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Trance and Dance

A Moment in Love (Shirley Clarke, 1957)
A boy and a girl in love. A rare, striking fusion of movie imagery and choreography exemplified in a dreamlike pas dc deux. ... Read more

Bullfight (Shirley Clarke, 1955)
An attempt to integrate the grace and violence of actual bull-fighting with a modern dance interpretation of it. ... Read more

Scotland Dances (Alan Harper, 1957)
A brief account of some of Scotland's national dances and the still living tradition of folk dances which springs from everyday country life. ... Read more

Trance and Dance in Bali (Gregory Bateson, Margaret Mead, 1951)
An authentic unstaged record of a Balinese ceremonial dance drama in which the never-ending struggle between the witch and the dragon, the death dealing and the life protecting, is played out to the … Read more

Witch Doctor (Ritter-Young-Lerner Associates, 1952)
A dance stylization of a voodoo rite performed by a Haitian witch doctor, with Jean Leon Destine dancing the title role which highlights the poetry of barbaric rhythms. ... Read more

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