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Acceptable Risk? (John Hughes, 1985)
This production investigates the background to the health hazards the workers in one particular industry have been exposed to over a number of years. Through its innovative approach Acceptable Risk? … Read more

ACOLYTES (MA15+) (Jon Hewitt, 2008)
If you go down to the woods today... ... The close friendship of three teenagers crumbles at the hands of a deranged sociopath in Acolytes, a nail-biting thriller from Redball director Jon Hewitt.Jam… Read more

Across the Frontiers (Shan Benson, 1953)
Deals with work of U.N.E.S.C.O. Technical advances have broken down the old barriers to knowledge, but there still remain the barriers in men's minds. U.N.E.S.C.O. sup¬ports any effort to break d… Read more

Adam and Eve (Dusan Marek, 1962)
Man's fate on earth from Creation to the Bomb and beyond is told in this animated film by Adelaide painter, Dusan Marek. His original technique, individual symbolism, and the richness of thematic and… Read more

Addio...Tradizione (Annalouise Sortini, 1995)
The moving and visual journey of Sylvania. a young Italian woman, who is torn between her parent's strong and unbreakable traditional values and her own desire for sexual freedom. (MI) ... Read more

Adelaide - Darwin on Steel (F. B. Richardson, 1972)
Long-haul trucking in the most exacting conditions. Depicting the strength of new, steel-belted, radial touch tyres, and their application to Australian conditions. ... Golden Reel Award, Australian … Read more

Adolescent (Amiel Courtin-Wilson, 2002)
This stylised documentary film follows a group of teenagers at a party that gradually disintegrates over the course of a night. An inspiring miniature, it traces the rhythms of an adolescent gatherin… Read more

Advance Australia (, 1951)
Synopsis not available Read more

Advantage (Sean Byrne, 2007)
Get set for one hell of a night!---D Sean Byrne S Rob Beamish P Donna McCrum & Andy Canny WS Plus Films TD 35mm/col/2007/10mins ... ... ... Read more

AEROPLANE DANCE (Trevor Graham, 1994)
On December 1,1942, a US airforce bomber crashed in the south-east corner of the Gulf of Carpenteria after a bombing raid over New Guinea. Four of the crew survived and, thinking they were near Cairn… Read more

After Cook... (Donald Murray, 1969)
Australia: the surfie beach bum, the country school teacher, the suburban home-owner, the drover and the shearer. The Australians young and old, Aussie born or recently arrived, are seen at their spo… Read more

After Hours (Jane Campion, 1984)
A wry investigation of a alleged sexual harassment. Flashbacks reveal the nature and circumstances of the assault, and powerful vignettes of the main characters deepen our appreciation of the backgro… Read more

After Proust (Christopher McGill, 1969)
A fleeting encounter between a man and a woman is treated in the technique of "minimal art". ... Read more

AGAINST THE GRAIN (Tim Burns, 1980)
A new low-budget feature film set in the present, which links political terrorism in Australia with the world-wide development of nuclear power. The film seeks to expose attempts by the State and cor… Read more

AGAINST THE INNOCENT (Daryl Dellora, 1988)
Daryl Dellora's first feature-length film is a brilliantly executed, exactingly researched project flirting with the traditional line between drama and documentary, in its detailed examination of 'te… Read more

Age Before Beauty (Sarah Gibson, 1980)
Age Before Beauty presents a positive ... view of ageing and being old. It shows ... older women exercising and dancing, ... ageing before your eyes, in a sexual ... encounter in their seventies, cho… Read more

Agnes, Maude & Pearly Too (Erica Glynn, 1999)
On this day, in loving memory of Pearly, Agnes and Maude play a game on Pearly's favourite poker machine. But when they hit the jackpot, money isn't the only thing that comes spilling out. The gaudy … Read more

Ahmad's Garden (Aaron Wilson, 2008)
Ahmad is an Afghan refugee who discovers the complications that arise from putting down roots in a new land. World premiere.---D/S Aaron Wilson P Kim Fairbrother TD digibeta/2008/15mins ... Read more

AIM HIGH IN CREATION (Anna Broinowski, 2013)
Aim High in Creation! is a revolutionary comedy about the cinematic genius of North Korea's late dear leader, Kim Jong-il, with a groundbreaking experiment at its heart: the making of a film-within-a… Read more

Air (Luke Davies, 2010)
A traveller and a strange young boy meet on a Texas road. A film by Candy author Luke Davies, starring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network). ... D/S Luke Davies P Sara Cline TD betacam sp/2010 ... Read more

Ali & the Ball (Alex Holmes, 2008)
When Ali's mother has her greatest treasure taken from her, Ali hatches a plan to replace it with the help of a girl on the other side of the razor-wire fence.---D/S Alex Holmes P Helen Panckhurst TD… Read more

ALIEN BIG CATS (Christopher Gogos, Alkinos Tsilimidos, 1998)
It's part fact, part hysteria - totally enthralling. Alien Big Cats takes to the Australian bush with spot-light in one hand, conspiracy theory in the other - all in search of a wild (and decidely no… Read more

Alienation (Wilma Schinella, 1998)
This film is anything but boring. The synopsis for this film could be "a couple argue about the man's mother coming to visit"—but alienation is about the shifting borders in relationships. Wher… Read more

ALIENS AMONG US? (Densey Clyne, Jim Frazier, 1975)
The lives of Australian spiders are filmed entirely in close-up. The egg-sac making, the emergence of the young, predatory techniques, mating procedures are shown in remarkable detail. ... Read more

All Ears (Ben McGill, 1998)
Archie lives a peaceful existence in the apartment which has long served as his home, carrying the warmth of a life full of fond memories. This peace is broken when a slick, fast talking salesman com… Read more

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