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Roxy Music ... Read more
Whirlpool is a Yirritja story that is told in Mara language in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. The Freshwater and Saltwater people of Arnhem land (in Australia's Northern Territory) battle over a Freshwater woman. --- ... D James Calvert S Angelina George (Gotjan), Betty Roberts ... Read more
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