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As Seen On TV (David Rimmer, 1986)
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Aspiration (Constant Mentzas, 2004)
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At The Quinte Hotel (Bruce Alcock, )
Based on Al Purdy's 1968 poem, this vibrant, kinetic riff has the poet waxing lyrical about beer and blooms in a small-town basement tavern. ... --- ... D Bruce Alcock P Tina Ovellette WS Global Mech… Read more

ATANARJUAT THE FAST RUNNER (Zacharias Kunuk, 2000)
Evil in the form of an unknown shaman, divides a small community of nomadic Inuit, upsetting its balance and spirit. 20 years pass and two brothers emerge to challenge the evil order: Amaqjuaq. the S… Read more

AUGUST 32ND ON EARTH (Denis Villeneuve, 1998)
Denis Villeneuve made his mark directing 20 short videos and winning first prize in the Canadian equivalent of the ABC's Race Around the World. August 32nd on Earth indicates his exceptional flair. .… Read more

AUGUST AND JULY (Murray Markowitz, 1972)
August and July is a film about two young women in love. They are not lesbians-this is their first realisation of their bi-sexual inclinations. ... They are real people: Sharon Smith is a musician, A… Read more

AWAY FROM HER (Sarah Polley, 2006)
“I never wanted to be away from her. She had the spark of life.” Actress Sarah Polley's (eXistenZ, My Life Without Me) directorial debut is as much about Alzheimer's disease as it is a complex po… Read more

Babies on the Sun (Garine Torossian, 2001)
Re-filmed cut-out images from children's books are reprocessed further through slide and computer. These visual delicacies flutter and stutter, acting as a kind of rhythm section to the Sparklehorse … Read more

Bad Blood for the Vampire (Li-san Tibodo, 1985)
Story of a lonely vampire living in Berlin and his search for mortality. One day his White Angel of Hope will come and they will live happily ever after. ... Read more

Ballet Adagio (Norman McLaren, 1972)
After the brilliant cinematic experiment of Pas de Deux, Norman McLaren once again films dancers - this time slowing down their movements to a quarter of their speed in reality. The original choreogr… Read more

Barbara is a Vision of Loveliness (Bruce Elder, 1976)
Cinematic choreography created through optical processes. ... Read more

Bargain Basement (John N. Smith, 1976)
A lonely store detective and a frustrated housewife meet when she steals a jumper. Their lives become entangled when she offers to talk things over in his apartment. ... Read more

BE LIKE OTHERS (Tanaz Eshaghian, 2008)
"Explaining why they want to have surgery, they would say, ‘I want to live like everybody else. I want to be like others. I'm not a weirdo... I'm not a homosexual. I'm not filthy.'" - filmmaker Tan… Read more

Beach Story (Lori Spring, 1991)
Two women — mother and daughter — sun-tannmg on a beautiful beach, on vacation together Seems idyllic, but what's wrong with this picture? Beach Story evokes through images, sounds and no… Read more

Bead Game (Ishu Patel, 1977)
Animated coloured beads tell the story of evolution and sound a cautionary note about the future. ... Read more

BEEFCAKE (Thom Fitzgerald, 1998)
Having stirred the emotions of MIFF audiences fast year with his debut feature The Hanging Garden, Thorn Fitzgerald blends documentary and fiction in an entertaining and provocative homage to 1950s m… Read more

Below the Ramparts (Harold Tichenor, 1979)
Special adaptations and inter-relationships of the plants and animals of the Canadian Rockies are discussed. Unique shots of the Water Ouzel, Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel, Western Toad, Black Bear … Read more

Beluga Crash Blues: un Kinodrame (Dominic Gagnon, 1997)
A suggestion of menace hangs over this film. Verité footage of visitors to an amusement park and Montreal pedestrians going about their daily business is imbued with grinding tension by a brooding s… Read more

BESTIAIRE (Denis Côté, 2012)
“I wanted to make a very simple and a very naïve film on the interactions between human beings and animals.” - filmmaker Denis Côté ... At the same time a compelling meditation and a bizar… Read more

BETHUNE (John Kemeny, Donald Brittain, 1965)
Bethune's life has a legendary quality about it: as a roistering young doctor in the Twenties, he was struck down with T.B. and lost one lung. As a result, he put aside the flippancies of his youth a… Read more

BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE (Anne Wheeler, 1998)
Walking home from a pleasant evening at 'Cat's Ass', a local lesbian club, Maggie finds herself bailed up by a gang of skinheads. Fearing the worst, Maggie is enormously relieved when a minibus scree… Read more

BETWEEN FRIENDS (Donald Shebib, 1973)
Originally titled Get Back, this Canadian film, directed by Donald Shebib, explores the tensions and rivalries between members of a gang planning an armed robbery. Five people come together to carry … Read more

Beyond the Naked Eye (Claudia Overing, 1973)
The film concentrates on the invisible world of an aquarium of tropical fish: from the single celled protozoa to the more complex, but still microscopic worms and snails. ... Read more

Bicycle Ladies (Julie Haras, 1990)
Set in Victorian times, this is a whimsical and magical account of one woman's struggle to overcome society's attitudes and ride a bicycle. ... Read more

Big Charade, The (Jesse Mckeown, 2004)
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