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Films From Belgium

Regina Caeli (Paul Haesaerts, 1956)
The film shows the devotion of Fra Angelico to the Virgin Mary. A sequence which presents the Italian countryside, peaceful, evocative of Paradise, precedes the part devoted to the Annunciation and N… Read more

RENDEZ-VOUS À BRAY (André Delvaux, )
The strange encounter around which Andre Delvaux's film is structured, occurs in 1917, against the background of World War I. As in Delvaux's earlier films, The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short and Un … Read more

ROUTE IRISH (Ken Loach, 2010)
"Insightful and explosive, so torn from today's headlines it leaves newsprint on your hands." - Empire ... Former soldiers and lifelong friends, Fergus and Frankie, have been growing rich doing priva… Read more

RUMBA (Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy, 2008)
“It takes a certain amount of skill, not to mention hubris, to milk laughs out of attempted suicide, severe memory loss, amputated legs and burning homes.” - VarietyFiona and Dom love Latin dance… Read more

SALT OF THIS SEA (Annemarie Jacir, 2008)
"All we have is the truth - I'm not giving up."Soraya, like thousands of Palestinian s around the world, has never seen her homeland. Travelling from New York to Israel after her grandfather's death,… Read more

Scarabus (Gérald Frydman, 1971)
Under the rule of a mysterious power, Scarabus.,a strange city is inhabited by a populace made up by identical persons. All attempts to find out more about Scarabus than his name, are met with failur… Read more

She Shall Be Called Woman (Gerard de Boe, 1953)
A survey of primitive sculpture from the Belgian Congo, emphasising the part played by women in the pattern of life. ... Read more

Sirène (Raoul Servais, 1968)
A three-masted schooner is captive in an inhospitable harbour. The guards are monstrous cranes and prehistoric flying reptiles. A macabre game with anachronisms. ... . ... Read more

SKIRT DAY (Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, 2008)
Actress Isabelle Adjani (Queen Margot) spearheads this edge-of-the-seat tale of a teacher spontaneously taking her classroom hostage. ... Sonia is in over her head, struggling to teach theatre to unr… Read more

SLEEPING CHILD, THE (Yasmine Kassari, 2004)
A film about the African/European immigration issue as viewed from the other side of the equation - by the women left behind when their husbands leave to seek employment in Europe. Shortly following… Read more

SLEEPLESS NIGHT (Frédéric Jardin, 2011)
"Ultra-intense… Jardin might've taken his cue from an illegal stimulant, so speedy is the pace from the get-go." - Variety ... Vincent appears to be a committed family man, but scratch the sur… Read more

“Her (Troch's) almost scientific approach, married to an intense emotional investment in her characters, recalls elements from Ingmar Bergman's most celebrated films.” - Toronto International Fil… Read more

Sonata in Brussels (E. Degelin, 1954)
With a touch of fantasy, the architecture and atmosphere of Brussels revealed in four movements: night lights and jazz; morning quiet; street bustle; and people at rest and play. ... Read more

Stardust (Nicolas Provost, 2010)
Tourists and celebrities are unknowingly part of a Las Vegas crime thriller by Nicholas Provost (Long Live The New Flesh, MIFF 2010 Best Experimental Short Film). ... D/P/S Nicolas Provost WS Argos C… Read more

Stereo-Gnosis (Jean MIl, 1985)
The filmmaker enters into the spiritual world of Jacky de Maeyer and probes into the spirit hidden behind the visible exteriors of the sculpture. He works without words, with Images and musk alone. ... Read more

Swimsuit 46 (Wannes Destoop, 2010)
Chubby 12-year-old Chantal finds life difficult; she has few friends and receives little support at home, apart from her stepfather. Only in the local pool, training intensively for an upcoming swimm… Read more

Tanghi Argentini (Guido Thys, 2006)
Despite the faceless and cold atmosphere at his work place, an office clerk tries to make his colleagues happy. Instead of the classical cliché Christmas gifts, he wants to give his colleagues somet… Read more

Tango de Perro (Jan Bultheel, 1985)
Television images are manipulated from colourful abstraction to unrecognisability. The barking dog and whining accordion add to the ... suggestion of the threat. ... Read more

Taste The World (Wendy Morris, )
Through references to Sarah Bartman - a South African Khoi woman displayed in 18th-century Europe as an example of 'primitive sexuality' - [Taste the World] explores the notion of the 'Third World' a… Read more

Teddy (Alex Kinnet, 1971)
Two lovers are about to separate. The man looks at the slides which are a record of their life together, and ponders on their past and future. ... Read more

Teeth Is Money (Eddy Ryssack, 1962)
Once upon a time there was a man who made his fortune in toothpaste ... A satire on big business methods realised with 387 drawings. ... Read more

TENDERNESS (Marion Hänsel, 2013)
"A delicate, delightful and thoroughly captivating road trip of reminiscences, Marion Hänsel's film … is a magnificently mature piece of work driven by thoughtful and engaging performance… Read more

The Artichoke (Michel Clarence, 1972)
A trick film in which a romance develops, from shy flirtation to passionate love, between a human hand and an artichoke. ... Read more

The Bomb (Robbe de Hert, 1969)
A bomb drops by accident in the Belgian countryside. The farmer who keeps it refuses to reveal that he has it. His wife is played by Betsy Blair, who played the girlfriend of Marty. ... Read more

The Child (Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne., 2004)
The Child is the compelling new film by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (The Son, MIFF 02), which won the coveted Palme d'Or at Cannes, 2005. At the centre of this emotionally powerful drama is a young … Read more

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