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Age Before Beauty (Sarah Gibson, 1980)
Age Before Beauty presents a positive ... view of ageing and being old. It shows ... older women exercising and dancing, ... ageing before your eyes, in a sexual ... encounter in their seventies, cho… Read more

Desire (Alan Ingram, 1980)
A commercial fairytale about sex and jealousy. ... Read more

Exits (Pat Laughren, Carolyn Howard, Paul Davies, 1980)
A dramatic semi-fictional account of the effect of the Whitlam sacking on a handful of peopfe wandering the streets, cinemas, pubs and public transport of Melbourne. Exits uses a mix of radio voice-o… Read more

Revenge (Raymond K. Bartram, 1980)
Revenge is tragic and often blind to its consequences With the advent of a strike, three opal miners must decide the degree to which each will settle old differences. ... Read more

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