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All in a Day (John Morley, 1962)
The film shows how children overcome immediate environmental difficulties through their own imaginative and creative effort. ... Read more

All My Life (Michael Hutak, 1986)
Micro, macro, micro, macro, let's call the whole thing off. ... Read more

All My Own Work (Ross R. Campbell, 1970)
New approaches in art education are seen in a typical grade four primary classroom. Through a wide variety of activities, and with a sympathetic and understanding teacher, the children grow in confid… Read more

ALL THAT IS SOLID (John Hughes, 1988)
All That is Solid is speculative documentary taking the future in Australia as its subject. ... Today, unlike the 1840s, 1930s or 1960s. There are no unifying visions of a progressive or humanitarian… Read more

Aluminium - An Element of Change (Edwin Scragg, 1972)
Starting with the metal in one of its everyday applications, the film traces the journey of the raw materials through several complex processes, and closes with the production of a vast range of end … Read more

Amber Amulet, The (Matthew Moore, 2012)
Winner of the Generation Kplus Crystal Bear for Best Short Film at the Berlinale, The Amber Amulet follows a young boy in a superhero costume whose mission is to make his sad neighbour happy again. .… Read more

Amelia Rose Towers (Jackie Farkas, 1992)
Amelia Rose Towers — whose initials spell ART — faces off against an adversary whose initials spell MAN, after passmg through sur­realist chambers and screens offering images of a per… Read more

American, The (Darrel Wardle, 1959)
Would a James A. Fitpatrick travelogue today see Melbourne today as it was in 1959? ... Directed by Darryl Wardle (1959) ... Read more

Among the Hardwoods (, 1933)
Undoubtedly, and deservedly the most acclaimed of all the Cinema Branch films. An idyllic report on timber gathering in WA. The Cinema Branch had made silent films on the same subject. This is a soun… Read more

AMONGST EQUALS (Tom Zubrycki, 1991)
Illegal screenings of the unfinished Amongst Equals have taken place in a variety of forums across the country since January when controversy erupted in the media. But the issue remains unresolved an… Read more

Amor (Jean-Pierre Mignon, 1997)
Through a progression of flashbacks, Amor tells the story of eight year old Caitlin living with her diplomat parents in Buenos Aires. Influenced by the surrounding popular culture of romance, Caitlin… Read more

Amy (Phil Noyce, 1978)
Made as part of the Why Can't They Be Like We Were Series. ... First shown on the Mike Walsh Show with an audience and panel discussion. Amy is a young Aboriginal girl living in the city with her fam… Read more

AMY (Nadia Tass, 1998)
With Amy, Nadia Tass demonstrates the breadth of her talent as both director and producer. The quirky comic elements of her previous successes, including Malcolm and The Big Steal, are retained in Am… Read more

An Ordinary Woman (Sue Brooks, 1989)
In the process of (representing an ordinary woman's life, this film explores questions of identity, representation and truth. In paying homage to the small moment, the snapshot, the ordinary; the fil… Read more

Anatomy of a Businessman (Bruce Currie, 1984)
Decisions, decisions, even in the lunch break. Off beat humour in the style of Curne's prize-winning Flank Breeder. ... Read more

And a Fire Engine to Go With the Dog (Ian Watson, 1990)
Thomas, embarking on a new life, collides with Elizabeth - a 'woman in red'. Together they discover something about themselves and each other. ... Read more

And One Step Back (Mark Robinson, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

And The Lighthouse Made Three (Anthony Lucas, 1985)
An animated musical comedy concerning a lonely lighthouse, a craggy lighthouse keeper and a mysterious dark shape that moves in the fog. ... Read more

Andrew (Andrew Webb, 1987)
An evening conversation with Jeremy, John and Simon. Oh God, we're not talking about art again, are we? ... Read more

Angel and the Rat (Stephen MacDonald, 1979)
A short documentary which examines certain selected aspects of the personality, ideas and lifestyle of a young sculptor, with emphasis on his personal vision as a clue to understanding his creative p… Read more

Angel Food (Julia Bourke, 2000)
A strawberry awakes to the harsh reality of its inevitable destiny. ... Read more

ANGEL OF THE WIND (Tahir Cambis, 2008)
"When filming wars, I noticed everybody had a sense of their roles as actors in a grand tragedy - imbuing moments that could be their last with spiritual dimensions. Here, the actor is a portal - to … Read more

ANGELS OF WAR (Andrew Pike, Hank Nelson, Gavan Daws, 1981)
A documentary about the experiences of the people of Papua New Guinea during World War 2. The film uses archival footage from Australian, Japanese and American sources, plus new footage filmed in Pap… Read more

ANGST (Daniel Nettheim, 2000)
This youthful Australian comedy sparkles with the wit of the Y generation—too old to be Generation X but still not game enough to quit their jobs at the video library. And that's where Dan find… Read more

Angus (Nick Moore & Ann Nolan, 2002)
Presented as the 'found frames of an alter-ego losing the key', Angus is a humorous video that uses grating repetition and a techno soundtrack to dissect and intensify an everyday experience of idiot… Read more

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