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A Temporary Arrangement (Phillip Barker, 1995)
An eerie and unusual film A Temporary Arrangement recreates the atmosphere found in a late 50's and 60's B&W horror film. A screen split into nine parts presents different elements of a face shot ove… Read more

A Time to Rise (Anand Patwardhan, James Munro, 1981)
Pressure from farm owners traditionally ... excluded farm workers from labour legislation regulating their pay or working ... conditions. Farm workers eventually ... formed the Canadian Farm Workers'… Read more

A Walk in the Forest (Randall Hood, 1975)
A visual voyage into the serenity, simplicity and delicate balance of the forest, and a demonstration of the need for man to replace what he is taking from the earth. ... Read more

A WINTER TAN (Jackie Burroughs, Louise Clark, John Frizzell, John Walker, Aerlyn Weissman, 1987)
This unique film is based on the letters of Maryse Holder, former academic and part-time teacher, on an extended "vacation from feminism", in Mexico. She's on a quest for love, sex and freedom, and i… Read more

A WIVE'S TALE (Sophie Bissonnette, Martin Duckworth, Joyce Rock, 1980)
Sudbury is the site of the world's largest nickel deposit, and 160,000 people live in this city whose life is determined by the rhythm of the world nickel market and one company, Inco. Inco Metals Co… Read more

A WOMAN IN TRANSIT (Lea Pool, 1984)
Lea Pool was born in Soglio, Switzerland in 1950. She emigrated to Canada in 1975 where she studied Communication Arts at Quebec University before directing numerous video productions, short fiction … Read more

ACTION: THE OCTOBER CRISIS OF 1970 (Robin Spry, 1973)
A long and thoughtful look at those desperate days of October 1970, when Quebec Liberation Front (FLQ) terror gripped the streets of Montreal and it seemed that Quebec's search for independence and t… Read more

Adolescent Development: Social-Sex Attitudes In Adolescence (, 1953)
As one of a series of five films, the film portrays the gradual growth and development of a boy and girl, through the adolescent years into adulthood and depicts the importance of personal experience… Read more

Afterlife (Ishu Patel, 1978)
What is dying? How does it feel? What happens after? Afterlife is one artist s impressionistic and visionary response to these eternal questions ... Grand Prix, Montreal Silver Hugo, Chicago ... Read more

Air (Paul Driessen, 1972)
An animated cartoon that illustrates in a few line sketches the ultimate fate of all living things if man continues to pollute the atmosphere. ... Read more

Alchemists (Heide Blomkvist, 1992)
A modern, cautionary fable which explores life, death and rebirth, the futility of permanence and the inevitability ofchange. The film is made from the point of view of one of nature's most beautiful… Read more

All Flowers in Time (Jonathan Caouette, 2010)
Tarnation director Jonathan Caouette delivers an eerie and surreal fusion of video art, suburban gothic and monster movie. Featuring Chloë Sevigny. ... D/S Jonathan Caouette P Tarnation Films/Ph… Read more

Aloud Bagatelle (Donald McWilliams, 1983)
From "The Collected Poems of Earle Birney" by Earle Birney. The poet hums, hisses and hoots his way through a witty ... collage of archival footage of vintage trains and the English countryside. ... Read more

Alphabet (Eliot Noyes, 1966)
An energetic romp through the letters of the alphabet provides a guessing game for the audience. ... Read more

ALTER EGOS (Laurence Green, 2004)
Russian dolls' No, alter egos. Laurence Green has crafted a brilliant and perceptive animated documentary in his [Alter Egos]. His subjects are animator and 1969 Oscar nominee Ryan Larkin and prodigy… Read more

AMREEKA (Cherien Dabis, 2009)
A humourous fish-out-of-water story of hope, determination and a side of fries. ... Palestinian single mother Muna and her teenage son Fadi decide to escape the daily grind of checkpoints and tension… Read more

An Old Box (Paul Driessen, 1975)
A Christmas tale about a tramp who finds a magic box in a garbage can. ... Read more

Angel (Derek May, 1967)
The film itself is a synopsis, but the subject is not defined. The author does not know whether it is a dream made into a film, or a film made into a dream. ... Special Mention, Montreal Festival; Ch… Read more

Anijam (Marv Newland, 1984)
An international anthology of animators the film s 22 segments (each approximately 15 seconds) are drawn by 22 different animators of nine different nationalities. ... Read more

Animal Tracks (Jeff Winch, 1995)
Animal Tracks is about the relationships humans have with animals: how we look after them, how we treat them, the way we adopt or dispose of them, and our ongoing fascination with animals. ... It tak… Read more

ANNE TRISTER (Lea Pool, 1985)
Anne Trister is a 25 year old Jewish art student who, after the death of her father, abandons Switzerland, her mother and her lover for a new life in Montreal. ... She moves in with a Jewish emigre f… Read more

ANYBODY'S SON WILL DO (Paul Cowan, 1983)
War can't be waged without combat troops. The method of transforming ordinary young men into soldiers is called "Basic Training". At Parns Island Marine Training Depot in South Carolina 18-year-olds … Read more

Are You There? Are You Listening? (Velcrow Ripper, 1989)
The ritual of eating is dissected and examined from the point of view of childhood memory. A plate of spaghetti is transformed into an anthropomorphic entity and the family gathered for dinner become… Read more

Arrowhead (Peter Lynch, 1993)
Ostensibly tracing the steps of an amateur anthropologist Ray Bud as he takes us back to the site of his boyhood triumph - the finding of mastodon bones in the local park - Arrowhead is a mocking moc… Read more

ARTIST ON FIRE (Kay Armatage, 1987)
Artist on Fire is a portrait, first and foremost, of the artist at work For her documentary on renowned Canadian artist, Joyce Weiland, Armatage isn't content to follow the conventional, show-and-tel… Read more

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