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Spaghetti al Leone

The Man With No Name and seemingly no past, a laconic gringo and quintessential anti-hero who kills for profit, rides into an impover­ished town that is being torn apart by a power struggle for land between two competing fami­lies. The gunslinging drifter offers his profession­al ... Read more
Variously known also as A Fistful Of Dynamite and Once Upon a Time in The Revolution Leone's epic political comedy was Leone's least success­ful film at the box office and one of his most under-rated works. ... Set in 1913, Rod Steiger, a Method-trained actor like Eli Wallach who could ham it ... Read more
Morricone began composing at the age of six and his professional career began in Italy's fledgling pop industry as an arranger where he quickly gained a reputation for his idio­syncratic utilisation of everyday sounds. ... He first gained international attention in the mid-60s with his landmark ... Read more
A major artistic advance on A Fistful Of Dollars, and boasting a larger budget, the middle sec­tion of the Dollars trilogy depicts Eastwood as the nameless professional bounty hunter who forms a highly competitive and duplicitous alliance with Colonel Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef), an enigmatic ... Read more
Leone's final masterpiece, a stylistically bold gangster epic spanning five decades of this century, features De Niro and James Woods as childhood pals and aspiring mobsters who fol­low divergent paths as adult racketeers. The film is told via a complex narrative structure which moves lyrically ... Read more
The final instalment of the Eastwood - Man With No Name trilogy takes place against a realistic reconstruction of the American Civil War as the 'Good' (a taciturn Clint Eastwood), the Bad' (reptilian Lee Van Cleef) and the 'Ugly (Eli Wallach playing the venal but stupid fall-guy) of the title seek ... Read more
This BBC tribute to Sergio Leone aired shortly after his death in 1989. Apart from some mouth watering clips from his widescreen epics, it also offers a comprehensive overview of Leone's career. Viva Leone! includes a revealing 1977 inter­view with a contemplative Clint Eastwood in which he ... Read more
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