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Super 8

A Man Walking Falls (Julian Dahl, 1990)
This wacky picaresque film approaches dream, memory, desire and allegedly objective reality on equal terms. Campy stylisation and intuitive association tell a romantic tale of a journey lost. ... Read more

A Slice of Life on the Crumbs of Existence (Janet Merewether, 1991)
Seven types of days make a certain type of week. Take a good look at what you have on your plate; the forces of habit can expose all sorts of surprises. ... Read more

All My Life (Michael Hutak, 1986)
Micro, macro, micro, macro, let's call the whole thing off. ... Read more

Arnold West (Gary O'Keefe, Deborah Warr, 1992)
On a journey into central Victoria we discover that a decent holiday is not beyond the reach of the average family. ... Read more

Astral Plane (Jennifer Pignataro, 1990)
Vibrating and rhythmic as life itself, Astral Plane bridges time, space and love. ... Read more

Banner (Barbara Campbell, 1990)
Working backwards, the distinctive red stripes of Sydney's Coca Cola sign and Reagan's Star Wars policy must have inspired that original star-spangled banner worked out by Betsy Ross and George Washi… Read more

Dead Roads (Heinz Boeck, 1991)
The landscape was never indifferent. The barbed-wire fence has snagged the skyline. The bath water is tepid. And every night when you lie down you fall flat. ... Read more

Freud (Tanja George, 1991)
1898, a cold winter's night in Vienna. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, has finally arrived at his theory of dream analysis. ... Read more

God Bless America (Mark Titmarsh, 1986)
What i saw in the burning bush. The teaming hoards of America. ... Read more

Gold, Green, Black (Jo Hampton, 1987)
Refilming off the editor viewer Super 8 images from my travels overseas and Standard 8 images my parents filmed of me and my brothers and sisters when we were very young. The soundtrack is a recordin… Read more

Gritty (Maeve Woods, 1991)
When seen on screen this beach becomes something like lunar beach, yet film heightens the intensity of all the beach's separate sensations. The calm water has an even more unctious surface, the sun's… Read more

Love (Bill Mousoulis, 1991)
The light of love: a science fiction film set in Alphaville, 2015. Shot in Melbourne 1991. ... Read more

M-dot Report (Stephen Ball, 1991)
A season in Elwood. Looking back on 1991. This is my scrapbook. This is not my home but it's where I live. These are not my words but they're what I say. You see there are all these connections but i… Read more

Maladaption Number Four (Peter Napier, 1987)
Ejected from his lonely retreat, William finds inspiration on the street outside. One image gives way to another, it's all quite simple really. ... Read more

Morena (Anne-Marie Crawford, 1987)
Morena is made up of little fragments of a personal history: old stills, bits of dreams, identifications, moments of clarity and things only half seen. I hope that from behind these scattered images … Read more

Ordinary Flux (Richard Tuohy, 1991)
A subtle, restrained narrative with decidedly formal concerns. Set in a very unextraordinary environment, this film, rich with visual themes and motifs, examines personal feelings towards movement &m… Read more

Out of Place (Maeve Woods, 1991)
"Looking out of the window I began to notice strange things about the way in which plants moved. It seemed that there were patterns and discrete combinations of bobbing, swaying, rotating, fluttering… Read more

Patterns (Nick Ostrovskis, 1990)
Crosses, horizontal lines and a focus test pattern are rapidly animated. Many shapes/textures are generated. Then flowers. An orange flower seems to sprout out from itself. Other images include shots… Read more

Philadelphia (Virginia Hillyard, 1991)
A journey, knowing little, but with high hopes, towards a city we must reach - Philadelphia. ... Read more

Resistance Today (Gary Warner, 1986)
I prepare a detailed search of the electric blue area, while feeding a line to the 1992 field. I see Bridget Riley who says, ". .with you there to help me", and Yves Klein replies, "Take an ordinary,… Read more

Riff (Remix) (EmmanuelG, Simon Cooper, Andrew Frost, Caroline McArthur, 1991)
Images accompanying a riff vice-versa. ... ... 'Will To Power' by Emmanuel G ... 'In The City' by Simon Cooper ... 'Chamber of Clear Rhythm' by Andrew Frost ... 'Untitled' by Caroline McArthur ... ... Read more

Rock ‘n' Roll High School (Catherine Lowing, 1987)
The art life, it's just another way of saying the great life. ... Read more

Ropo's Movie Night (The Marine Biologists, 1986)
When Ropo gets back from New Caledonia things are a little different. A self-improvement scheme culled from the side of a cereal packet goes wrong and Ropo loses his Dad's drink dispenser. A cautiona… Read more

Serendipity Blues (Norma Pearse, 1991)
Coloured liquids travelling in reverse support a paper dog's head, happy to simulate an unearthed spermatozoa on its way to a silk pyjama party. Which side of silk is most tense and receptive to the … Read more

Soft (Jennifer Pignataro, 1991)
When the atmosphere of colour/vibration simultaneously unifies and fragments, reality is merely perceptual. ... Read more

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