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Ascape (Robert Bygott, 1993)
A physical cripple, trapped inside a body. Unable to act, his action is through thought. ... Read more

Astral Plane (Jennifer Pignataro, 1990)
Vibrating and rhythmic as life itself, Astral Plane bridges time, space and love. ... Read more

Astronomer, The (Kate McCartney, 2005)
From the respected RMIT Centre for Animation and Interactive Media comes a tale of the challenges of change on the ordered life of a timekeeper. Screened at Annecy Film Festival.---D/S Kate McCartney… Read more

Asylum (John M. Bale, 1968)
A girl "awakes" into a world of the persecuted and insane. Her nightmare becomes increasingly grotesque. An allegory in the Kafka tradition. ... Read more

At Sea (Penny Fowler-Smith, 1997)
The memories and pain the death of child brings, are the sub|ect of this fluid and graceful film. Writer-director Penny Fowler-Smith's mother Bremer, tells the story of the birth of her son Andrew an… Read more

At The Formal (Andrew Kavanagh , 2010)
Slow motion and an extended long take are used to make the ritualised dynamics of a high school formal increasingly sinister and disturbing. ... D/S Andrew Kavanagh P Ramona Telecican WS VCA School o… Read more

At the Land's End (D. Swift, 1960)
The weird and beautiful landscape, its wild life and the facilities for holiday-makers at Tidal River. ... Read more

Attach Boat to Motor (Nathan Lewis, 2010)
The events of a day in the country lead a young man to follow his own path. ... D/S Nathan Lewis P Colin John Elphick L no dialogue TD digibeta/2010 ... Read more

AURéVéLATEUR (Philippe Garrel,Philip Brophy, 2004)
'A child of 1968 and the Nouvelle Vague, with a particular admiration for Godard, Philippe Garrel's first films are underground works, hermetic visions of artistic alienation... These were Garrel's w… Read more

Aurora Australis (Colin Hawke, 1982)
It is the dream of many to challenge the world, to prove superiority in the areas of sport, science, or artistic endeavour. ... Aurora Australis is the story of such a challenge, documenting the stor… Read more

Australia Builds (, 1956)
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank have made available to the Australian Government ... a series of dollar loans for the purchase of vital equipment to pierc… Read more

Australia In New Guinea (, 1951)
Illustrates the part played by Australia in the economic development of the resources of New Guinea. ... Read more

The story of what is happening in the northern and central areas of Australia. It contrasts the stone-age nomad making fire and the blazing furnaces at Mount Isa; an aborigine digging yams and modern… Read more

Australian Bush (Paul Winkler, 1986)
Paul Winkler, one of Australia's foremost stylistic and technical innovators devised 'The Matte-Box Image Shifter' to achieve in-camera effects usually achieved by optical printing. ... Still photos … Read more

Australian Butter (, 1933)
One of the Cinema Branch's earliest sound films, though some silent footage can be seen. Memorable not only for a glimpse of how real butter was made but also for its commentary -"Kangaroo Butter is … Read more

AUSTRALIAN RULES (Paul Goldman, 2002)
australian rules premiered at 2002 Sundance Film Festival to audiences entranced by an enormously moving, immensely satisfying drama by first-time director Paul Goldman. The film is a sensitive but o… Read more

Australian Short Stories (, )
Outrageous and courageous, this contemporary selection of Australian Indigenous shorts rises above stereotypes with tales of the most entertaining, emotional and humorous variety - from ills caused b… Read more

Australian Weekend (Rhonda Small, 1960)
After work on Friday night, the Australian city dweller changes his personality. Here, we view different people at their favourite pastimes dining the freedom of the weekend. ... Read more

Australian Women Composers (Adele Sztar, 1983)
A documentary about the many struggles and scant triumphs of Australian ... women composers. The story begins at ... the turn of the century, when women ... wanted equal opportunities and recognition… Read more

AUTOLUMINESCENT: ROWLAND S. HOWARD (Lynn-Maree Milburn, Richard Lowenstein, 2011)
"Rowland was Australia's most unique, gifted and uncompromising guitarist." - Nick Cave ... Guitarist, songwriter and artist Rowland S. Howard was an instrumental figure in the Australian rock scene,… Read more

Avoca (Neirda Moore, 2001)
Avoca traces the filmmaker's memories of growing up in a small coastal town, amidst the burgeoning beach culture of the 70s. A poignant and revealing testimony, it blends Australian popular history w… Read more

Aww Jeez (Michael Greaney, 2010)
A stop-motion animated sitcom about a slacker named Jesus, his father God and his babysitter Satan, a recovering alcoholic. Special cameo by Richard Dawkins. ... Michael Greaney is a guest of the Fes… Read more

Ayers Rock (Paul Winkler, 1982)
A free interpretation of Australian Aborigine's belief about their rock - Ayers ... Rock. ... Read more

B I N O (Billie Pleffer, 2011)
Abandoned in a country town by his guardian, a young, solitary albino boy spends his days playing chicken and spying on his neighbours until a bizarre encounter forces him to connect. ... D/S Billie … Read more

BABY BATH MASSACRE (Stuart McDonald, 1994)
Rose, a fiesty rebel who thinks she knows it all-and wants it all, and Adrian, an introverted new­comer who has a more temperate but insecure approach to life, meet on the way to a rollerskating … Read more

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