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Youth Film Festival

A Few Small Dreams (Sasha Hadden, 1994)
Dad rushes mum to the maternity ward, and leaves the four young kids at home, and Dad's also locked the dog in who's eating all the rocky road, but the kids are locked out, and the iron has been left… Read more

ALEX (Megan Simpson, 1992)
Based on the popular series of novels by N.Z. author, Tessa Duder, Alex focuses on the life of 15 year old, Alex Archer. The year Is 1959. Alex is preparing for the N.Z. national swimming trials, hop… Read more

Alone Together; Young Adults Living With HIV (Steven Okazaki, 1994)
AIDS is now the leading cause of death among young Americans. One in five cases is diagnosed among young people. Alone Together humanises these stark statistics and allows the young voices to speak h… Read more

Another Story (Lisa Wood Shapiro, 1994)
This is the story of a land far away where an evil king has passed a law against those subjects who are different. Banished from the kingdom, the exiles live happily enough in a cottage deep in the f… Read more

Art and Remembrance: The Legacy of Felix Naussbaum (Barbara Pfeffer, 1993)
A month before the liberation of Brussels, Felix Naussbaum was sent on the last train to Auschwitz and murdered. While exploring his paintings the film tells about the Holocaust and examines how youn… Read more

Art of Drowning (Jaems Grant, 1992)
Tommy and Ruth are friends living in a fishing town. Tommy's dad wants him to be a fisher­man, Tommy wants to be a painter. An old painter arrives in the area and his presence exerts a strong inf… Read more

BABY BATH MASSACRE (Stuart McDonald, 1994)
Rose, a fiesty rebel who thinks she knows it all-and wants it all, and Adrian, an introverted new­comer who has a more temperate but insecure approach to life, meet on the way to a rollerskating … Read more

Because It Feels Good (Julie Cunningham, 1992)
Synopsis not available Read more

Behind the Scenes with David Hockney (Ellen Houde, Muffie Myer, 1992)
Comedians Penn and Teller take us on a jour­ney through the world of art and find out about perspective, how artists create the illu­sion of depth and the work of David Hockney. A mixture of … Read more

BENNY'S VIDEO (Michael Haneke, 1992)
Screened, to high acclaim, at the Cannes, Toronto, London and Berlin Film Festivals, Benny's Video elicited the same stunned silence from each audience drawn into its world of violence under brutal e… Read more

Blue (Salome Breziner, 1992)
Blue and her grandfather have a close relation­ship. When he dies, Blue remembers that he's asked to be buried with certain items that rep­resent the life his wife, Blue's grandmother, wishes… Read more

Bolt (Lennart Gustafsson, 1989)
Synopsis not available Read more

Bolt - Cats Aren't All That Bad... (Lennart Gustafsson, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Bread (Nicolina Caia, 1992)
An Italian-Australian family wants to assimi­late into the local culture. But grandmother is not of a like mind and continues to try and pre­serve her cultural heritage in a suburban back­… Read more

Bunny (Jackie Schulz, 1994)
Four friends go spotlighting: you're 16, a bloke and live in the country what do you do? From dead and not so dead rabbits to the classroom an empowering look at young male identity that never lapses… Read more

Chuck (Bruce Currie, 1992)
Synopsis not available Read more

Cojones (Brauneis Peter, 1994)
A strange and curious world: artificial scenes, a monster claw, a dancing razor, spilled liquid. Direct from a heaven of tangled filmic ideas. What does it mean? What is being represented? ... Read more

Concrete Garden (Alrick Riley, 1994)
"Displacement is as tangible as cold rain in Con­crete Garden. A young Caribbean girl arrives in six­ties Britain to find herself in a landscape of dark brick streets, school yard racism and … Read more

CYBERPUNK (Marianne Trench, 1990)
In '82 William Gibson published the first ground-breaking series of what he assumed were science-fiction novels (Neuromancer). Since then 90 percent of his'fictional' concepts have come true. Virtual… Read more

Diablo is Done For (Esben Storm, 1993)
Diablo Is Done For is a drama designed for use to encourage the provision of support and assistance for victims of child sexual abuse, as well as to challenge community attitudes towaids children and… Read more

DUST OF LIFE (Richard Bouchareb, 1994)
... ... Dust of Life begins where many accounts of Vietnam end-after the fall of Saigon. In 1975 when the Communist army defeated the South Vietnamese forces, American soldiers made a quick exit leav… Read more

Eli's Lesson (Peter D Marshall, 1992)
Eli lives in a small Hatariat farming community and wants to be a pilot. His guardian uncle, a chicken farmer, has other plans. When his own and his uncle's dreams for his future collide, Eli runs aw… Read more

Evolution of Man (Stephen Katz, 1992)
In a world gone mad, nobody seems to know who they are anymore. Have we evolved too far? ... Read more

Falstaff on the Moon (Robinson Savary, 1993)
Falstaff is dying, he requests the moon, so he asks his daughter. Why would Dad want the moon on his deathbed. An offbeat French short full of wonder and feeling. ... Read more

FAMILY PORTRAIT (Li Shaohong, 1992)
Family Portrait, the latest film from Li Shaohong (whose previous film, Bloody Morning, was suppressed for three years), is a fascinating look at life in post-Tiananmen Beijing. ... The plot seems qu… Read more

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