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WAITING FOR FIDEL (Michael Rubbo, 1974)
In 1974, an interview was arranged between two Canadians and Fidel Castro, and Michael Rubbo tagged along to make a record of the conversation. While waiting to be called by Castro, the Canadians wer… Read more

WAITING FOR SANCHO (Mark Peranson, 2008)
“A film of transformative power… Waiting for Sancho redefines film-making.” - Variety ... Mark Peranson, founding editor of Cinema Scope, takes up the video camera to shoot the making of A… Read more

Walking (Ryan Larkin, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Wanted (Barbara Poznanski, 1990)
Jozef Klyk is obsessed with the American West; so much so that he directs, writes, shoots and stars in films, which he shoots with his hand-cranked camera. Jozef Klyk lives in a small village in the … Read more

Wanted (Gordon Seaman, K. Daymond, Jill Battson, 1993)
A dyke, a faggot and a glamour pussy ride across Canada, tracking down and confronting well-known, socially respected homophobes in a cynical take on 'outing' and the road movie format. ... Read more

WAR WITCH (Kim Nguyen, 2011)
Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 2012 Berlinale, and the Founders Award for Best Narrative at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. ... Set in sub-Saharan Africa, where 12-year-old Komona … Read more

WARRENDALE (Alan King, 1966)
A study of life at Warrendale, a home for emotionally disturbed children in Toronto. The story begins as the patients' day starts, showing them in bed, resisting the morning rays of light. Soon, the … Read more

Watching TV (Christopher Hinton, 1994)
Giving the term 'overkill' a whole new meaning, this amusingly vicious parody of TV news, is a quickfire montage of cartoonish violence where everyone and everything imaginable gets it. Has its point… Read more

We Walked on the Moon (Johanne Pregent, 1991)
July 20th, 1969. The entire planet is fixed on the Apollo XI. This is an accepted story, but there are lesser known details of July 20th, 1969, which no-one has ever talked about: the story of Marie-… Read more

WET EARTH AND WARM PEOPLE (Michael Rubbo, 1972)
Glimpses of life in Indonesia, in and around Jakarta. This film is a chance, unscripted view of people in the city and a nearby village, in this crescent of islands, nothing goes by the book. ... Read more

What About Dad? (Brendan Smith, 1993)
Two teenage characters from rival television programs help each other escape the rigid confines of their stereotypes. What About Dad?, is a sometimes confronting yet very funny exploration of the lim… Read more

What on Earth (Les Drew, Kaj Pindal, 1966)
The title says this is a production of the National Film Board of Mars, and the film shows what Martians, looking at us. might logically guess to be the case — that the auto has inherited the e… Read more

Whatsitsi Whatsitsou (Jean-Francois Desbois, 1992)
What's in the suitcase? A quirky comedy. ... Read more

When I Was Seven (Jessica Bradford, 2000)
Reminiscent of Todd Solondz's Welcome To The Dollhouse. Bradford weaves a gripping and transformative story about seven year-old Tess as she confronts her greatest fear. This tale is memorable for it… Read more

WHEN NIGHT IS FALLING (Patricia Rozema, 1994)
... ... Mythology, theology and a racy lesbian cir­cus performer, director Patricia Rozema (known for her charmingly funny I Heard the Mer­maids Singing) explores in high flying style this he… Read more

WHEN TOMORROW DIES (Laurence Kent, 1966)
The film concerns a young housewife and mother whose existence has become dull and empty as both her husband and children are too taken up with their own affairs to bother much about her. Feeling dej… Read more

Whistling Smith (Michael Scott, Marrin Cannell, 1975)
Sgt. Bernie, 'Whistling' Smith, pounds the beat in District One, the colourful east-side of Vancouver, where the streets are lined with greasy spoons, strip joints and flophouses. Friendly, outgoing … Read more

WHITE PLANET, THE (Thierry Ragobert, Thierry Piantanida, 2005)
“Those who contend the jury is out on global warming aren't sitting in the same courtroom as the makers of The White Planet.” - Variety Recounting the effects of the changing seasons on the envir… Read more

WHITE ROOM (Patricia Rozema, 1990)
From the director of the award wining I've Heard the Mermaids Singing, this visually rich second feature is a harrowing urban fairy tale about the destructive effects of media attention on private li… Read more

Who Are We? (Zlatko Grgić, 1974)
An animated film on Canada and how its people got to be the way they are. ... Read more

Who Wants Unions? (Laszlo Barna, Laura Alper, 1982)
A movement to "de-unionise" industry has been gaining considerable ground in the US and Canada in recent years. It has developed a new breed of "union-buster" using persuasive psychological technique… Read more

WILD HORSE REDEMPTION, THE (John Zaritsky, 2007)
“I see a lot of me in the horses. Taken out of the chaos, brought here, taken to a great place.” - inmate Anthony Edwards ... Each year at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, selected inmat… Read more

Wilderness Nomads (Charles Capstick, 1974)
The Wilderness Nomads is a group of boys and girls (ages 14 to 17) who set out with their leader, Mr Frenetee, on a 400-mile, month-long wilderness canoe trip, through a Northern Canadian Wilderness … Read more

WINTER KEPT US WARM (David Secter, 1964)
This film, set at the North American University of Toronto, was made by a young man who had just graduated, and who managed to capture faithfully the feel of life on the campus. The story examines a … Read more

With Drums and Trumpets (Marcel Carriére, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

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