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Where Is She' The Secret Footage of Dr F. Height (Richard Vette, 2004)
Where is She' (Australia, D Richard Vette) Medical controversy. Questionable psychiatric methods. Secret footage in grainy Super8. Interviews with those who suspected something. Where is She' present… Read more

Whirlpool (James Calvert, 2007)
Whirlpool is a Yirritja story that is told in Mara language in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. The Freshwater and Saltwater people of Arnhem land (in Australia's Northern Territory) battl… Read more

White Noise (Michelle Mahrer, 1982)
An experimental film. ... Read more

White Woman (Anne-Marie Crawford, 1988)
She hides in little cracks. She is able to get herself in behind the edges of doors. She can squeeze herself into these maze-like crevices and go in and in, further and further inside so that no-one … Read more

WHITEYS LIKE US (Rachael Landers, 1998)
What goes on in a high school classroom at Manly Community College for two hours on Wednesday nights represents a fascinating microcosm of how white Australians are dealing (or not dealing) with the … Read more

WHO KILLED JENNY LANGBY? (Dom Crombie, 1974)
Jenny Langby, mother of five children, lived in Port Adelaide, South Australia. At the age of 32, she was dead. ... Who Killed Jenny Langby? This film, in documentary format, is about the events whic… Read more

Whole Heart (Tracie Mitchell, )
A woman waits at a bus stop, ready to move on with her life. But first she must let go of all that holds her back. The story of a woman caught between her past and her future, [Whole Heart] stars sta… Read more

Whose Television? (Steve Spangaro, 1994)
Entertaining and informative documentary showing an overview of current forms of public access community television. The emphasis is on participation and the program encourages anyone to get involved. Read more

WHY I AM NOT A PAINTER (Christopher Doyle, 2004)
Why I am not a Painter @ Crossley & Scott One of the highlights of the Festival is photographic exhibition, why I am not painter staged by Hong Kong'based, Australian expatriate cinematographer Chris… Read more

Wide West (Jenny Blackwood, 1955)
A general survey of Western Australia. Incidents include airmail delivery to outback stations, oil drilling at Exmouth Gulf and shots of Jarrah and Karri forests. ... Read more

WIDOWER, THE (Kevin Lucas, 2004)
The Widower Australia Having its World Premiere at MIFF, The Widower is a music-drama structured around a collection of quintessential Les Murray poems that tell the story of two Australian men'a fat… Read more

WILD (Ross Gibson, 1993)
Wild focuses on the stories and legends of one tract of land, the Pilliga Forest in northwest New South Wales. How do the dynamic processes of history and ecology work to produce meanings, warnings a… Read more

Wild Life on Macquarie Island (N. Laird, )
Deals with wild life of Macquarie Island, 900 miles to the south of Tasmania. Features plants, birds, and mammals which derive a livelihood from the stormy wastes of the south polar and sub-polar reg… Read more

Wild Things (Peter Lane, 1990)
The suburb of St Kilda, in Melbourne, has bean described by Paul Taylor, Australian expat editor of Art and Text magazine, as the "cultural centre of Australia". ... Director's Note: "Wild Things is … Read more

Wildcat Country (Keith Hounslow, 1970)
An impression of offshore oil operations in a desolate area. ... Silver Award, Australian Film Awards 1970: Second Prize, Captain Cook Bi-Centenary Film Awards, 1970 ... Read more

Wilderness (Michael Nicholson, 1983)
A close look at the primitive, untamed and backward wilderness, and the effect on it if the dam goes ahead. ... Read more

WILDNESS (Scott Millwood, 2003)
Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis were two of Australia's greatest wilderness photographers. Their work became synonymous with campaigns to protect Tasmania's natural heritage, campaigns that ch… Read more

Will The Great Barrier Reef Cure Claude Clough? (John Milson, 1967)
An off-beat, tourist promotion film, extolling the attractions of the Great Barrier Reef. ... Bronze Award, Jedda Award, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

William (Eron Sheean, 2006)
From best MIFF shorts award winning director Eron Sheean (Fish MIFF 05), William tells the story of an indigenous sideshow magician, whom on his taxi ride home, encounters an unwelcome passenger, for… Read more

Wilpena (Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, 1981)
Wilpena Pound (Flinders Ranges) and environs are filmed in 7381 print stock, Eastmancolor negative and black and white negative to reveal different landscape characteristics. ... Read more

Winging It (Max Bannah, 1998)
Featuring a combination of animation techniques, this film tells the story of a young man who sends letters home to his family while backpacking around the world. When travelling through Jordan he en… Read more

Winning (David Morgan, 1980)
Winning is about two mentally handicapped people who decide to get married Each small step we would take in solving our problems and coping with life is a major step for them Life is no bed of roses … Read more

Winter Haven (Jasmine Crook, 2001)
Synopsis not available Read more

Winter's Harvest / Raccolto D'Inverno (Brian McKenzie, 1980)
A documentary account of a community of italian families who have made an interesting combination of Southern Italian provincial customs and Western consumer culture. The events symbolising this are,… Read more

Wire (Mark Freeman, 1987)
A short gush from Chelgo Fronx. The whole thing is held together by wire. ... Read more

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