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Student Film

A satirical view of the B-grade Western, loosely based on Australia's “Frankie & Johnny". ... Read more
A big-time building contractor whose professional and personal life is unfulfilling, becomes obsessed with a prostitute to escape his problems. Finally, the prostitute and her son become members of his household, much to the disgruntlement of his daughter. ... Read more
delightful Ukranian folk tale with matching graphics. ... Read more
Living with a child who has leukemia. ... Read more
A student film about a candidate for the priesthood, who pays a visit to his estranged father, in a North African country. Here, he is confronted by an alien culture that threatens his values and beliefs. ... Read more
A hilarious student film, in which a tennis match provides the vehicle for countless visual gags. ... Read more
A gothic tale about a woman's obsession with teaching a cockatoo to speak. ... Read more
In 1800, the master of a sealing boat, having survived a year on a remote island in Bass Strait, attempts to escape. ... Read more
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