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PRIPYAT (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 1999)
In 1986 116,000 people were evacuated from the contaminated area immediately surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear reactor after it became critical. This number was far too few. Eventually this catastrop… Read more

Realtime (Siegfried A. Fruhauf, 2002)
A bright green ball slowly emerges on a black background from the lower edge of the screen. A buzzing tone leads to a screeching sound. In this minimal work, the sun's movement in real time reduces c… Read more

Reconnaissance (Johann Lurf, 2012)
Filmmaker Johann Lurf uses light and shadow to document the infrastructural oddities of a decommissioned military torpedo-testing site in California. ... D/P/S Johann Lurf WS Six Pack Films L no dial… Read more

REVANCHE (Götz Spielmann, 2007)
Whose fault is it if life doesn't go your way? ... Ex-prison inmate Alex works in a Vienna brothel, doing dirty jobs for his sleazy boss while having a secret affair with Tamara, one of the prostitut… Read more

Rhythm 94 (Renoldner Thomas, 1994)
A Muybridge-styled character walks across the screen left to right in time to a sound tone. As the pitch of the tone and its frequency changes, so does the shape and permutations of the char­acte… Read more

Ruby Skin (Eve Heller, 2005)
In the tradition of the language cut-up, Ruby Skin disentangles the sound and vision of a magenta hued educational film to create mental mayhem or play for the viewer! ... Eve Heller, 4.30 mins, 2005… Read more

Schirmbilder (Zelco Wiener, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Self-Examination Remote Control (Eve Heller, 1981/2009)
One of Eve Heller's earliest films, Self-Examination Remote Control explores the perplexing predicament of being both subject and object. ... Eve Heller, 5 mins, 1981/2009, 35mm (S-8 blow up), Colour… Read more

"Thirteen works by popular American painter Edward Hopper spring to life in this experimental Austrian tour-de-force." - Hollywood Reporter ... Edward Hopper's compositions are renowned for their cin… Read more

Shot-Countershot (Peter Tscherkassky, 1987)
An ironical commentary on Christian Metz's attempt to formalize the language of film, exploiting an instant of a Hollywood Western. Eureka: “I was swimming in a pool, suddenly it went 'Bang!' and t… Read more

Showdown (Walter Bednarik, 2001)
An actor prepares for his scene in a Hollywood remake of Truffaut's classic Shoot the Pianist, while anxiously awaiting news from his wife who is heavily pregnant with their first child. A black come… Read more

Slant (Karo Golot, 2004)
Both fundamental values of the source image, two red stripes and a bright white foundation which supports them, expose only themselves for some time, accompanied by impassioned polyphonic singing...-… Read more

SLUMMING (Michael Glawogger, 2006)
Veteran documentary filmmaker Michael Glawogger's fiction feature Slumming, which premiered in competition at the Berlin, is a finely crafted, provocative work. Viennese rich kid Sebastian (August Di… Read more

SOLDATE JEANNETTE (Daniel Hoesl, 2013)
"As silently observational as Bestiaire … Daniel Hoesl's [film] exhibits a practiced but seemingly effortless control that signals a filmmaker with utmost confidence in his material." &nd… Read more

Solo Mit Chor (Barbara Doser, )
A face gazes directly into the lens. It is a blank canvas for the wash of subtle changes in hue and lighting that impose shifting moods. As colour veils ebb, imagination overrides perception to breat… Read more

SOS Extraterrestria (Mara Mattuschka, 1993)
With the revenge of the bad girl invading just about every sub-pop cultural milieu in the white world at present, Mara Mattuschka shows us how B-grade movie mythologies, and what can only be describe… Read more

Spinning Bild 14 (Martin Anibas, 1991)
Two brief animation Movements in ink and crayon. Spinning is Miroesque, Bild 14 is more brusque, a cosmopolitan jostle of coneish shapes in the tougher manner of De Kooning or Guston. ... Read more

Spotcheck (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1994)
Spotcheck is a work upon the genre of TV ads and looks at the world that advertising has wrought. A visually stimulating piece which provokes questions and thoughts. ... Read more

StillLiving (Caroline Weihs, Barbara Graf, Michael Domes, 1995)
A choreographed examination of the kinetic naked human body made up of three thousand photographs which are elaborately animated as a succession of poses, movements and gender metamorphoses. Highly p… Read more

Swallows of the Night (Barbara Albert, 1993)
A fight ensues in the bathroom of a disco. Two girls taunt their friend. Nobody takes notice. The fight gets out of hand. Why? What does this tell us about personal relationships based on life inexpe… Read more

SYNDROMES AND A CENTURY (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2006)
Purportedly based on the courtship of the filmmaker's parents, this film experiments with narrative to tell a story twice - in radically different settings. Purportedly based on the courtship of the… Read more

tabula rasa (Peter Tscherkassky, 1987/89)
A cinematic commentary upon the psychoanalytic film theory of Christian Metz is played out through a series of rear and multiple projections whereby the fetishized object is obscured to the point of … Read more

The Achromatic Island (Sofie Thorsen, 2010)
Achromats are hypersensitive to light and cannot see colour. Sofie Thorsen's gorgeous The Achromatic Island reimagines achromatic perception as a cinematic essay on sight. ... Not in competition. ...… Read more

The Back Room (Regina Hollbacher , 1995)
The back room is a mysterious place where shafts of light fall across a darkened room; fragments of nostalgic popular songs a soundtrack for gestures in passing, moments of human exchange. Evoking dr… Read more

The Black Room (Regina Hollbacher, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

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