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Films From Austria

NOW AND ALL TIME (Astrid Ofner, 1993)
This film has a secret. The secret is not what you watch but how you watch it. In as much as the meaning of 'documentary' is concerned, Now And All Time is pure. Rich natural light, beautiful extende… Read more

On the Road with Emil (Hubert Sauper, 1993)
This charming film follows Emil - circus director and ringmaster - and his little circus from one village to the next, through the Austrian winter landscape. The film reveals the endless routine of c… Read more

One (Eve Heller, 1978/2009)
Excavating the very first roll of film she ever shot, Eve Heller provides an ambiguous illumination upon which to meditate. ... Eve Heller, 2 mins, 1978/2009, 35mm (S-8 blow up), Colour, Silent ... Read more

Opus 7 (Alexander Curtis, 1993)
A short silent museum piece. Two actors are seen from the eye of the projector, miming out an ironic series of sentimental impressions. A conceptual animation film. ... Read more

Order-Re-Order (Barbara Doser; Hofstetter Kurt, 2006)
Cells of light generated by video feedback were recorded and re-recorded; their patterns determined by amplitude and frequency resulting in a mesmerizing display of order emerging from chaos and vice… Read more

Organics (Dietmar Brehm, 1999)
The last of the Schwarzer Garten series elegantly loops into moments of the earlier works (with the notable exception of Macumba). The ocean sounds from The Murder Mystery bleed into the stalking sce… Read more

OUR DAILY BREAD (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 2005)
“Some will see a horrifying indictment of the industry's cruelties, others a realistic depiction of mechanized farming, and some a soft-spoken tribute to manual labor. Meanwhile, precisely composed… Read more

Out (, 1957)
A border. Figures are seen in flight across the landscape. Volunteers help receive the refugees in Austria and lake them to a Red Cross frontier shelter; among them is a young widow from the working … Read more

Outer Space (Peter Tscherkassky, 1999)
The calm suburban exterior of a 1980's B-picture is shattered into an exhilarating cinematic maelstrom in this undisputed classic in Tscherkassky's oeuvre. A film that must been seen to be believed a… Read more

Palmes d'Or (Siegfried A. Fruhauf, 2009)
Photos taken at Cannes are transformed into a collection of blurred silhouettes, grey streaks and iconoclasm where perfection usually reigns. ... --- ... D/P/S Siegfried A. Fruhauf WS SixPackFilm L n… Read more

PARADISE FAITH (Ulrich Seidl, 2013)
"A disarmingly funny and tender examination of sex and religion." - Indiewire ... Part two of Ulrich Seidl's trilogy joins Anna Maria (a fabulous Maria Hofstätter), the sister of Paradise: Love'… Read more

PARADISE HOPE (Ulrich Seidl, 2013)
"This final part of [Ulrich Seidl's] eccentric trilogy yields unexpected pleasures." - Hollywood Reporter ... Thirteen-year-old Meli (the daughter of Teresa from Love) has been deposited at a diet ca… Read more

PARADISE LOVE (Ulrich Seidl, 2012)
"Paradise: Love flits nimbly between humour and sadness, and treats potentially ponderous themes such as sex, race and the rancid legacy of colonialism with a welcome light touch." - The Telegraph ..… Read more

PARADISE: LOVE (Ulrich Seidl, 2012)
“Paradise: Love flits nimbly between humour and sadness, and treats potentially ponderous themes such as sex, race and the rancid legacy of colonialism with a welcome light touch.” - The Telegraph Read more

This meditation on memory, time and loss is purportedly the first feature film from Paraguay in more than 30 years. Ramon and Candida are farmer folk living in a remote corner of Paraguay. The absen… Read more

Parallax (Inger Lise Hansen, 2009)
Filmmaker Inger Lise Hansen turns architecture and space on its head, showing how much our perspective is ruled by habit. ... --- ... D Inger Lise Hansen P OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz WS Six… Read more

Parallel Space: Inter-view (Peter Tscherkassky, 1992)
An intensely physical and intimate film, which combines hypnotic flickering visuals (shot entirely with a photo camera) with a combative and at times haunting staccato soundtrack. Within a spatially … Read more

Parallel Space: Inter-View (Peter Tscherkassky, 1992)
“Everything written about this film is an intellectual exercise at best; experiencing this film cannot be compared with anything else” Olaf Möller. ... Peter Tscherkassky, 18 mins, 1992, 35mm, B… Read more

Party (Dietmar Brehm, 1995)
Using Russian, Japanese and American porn and his own footage. Brehm creates a matrix in which graphic anatomical parts act as the optical lubricant to the sound of someone shaving. On a window/scree… Read more

Passage A L'acte (Martin Arnold, 1993)
A film where repetition and stop-frame tech­niques take on new meaning. Inspired by rap "scratching" turntable music, Arnold takes an extract from the 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird to create a … Read more

Passage Briare (Friedl vom Gröller, 2009)
A brief silent encounter between a man and a woman on the Passage Briare in Paris becomes a respite from the fear of getting old. ... --- ... D/P/S Friedl vom Gröller WS SixPackFilm L no dialogue TD… Read more

PERVERTS GUIDE TO CINEMA, THE (Sophie Fiennes, 2006)
Cinema, the projection of our dreams, desires and nightmares, has always been a fertile subject for psychoanalysis. In his freewheeling and endlessly amusing signature style, world famous philosopher… Read more

Piece Touchee (Martin Arnold, 1990)
Through repetition and reversal, a short sequence featuring two people in a domestic setting is continually deconstructed and reinvented. The result is a curious system of spatial dynamics where the … Read more

PRATER (Ulrike Ottinger, 2007)
Producer Kurt Mayer will be attending the festival and will be introducing the first screening of Prater ... “Come in, come in!” My Prater is an illusionist's dream, a magician's box, a time mach… Read more

Prince of Peace (Hans Scheugl, 1993)
A finely constructed collage film from one the founders of contemporary Austrian experimental filmmaking. Balletic movement, the underground entrance to a Viennese pissoir intercut with matted stills… Read more

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