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911 Rio (F.K. Flumen, 2005)
Like some sample to take back life from disaster. ... --- ... D/S F.K Flumen P Marians Agular L no dialogue TD Video/col/2005/3mins ... Read more

A Resistencia da Lua (Octavio Bezerra, 1985)
A poetic film which illustrates aspects of black culture which in Salvador, Bahia, had a remarkable impact on the arts and culture in the region. Although destroyed by many years of white domination,… Read more

ALMOST BROTHERS (Lucia Marat, 2004)
Almost Brothers is an ambitious film by filmmaker Lucia Murat. With the realism of a documentary, she explores the racism bubbling beneath the surface of Brazil's cultural pluralism, and the difficul… Read more

Animando (Marcos Magalhães, 1983)
An animator is trying to find the proper ... animation technique for his new film. ... His character, however, has his own ... ideas about the matter. ... Read more

ANTONIOS DAS MORTES (Glauber Rocha, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Barbosa (Ana Luiza Azevedo, Jorge Furtado, 1988)
A man returns to his childhood — to the day Brazil lost the 1950 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. Can he re-write his country's destiny? Can he save Barbosa the goalkeeper from 'becoming the man wh… Read more

BARRAVENTO (Glauber Rocha, 1962)
The discovery of last year's Sestri Levante Festival of Latin-American films was a Brazilian film, Barravento, first feature by a new director of great promise. The documentary element is strong in t… Read more

In Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, the farmers lead a wealthy and leisurely existence. They own huge fields with transgenic plantations and they spend their nights with tourists who come bird watching. M… Read more

BUS 174 (José Padilha, 2002)
On June 12, 2000—Brazil's Valentine's Day—Sandro do Nascimento held up a bus in Rio de Janeiro's largest public park in broad daylight, taking the passengers hostage.Television crews arri… Read more

Caligrama (Eliane Caffe, 1995)
A film about the world of the Sao Paulo homeless a visual poem of great beauty and intensity Combining documentary footage and "dramatic" sequences the filmmaker comments on the often primitive natur… Read more

... ... Of all the Hollywood glamour girls to be res­urrected, the reappraisal of Carmen Miran­da has been a long time coming. Helena Solberg, known for her streetwise documen­taries abou… Read more

Catskin (Joaquim Pedro, 1961)
In the region of Rio de Janeiro, the skins of cats are used to make tambourines at festival time. Children catch them but not without occasional unhappiness. ... Read more

Celia and Rosita (Gisella de Mello, 2000)
A nonsense comedy about senior citizens getting even with the 20th century Two elderly ladies decide to change their destiny and history, giving them a new reason to live. ... Read more

CHURCH OF LIBERATION (Silvio Da-Rin, 1985)
The film moves from a sparsely populated region of the Amazon to the urban centres of Sao Paulo and Rio and traces church activism, ranging from efforts of individuals to improve agricultural conditi… Read more

CLEOPATRA (Júlio Bressane, 2007)
"The legend of Cleopatra unfolds through the nuances of Portuguese literature, music and culture." - The Hollywood Reporter ... Audacious Brazilian filmmaker Júlio Bressane brings us his visio… Read more

Cross Tie (Joel Pizzini, 2005)
A portrait of place: trains, artificial light, time and memory give form to forces that drift amidst the darkness of the daily journey. ---D/S Joel Pizzini P Robson Rumin, Paloma Cinematogárfica WS … Read more

Doppelgänger (Juliana Rojas, 2012)
A slow burn and uncanny horror about a young teacher who encounters her double walking the hallways of the school she teaches at. ... Screened in competition at Cannes' International Critics Week. ..… Read more

Driving Alone (Rosangela de Araujo, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

DURVAL RECORDS (Anna Muylaert, 2002)
Durval is 45 years old and spent the best years of his life in the 70s. Looking like a Latin version of former Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman, he runs an anachronistic vinyl record store in a rundown Sao … Read more

Ebb and Flow (Gabriel Mascaro, 2012)
Rodrigo, a young man who is deaf living in the slums of Brazilian city Recife, installs car stereos to make money for himself and his daughter. Gradually piecing together his life, the film paints a … Read more

ELENA (Petra Costa, 2012)
"Elena is one of the most moving, heartrending cinematic experiences I've ever had. Of unusual beauty, it's a film we keep turning to for a long time. It's a must see!" - Walter Salles ... Brazilian … Read more

Explosive, political and unforgiving, The Enemy Within breaks new ground and box office records in Brazilian cinema. ... On the heels of his award-winning Elite Squad, filmmaker José Padilha (Bus 17… Read more

EMBODIMENT OF EVIL (José Mojica Marins, 2008)
“Trash horror cinema to the max.” - Variety ... Renowned for the personification of Brazil's most famous horror icon, the evil undertaker ‘Coffin Joe', filmmaker José Mojica Marins rounds off … Read more

FILMPHOBIA (Kiko Goifman, 2008)
“Just like time, death, violence, space, faith and sex, fear is one of the great themes of philosophical, scientific and artistic investigation.” - Kiko Goifman ... A man enters a cage filled wit… Read more

ginga (Hank Levine, Marcelo Machado, Tocha Alves, 2005)
Brazil's great secret for dominating world football is hardly a secret at all. Brazilian football players have 'ginga' - a fluid style of movement that raises ball skill to an art form. Ginga is not … Read more

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