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Video Visions - Local Scenery - Australian Video Art

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The Ouantet Video Paintbox with Mirage effects and 3D animation meets ... the filmic dose-up. ... Read more
A dual monitor Installation designed to steal the show. ... Read more
A highly stylised production featuring Krystal and Amanda in their travels through contemporary consumer culture. The visual look graphic design and the narrative pitch all combine to construct a video comic book. ... Read more
A woman water-bearer is saved from her task by two mythological women from another planet's moon and she disappears with them into space. ... Read more
This tape does not try to portray the dehumanising aspects of factory ... work Rather the activities unfold as some kind of ritual performance in the courtyard of the habitual monarchs — Order and Efficiency. ... The production presents a series of movements between people and machines that ... Read more
Stylish transitions of original photography treated with Paintbox Imaging ... to achieve lyrical movement and the texture of depth. ... Read more
All of the Zip Collective tapes feature audio , visual and graphic components to create repeated patterns of sound, vision texture, abstract colour and synthetic montage effects. ... Read more
Video clip as allegory. ... Read more
In 1969 Armstrong lands on the moon only to find that there is a woman ... there before him. When he recognises his fate, his famous speech is mutilated. ... Read more
Colour and movement texture and shape order duration frequency and a Fairlight CVI. ... Read more
On six planets six ordinary women metamorphose by association with ... six animals and dispute the truth of some past myths and fairytales. ... Read more
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Vivien Leigh a fragile neurotic schoolteacher comes to live with her sister, who is married to Marlon Brando. Ann Margaret provokes Treat Williams into revealing her more intimate past. After some taunting Adam Boyd forces himself onto Jill Scott and makes love to her. ... Read more
Ray Milland wants to get rid of Grace Kelly .He blackmails Anthony Dawson into doing it Angle Dickinson kills her would-be killer by sticking ... scissors/ knife into his back. Christopher Plummer frames Libbi Bennson for murder.Greg Miller the wife s lover and pan-time private eye solves the crime. Read more
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