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Films From Brazil

Gazing right into the heart of human suffering and yearning, To the Left of the Father probes the dark side of the universal parable of the Prodigal Son. The lens moves in on a migrant Lebanese family in the interior of Brazil, a wealthy family now fallen on hard times. When André strays from ... Read more
An experimental narrative inspired by Roland Barthes Fragments d'un Discours Amoreux. Andre has a date with Silvia, the girl he loves. He arrives punctually at the bar chosen for the rendezvous and waits for her. A woman endowed with magical power, but disguised as a regular attendant of the bar ... Read more
A journey into the world of photographers who make portraits of pilgrims at religious festivities in north-east Brazil. ... --- D Joe Pimentel P Isabela Veras, Valéria Laena S Joe Pimentel, Isabela Veras L Portuguese w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2007 ... Read more
A joyous, definitive overview of an effervescent, contradictory and defiant period that changed Brazilian music forever. ... Brazil's tropicalia movement broke out in the late 1960s, with its revolutionary sounds going on to influence the likes of Beck, David Byrne, Beastie Boys, Super Furry ... Read more
Paulo dreams of being a concert pianist, but is stuck working as a tuner in his father's music shop. When he receives an invitation to audition at the conservatory, it could be the break he's hoped for - but his father has other ideas. ... D/S Fernando Camargo, Matheus Parizi P Eduardo Camargo ... Read more
The film shows the daily life of a young music student whose routine, as well as that of most Brazilians, suffers a sudden and violent interruption when the military forces take hold of the government. Mixing fiction with audio-documentation, the film is about an historic moment in the 20 year ... Read more
Up Against Them All (Contra Todos) Brazil ... a barren district on the outskirts of São Paulo, hired killer Teodoro lives with his second wife, Claudia, and teenage daughter, Soninha. Hiding behind a mask of religious integrity, this dysfunctional family is built upon lies and violence ... Read more
Boss kicks man; Man kicks wife; Wife kicks son; Son kicks dog. ... Read more
“The intense, remarkable life of Chilean singer-songwriter Violeta Parra is explored with sensitivity and exquisite lightness of touch in Andres Wood's Violeta Went to Heaven." - Variety ... In the mid-60s Violeta Parra was the Edith Piaf of Chile: a beloved singer and visual artist who became a ... Read more
“The moment when one thing turns into another thing is the most beautiful.” - artist Vik Muniz ... From the squalor and poverty of the world's largest rubbish dump comes a work of pure artistry and joy. ... Lucy Walker trains her camera on Brazilian artist Vik Muniz as he hatches a new project ... Read more
"Went With the Wind" tells the story of Margaret Mitchell, the well-known author of the unforgettable romance "Gone ... with the Wind", from her childhood until her days of glory, satirising Hollywood's greatest production of all times. ... Read more
Yansan, Orisha of winds and storms and her amorous adventures with Ogun and Shango. ... D/P/S Carlos Eduardo Nogueira TD 35mm/col/2006/17mins ... Read more
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