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A Queen Who Returned (Gil Brealey, 1958)
This is a film about a city ... its people . . .and a Queen who returned. It not only records the visit to Victoria of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, but it also shows the city of Mel… Read more

A Rat in the Building (Andrew Horne, 1989)
An impressive debut animation from Andrew Horne, adapted from a story by Olga Masters. ... Every Thursday, Maud plays hostess to her four friends from Every Street, Lilyfield - amongst them, Irene wh… Read more

A Saucer of Water for the Birds (Ann Shenfield, 1993)
Ann Shenfield uses the medium of animation to explore notions of her European heritage through Babcha's (her grandmother's) stones. The stories describe life in Lodz and Paris, before WWII and the Ho… Read more

A Simple Song (Adrian Wills, 2003)
As Dennis discovers, being Miss Understood can sometimes be a good thing. The age-old struggle for understanding between generations is captured in this musical about self-acceptance and finding the … Read more

A Slice of Life on the Crumbs of Existence (Janet Merewether, 1991)
Seven types of days make a certain type of week. Take a good look at what you have on your plate; the forces of habit can expose all sorts of surprises. ... Read more

A Slice of Life or the Crumbs of Existence (Janet Merewether, 1994)
A winged knife slices bread. This recurrent metaphor sets the film's context by juxtaposing the surreal with the mundane. While exploring notions such as romance and memory, the film's black and whit… Read more

A Small Body of Still Water (Dietmar Fill, 1977)
A fresh-water pond looks lifeless until examined closely through the microscope. This film studies such a pond and shows in detail the life cycle of a frog. ... Read more

A Song of Air (Merilee Bennett, 1987)
A personal diary film examining the relationship between a woman and her father, a methodist minister. Through the use of home movies the filmmaker attempts an emotional and intellectual reconciliati… Read more

A SONG OF CEYLON (Laleen Jayamanne, 1985)
This film's-title refers not only to Basil lights classic British documentary THE SONG OF CEYLON but also to a name erased from the map of the world, for there is no country officially named Ceylon I… Read more

A Steam Train Passes (David Haythornthwaite, 1974)
A romantic reminiscence of the C38 class steam locomotive as it journeys from Sydney to the country in the west, from the present into times long past. ... Read more

A Tadpole Tale (Mark Arnott, 1996)
Tadpoles don't stay as tadpoles, and in a kitchen things have a way of ending up in the pot. This very short film uses an economical technique (back-lit sand on glass) that lends itself to big moves … Read more

A Tale of Two Cities (M. Kobel, )
Synopsis not available Read more

A VOICE FOR THE WILDERNESS (Chris Wilcox, Michael Balson, 1983)
A celebration of the rain forests and a study of the attitudes towards them from the time of the first occupants - the Aborigines. ... Read more

A WEDDING IN RAMALLAH (Sherine Salama, 2002)
In the midst of war-ravaged Palestine, the everyday experiences of a hopeful newlywed couple takes on particular resonance. In July 2000, while Arafat is in America talking peace, Bassam - a telephon… Read more

FRIDAY 4 AUGUST 9PM - SOLD OUT ... From humble beginnings in 1991 as little more than a friends' party in rural Victoria, the Meredith Music Festival has grown into one of the most distinctive music … Read more

A WIFE AMONG WIVES (David MacDougall, Judith MacDougall, 1974)
This is the last film in David and Judith MacDougall's award-winning trilogy."Turkana Conversations". (The two earlier films were "The Wedding Camels" and "Lorang's Way"). It is an inquiry into how t… Read more

A Zenana (Roger Sandall, Jayasinhji Jhala, 1982)
This film is an account of women s life in the zenana (women's quarters])of Dhrangadra, in northern India, the seal of power of the Jhala Rajputs until 1947. The film unfolds through songs, dances an… Read more

A Zoo in the Trees (Louise Jonas, 1982)
Made for the Zoo Education Service to mark the Year of the Tree, the film shows groups of monkeys, apes and primitive lemurs with a diversity of Australian tree-dwelling animals. ... Read more

A. B. Paterson (Damien Parer, 1939)
Synopsis not available Read more

A.N.T. (Michael Bladen, 1980)
Adam develops a theory that erratic ant behavior signals impending earthquakes. In a brave new world that has gone sadly awry, he salvages what little is left of love and the vestiges of his sanity. ... Read more

Abakanowicz (Shalagh McCarthy, 1977)
This student-made film gives a brief impression of the rope and hessian sculptures of Magdalena Abakanowicz. ... Read more

Abakanowicz in Australia (Chris McGill, 1976)
For Polish artist, Magdalena Abakanowicz, the act of creation does not stop with the completion of an individual work—it continues on into the exhibition stage. In the film, we see the artist a… Read more

Aboriginal Cultural Legends (K. Gow, J. Levy, 1951)
An animated film which presents the aboriginal legends, Wayamba the Turtle and Bohra the Kangaroo. ... Read more

Above the Dust Level (Carla Drago, 1999)
Urban living at its worst—allergies, diseases, missing Y-fronts—and of course, finding the dust level. ... Read more

Accelerator:The FilmsThe inaugural Accelerator programme brings together some of Victoria and New Zealand's brightest filmmaking prospects. We're proud to present a selection of the participants' cel… Read more

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