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Without Rockets (Gary Yates, 1994)
Slapstick pathos and off-cut laughs abound in this crackling tale of a man and his pig. The caretaker of a derelict rocket range spends his days playing the spoons and poker (or should that be porker… Read more

Wrestling (Michel Brault, Marcel Carrière, Claude Jutra, Claude Fournier, 1961)
A candid camera report on a bout at the Montreal Forum where the star wrestlers play to the house and the fans are not above lending a hand themselves. ... Read more

Xavier (Philippe Caron, 1991)
An old man tells the story of his escape from France during WWII and in doing so reveals his unique and delightful personality. ... Read more

YOU ARE HERE (Daniel Cockburn, 2010)
"[You Are Here] offers a series of episodes that slide over one another like a palimpsest... That tingle in your frontal lobe means that it's working." - Cinema Scope ... When a reclusive woman (the … Read more

You are Indian Land (Mort Ransen, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Blaine Allan, 1991)
A detective story about the search for a missing person, told (torn the point of view of the missing person," is how writer and director Blaine Allan describes this extraordi­nary road movie cum … Read more

You've Read the Book Now See the Movie (John Weldon, 1975)
A film for the Taxation Division of Revenue Canada, to show that filling in income tax forms is not as difficult as it may seem. ... Read more

Your Name in Cellulite (Gail Noonan, 1995)
Amid the current trend towards eliminating all bodily imperfections the original female body gets its own back A witty and visually bold step in the right direction. (AS) ... Read more

Zikkaron (Laurent Coderre, 1971)
An animated allegory in which fleeting, elusive images depict the cycle of life or, by extension, the course of man's evolution. ... Read more

ZIZEK! (Astra Taylor, 2005)
“We can all come away comforted that in academia, as in poetry and science, adored ‘rock stars' can be old, paunchy, and less than beautiful.” - Village Voice ... Philosopher, Slavoj Zizek, is … Read more

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