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States of Dissent

10 CONDITIONS OF LOVE, THE (Jeff Daniels, 2009)
Is there a tougher woman than Rebiya Kadeer? ... Rebiya Kadeer spent six years in a Chinese prison before being exiled to Washington DC. An tireless advocate for the independence of her oil-rich Uygh… Read more

BLACK BUS (Anat Zuria, 2009)
To the Ultra-Orthodox Haredim, segregation is for your own safety. ... Over the last decade the number of prohibitions for the women followers of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism (known as Haredi) have increas… Read more

BURMA VJ (Anders Østergaard, 2008)
“Who did they shoot?… A guy with a camera.” ... While those in the West might bemoan the falling standards of news media, the Burmese live in a world where journalism of any kind is illega… Read more

Great Man and Cinema (Jim Finn, 2009)
A modern-day faux propaganda film made in the style of North Korea's nationalistic Juche cinema. ... --- ... D/P/S Jim Finn L Korean w/English subtitles TD betacamsp/2009 ... --- ... D/P/S Jim Finn L… Read more

GREEN DAYS (Hana Makhmalbaf, 2009)
The bloody violence of the 2009 Iranian elections explodes onscreen in this audacious film by 21-year-old Iranian filmmaker Hana Makhmalbaf. ... A new wave of hope has sent the Iranian people singing… Read more

KIMJONGILIA (NC Heikin, 2008)
“A totally original and ultimately inspiring consideration of the extremes human beings can suffer, and yet still hold out hope for a better future.” - Sundance Film Festival ... Kimjongilia is t… Read more

MY NEIGHBOR, MY KILLER (Anne Aghion, 2009)
“Aghion's powerful film sets the beauty of a country against the unimaginable barbarity [that] took place.” - Screen International ... Could you ever forgive the people who slaughtered your famil… Read more

PETITION (Zhao Liang, 2009)
“Even Franz Kafka would find it hard to credit the systemic injustice denounced in Petition.” - Screen International ... In his quest to give voice to the unheard masses of China, filmmaker Zhao … Read more

“Even Franz Kafka would find it hard to credit the systemic injustice denounced in Petition.” - Screen International ... Giving voice to the unheard masses of China, filmmaker Zhao Liang spent 12… Read more

RUSSIAN LESSONS (Andrei Nekrasov, Olga Konskaya, 2010)
“Dignifies the struggles of powerless people and holds a sobering mirror up to a superpower.” - Sundance Film Festival ... A startling work of investigative journalism, Russian Lessons sees its t… Read more

SERGIO (Greg Barker, 2009)
"He was the world's go-to guy. He'd probably seen more wars, more human misery, than any man or woman of his generation." - filmmaker Greg Barker ... Diplomat Sergio De Mello had so much star quality… Read more

STOLEN (Violeta Ayala, Daniel Fallshaw, 2009)
What began as an unassuming documentary has taken on the fate of a cause célèbre. Initially begun as a film about family reunion in a western Saharan refugee camp, the production suddenly takes a c… Read more

The story of a people confronting tyranny with the joyful power of art, music and self-expression. ... Intensely political and emotional, this documentary is a celebration of West Papua, told through… Read more

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF NICOLAE CEAUSESCU (Andrei Ujica, a dictator is simply an artist who is able to fully put into practice his egotism. It is a mere question of aesthetic level)
\After all ... Read more

THE JUCHE IDEA (Jim Finn, 2008)
“An outrageously funny study of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il's theories on moviemaking.” - Variety ... The irony in Kim Il-sung's ideology of Juche (pronounced ‘choo-chay') - the independe… Read more

THE RED CHAPEL (Mads Brügger, 2009)
A subversive comedy tour through North Korea takes a turn for the absurd in this Yes Men-style gonzo doco from Mads Brügger. ... Fighting propaganda with propaganda, filmmaker Mads Brügger take… Read more

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