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ANIMALIA (David Scott, 2007)
Graeme Base's classic best-selling book adapted for the screen - ‘where animals rule!' Twenty years after Animalia was first published, Melbourne author Graeme Base's magical world of walking and … Read more

Anne and Richard (Christine Rogers, 2005)
Based on Shakespeare's RICHARD III, and set in present day Melbourne, Anne and Richard is stylish and intriguing, covering the big themes we expect from the bard's work: murder, betrayal, emotional t… Read more

Antamosi (Anastasia Kokkinos, 1991)
Memories, betrayals and secrets emerge from the past when Katina's mother comes from Greece to visit the family The bitter embrace between mother and daughter is observed by Katina's own daughter Sop… Read more

A record of physical and psychological stress experienced over three months by members of the International Biomedical ... Expedition. David Parer served the expedition as one man film maker,experime… Read more

ANTHEM (Tahir Cambis, 2004)
Anthem Australia From the plight of asylum seekers in Australia to the desperate situation of refugees on the frontlines of Afghanistan, Anthem is a powerful new documentary from Tahir Cambis (Exile … Read more

Antonio's Angel (Polly Watkins, 1992)
Suburban Melbourne area 1966 Antonio loves Anna, is passionate about Doctor Zlnvago and, despite religious guilt, tempted by opportuni­ties for infidelity Strange happenings are a-foot' The film,… Read more

Anyone Can Be A Genius! (Julian Russell, Tony Gailey, 1985)
This is a film about the meaning of life, about why the human brain is the most extraordinary thing ever created Sit back and watch the exploding rockets, the eccentric animation (a Gothic church lan… Read more

Anzac (Jennie Blackwood, 1960)
Using old photographs from the National War Museum, Canberra, and early newsreels, the film dramatically tells the story of the Gallipoli assault. The use of natural sound and editing techniques appe… Read more

Anzac (Jennie Blackwood, 1960)
Using old photographs and early newsreels, the film dramatically tells the story of the Gallipoli assault. ... Read more

Apparitions (Penne West, 1985)
Innovative animation about Celeste s search for her dreams in the vacuum tube of television myths while hotly pursued by Heathcliffe. ... Read more

Appeal (Asteria Widarini Setiono, )
A satirical look at society's view of beauty, Appeal tracks a woman's desperate act to achieve the figure she always dreamed of. --- D/P/S/WS Asteria Widarini Setiono TD video/col/2004/5mins ... Read more

Apple Blossom (Lee Smith, 2001)
Apple Blossom is a lavish proliferation of colour, texture and shape Painting scratching and drawing directly onto found 35mm footage creates a lively visual rhythm where the photo­graphic image … Read more

Approach to Art Teaching (M. Otton, 1961)
This film reveals the system of art teaching developed by the N.S.W. Education Department, which aims at keeping the children's work steadily developing in creativity and technique as they move from … Read more

Approach to Science (David G. Corke, 1964)
In this film, written for secondary school audiences. ihe work of the research scientist is illustrated by two contrasting experiments. ... Silver Award, Teaching Category, Australian Film Awards, 19… Read more

Arc of Descent (Geoffrey Weary, 2001)
Framed largely by the grim machinery of war and the flames of destruction, this moving collage of found and new footage travels the fatal path of kamikaze pilots in World War II. and offers up the po… Read more

Armidale - Provincial City (Ralph Hogg, 1958)
The story of the provincial city of Armidale, 300 miles north of Sydney, on the New England Highway. The country around this city benefits from the research at the University and the latest methods a… Read more

Arnold West (Gary O'Keefe, Deborah Warr, 1992)
On a journey into central Victoria we discover that a decent holiday is not beyond the reach of the average family. ... Read more

Arrivederci Roma (Geoffrey Wright, 1979)
A new Australian comes to grips with his first PE swimming lesson, and makes some friends along the way to the deep end. ... Read more

Art in Australia (, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Art of Drowning (Jaems Grant, 1992)
Tommy and Ruth are friends living in a fishing town. Tommy's dad wants him to be a fisher­man, Tommy wants to be a painter. An old painter arrives in the area and his presence exerts a strong inf… Read more

ARTISTS IN CYBERCULTURE (Jonathan Cohen, 1993)
Artists are exploring and creating new forms of electronic art in a world known as cyberculture. Recorded during an international symposium held in Sydney in 1992, artists present their work and disc… Read more

Arts Vietnam, a Protest to Stop the War (Sasha Ivanovich, 1970)
In 1968 artists from all parts of Australia and all fields of endeavour organised a one-week festival through which they expressed their attitudes on the Vietnam war. ... Alan Stout Award, Australian… Read more

As Boys to Wanton Flies (Kevin Blond, 1987)
An Oedipal Mites-of-Passage film in which Lionel, a bug-eyed pre-pubescent boy learns that the difference between incests and insects is more than a mothful. Lionel is plagued by a fear that won't Ba… Read more

AS THE MIRROR BURNS (Cristina Pozzan, Di Bretherton, 1990)
At a time when Australia has again followed the United States into a nilitary adventure in a part of the world of which neither Australia nor the US has much comprehension, As The Mirror Burns is par… Read more

AS TIME GOES BY (Barry Peak, 1987)
A peculiar looking spaceship lands in the Australian outback. On closer inspection it appears to be disguised as a 1940's roadside diner and staffed by a time travelling alien clearly brought up on a… Read more

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