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Video Visions - Electronic Imagery

Bostich (Yello, 1985)
More music wrapped In images. ... Read more

Everything's Just Fine (Herbert Wentscher, )
Singing about the modern world and playing on a Casio rhythmbox whilst shifting images from the Fillies arc combined with moving electronic wipes. ... Read more

Flugsand (Hanno Baethe, 1985)
Abstract transparent photo-images of sand and multi-coloured mica inserts, set to the rhythm of minimal music. ... Read more

If Then (Jean Marc Le Pechoux, 1985)
Some of the Images presented are a cross section between facial surgery ... and the electronic disfiguration of the truth. ... Read more

Landscape (Stefan Schwiertert, 1986)
Abstract forms dancing in space. ... Read more

Meditations 7/8 (Warren Burt, )
Colour and movement, shape and texture with the Fairlight CVI. ... Read more

Nederland (Jaap Drupsteen, 1985)
These images are designed as transitions between different items in the television programme “Nederland C”. At times, these designs take on a recognisable form but more often they arc pioneering … Read more

Rotorama (Ingo Guenther, 1985)
Existing images from news broadcasts and commercials revolve across the screen at high speed. The barking dog and whining accordion add to the suggestion of the threat. ... Read more

Senza Titolo (Alfredo Pirri, 1985)
Within the held of rotating green, a circle is filled with ever-changing signs and letters. ... Read more

Tango de Perro (Jan Bultheel, 1985)
Television images are manipulated from colourful abstraction to unrecognisability. The barking dog and whining accordion add to the ... suggestion of the threat. ... Read more

The Kiss (Paul Richards, Michael Nyman, 1984)
A collage of painting and music evolving into an operatic duet of performance and video synthesis. ... Read more

TLC (Elizabeth van der Zaag, 1985)
Taking images from daily surroundings a wonderful world is constructed with chromakey and digitiser - a world where the computer plays the role of a lover. ... Read more

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