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Films From Belgium

THE CONSCRIPT (Roland Verhavert, 1974)
This film is based on a novel by Hendrik Conscience and is set in 1833. Recruiting for the army is being carried out by drawing lots in the village square. This type of conscription was known as the … Read more

THE EIGHTIES (Chantal Akerman, 1983)
The Melbourne Him Festival has been showing Chantal Akerman's highly original and demanding films regularly over the years ("Jeanne Dielrnan", "Les Rendezvous D'Anna", "Toute Une Nuit",) with varying… Read more

THE FAIRY (Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy, Dominique Abel, 2011)
Come join us on the red carpet for the glitz and glamour of the Opening Night of the 60th Melbourne International Film Festival, for a special screening of charming modern classic The Fairy. With spe… Read more

A study of the social conditions of a coal-mining area in Belgium during a lean period, Many miners have been forced to leave the area, and to replace ihemr men have been imported from poor Furopean … Read more

THE FRUIT OF PARADISE (Vera Chytilová, 1970)
Can one live with the truth? ... Eve in the Garden of Paradise listens to the Serpent. She is about to bite into the fruit of the Tree of Truth. ... In 1970, in the garden of the boarding-house where… Read more

THE GIANTS (Bouli Lanners, 2011)
"A joyous heartwarmer with an endearing Mark Twain meets Ken Loach vibe." - Screen International ... Two teenage brothers and their tag-along friend navigate a summer by themselves in an abandoned co… Read more

The Golden Age of Flemish Art (Paul Haesaerts, 1958)
In his first colour film. Paul Haesearts, who is well known for his art films, especially for Rubens and A Visit to Picasso, explores the meanings, beauties and quaint anecdotal material hidden in th… Read more

THE GREAT BARRIER REEF (Pierre Levie, 1970)
A Belgian scientific expedition explores the Barrier Reef. Their underwater photographers and cameramen of the floating aquarium study the many facets of life on the Reef. ... Not since Jacques-Yves … Read more

The Great Temptation of the Pink Elephant (Grapjos de Hert, Robbe de Hert, 1969)
Made for the opening of last year's Oberhausen Short Film' Festival, this brief joke represents the problems of I969 as seen by the brothers de Hert. The punch line refers to the banning of a stage p… Read more

The Holdup (J. L. Coleman, 1960)
A group of youngsters fight "cowboys and Indians" battles with all the rite and solemnity of a traditional western. Without the use of dialogue or commentary, this ingeniously conceived little film c… Read more

THE KID WITH A BIKE (M) (Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, 2011)
The celebrated Dardenne brothers (Lorna's Silence, MIFF 2010) took the Grand Prix at Cannes (shared with Once Upon a Time in Anatolia) this year with this gripping cinematic tale of youthful innocenc… Read more

The Legend of the Quetzal (Claude Putzeys, 1965)
Following little Pablo in his search for the Quetzal bird, we discover the tourist beauties and folklore interests in Mexico. ... Read more

The Lieutenant (Roland Verhavert, 1965)
An analysis of the hero-worship of a small boy that evokes unerringly the fears and adulations of childhood. ... Jury Prize, Oberhausen Festival. ... Read more

The Majesty of Wood (Charles Dekeukeleire, 1955)
The unifying theme of this film is the beauty of wood. A succession of examples from Belgian churches and museums traces the sequences of styles from the hieratic Romanesque through the gradually inc… Read more

Miereveld, a married lawyer, who teaches a special subject in a girls' school, cherishes a passionate but idealistic love for one of his pupils, the beautiful Fran Veenman. His feelings towards her r… Read more

THE MEETINGS OF ANNA (Chantal Akerman, 1978)
In 1975, Chantal Akerman made Jeanne Dielrnan, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, and since then, she has been in the forefront of a developing feminist cinema. Les rendez-vous d'Anna Chantal Akerm… Read more

THE MEETINGS OF ANNA (Chantal Akerman, 1978)
In 1975, Chantal Akerman made Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, and since then, she has been in the forefront of a developing feminist cinema. Les rendez-vous d'Anna continues her … Read more

The Nickel Odeon Type (Giorgio Vittorio Serafini, 1986)
Reality and fiction become confused In this short narrative as I airy panics after an argument with his girlfriend. Special lighting effects and a strong sound track help us enter the mind of a man u… Read more

The Open Window (Henri Storck, 1952)
The countryside of five lands as their great painters have seen it during five centuries of landscape painting. ... Read more

The Other Side (Herman Wuyts, 1965)
Wilhout commentary, this powerful comment on conformity shows a human chain passing by. Those who break it are shot. ... Read more

THE PROMISE (Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, 1996)
... ... Coming to us direct from Cannes where it was one of the few true discoveries of the year. The Promise transcends it's small scale, domestic concerns to evolve into a tough involving, but ulti… Read more

The Red Bridge (Genevieve Mersch, 1991)
A nice little house in a working class suburb of Luxembourg city. One day the government decides to build a bridge to connect the old town with a new area, where they are building the offices of the … Read more

The Red Button (Marc-Olivier Picron, 1998)
A man is imprisioned in a cell. The only thing in the room with him is a column on which there is a red button. As time passes the man tries to discover the truth about the button. Is the button dang… Read more

The Room (Raymond Antoine, 1967)
An unnerving Kafkaesqne cartoon about a little man imprisoned in a strange room that alters its shape. ... Read more

THE SON (Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, 2002)
In 1999 Belgian filmmaking brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne walked away fron Cannes with the coveted Palme d'Or prize for Rosetta. Three years later they have delivered The Son, selected for Off… Read more

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