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Canon (Norman McLaren, 1963)
In the canon a melody begun by one voice or instrument is echoed by another, beginning one beat or several measures later than the one before. In this film, McLaren illustrates the principle of the c… Read more

Capital P (Stephen Barnes, 1991)
A small boy wakes in the night needing to pee but is afraid to go to the bathroom... ... Read more

Caravaners (George Johnson, 1978)
The story of 300 caravan convoy's journey through British Columbia. Almost all the travellers are retired folk from the U.S.A Organised by a manufacturer of caravans, the trip is staged with the prec… Read more

Caroline (Georges Dufaux, Clément Perron, 1964)
Caroline works, with detached efficiency, with a tele­phone company. We step in on this special day, when her husband has apparently forgotten their wedding anniversary. ... First Prize, Narrativ… Read more

Carrousel (Bernard Longpré, 1968)
Do they dream, those wooden horses on the roundabouts? Black and green and blue, with flying hooves and flaring nostrils, could they escape? Then what dreams, what adventures, what colour, what life,… Read more

Casuistry: the art of killing a cat (Zev Asher, 2004)
[Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat], which premiered at last year's Toronto Film Festival, is an examination into one of Canada's most notorious, abhorrent animal cruelty cases. This challenging fi… Read more

Cat's Cradle (Paul Driessen, 1974)
An animated film about the threads that pervade life: from spider's webs to man-made threads for children's games or hangman's ropes. ... Read more

Cattle Ranch (Guy L. Coté, 1961)
An excellently photographed account of cattle life on a ranch in British Columbia. ... Read more

CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS (Werner Herzog, 2010)
Cinematic legend Werner Herzog presents an astonishing glimpse of our prehistoric forebears. ... Kudos to Herzog (Encounters at the End of the World, MIFF 2008; Grizzly Man) for achieving the impossi… Read more

Chairmen (Jean-Thomas Bédard, 1978)
An animated allegory about contemporary society, in which man's development is presented in terms of changes in architectural styles, from the "age of stone" to the "age of the chair". Gold Hugo, Chi… Read more

Challenge: Science Against Cancer (, 1950)
A progress report on the fight against cancer. The cancer cell, a tiny pinpoint of life, is the target against which a whole battery of scientific research is levelled. To explain the complexity of t… Read more

Chameleon/Cameleon (Stefan Anastasiu, 1984)
Animated allegory about fear — the fear to take a stand. A man hoists himself up a tree, squats on a branch and watches the world go by. Occasionally he is tempted to climb down and join the di… Read more

Charade (Jon Minnis, 1984)
A man's attempt to master the game of charades is met by mounting frustration as he fails to convey the simplest mimes in the light of his opponent's incredible success. ... Read more

Children's Concert: Rhythm and Percussion (Gordon Parker, 1949)
A visit to the Saturday concerts which are making music a familiar and exciting part of life for Ottawa's children. Illustrating each point with simple examples from the children's own experience, Eu… Read more

childstar (Don McKellar, 2004)
Don McKellar sends up America's celebrity culture and its predilection for the inane in his satirical [Childstar]. Twelve-year-old Taylor Brandon Burns (Mark Rendall) is a star of the trashy US sitco… Read more

Chimera (Philip Hoffman, 1995)
This film consists of sections of collected dianstic images amassed through Hoffman's travels. Uluru and an incomplete parliament house for example make floating appearances. These have been gathered… Read more

Chinavision (Paul Wong, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

CHLOE (Atom Egoyan, 2009)
A steamy Hitchcockian thriller that delves into the realm of sexual jealousy. ... Eroticism as seen through the eyes of Atom Egoyan (Exotica) comes elegantly composed with caressing camera moves, and… Read more

CINéMA-VéRITé: DEFINING THE MOMENT (Peter Wintonick, 1999)
A feature documentary about documentary, Cinema-Verite: Defining the Moment is a major retrospective of some of the century's finest non-fiction films. The influence of the cinema verite approach in … Read more

Citizen Harold (Hugh Foulds, 1972)
One citizen's crusade to stop the developers from destroying his environment. ... Read more

City of Gold (Colin Low, Wolf Koenig, 1957)
A nostalgic recollection of the Klondike gold rush when the gold fever was at its height. The feeling of retrospect is deepened by the introduction of many vintage photographs which help to bring ali… Read more

City out of Time (Colin Low, 1959)
A portrait of Venice as Canaletto, Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto must have seen it. City Out of Time is a discovery of the city, which, like the arts the city fostered and still cherishes, has tran… Read more

Clean (Olivier Assayas, 2004)
In a seedy motel in Ontario, rocker Lee Hauser (muso James Johnston), managed by Vernon (Don McKellar), overdoses on heroin. His partner in love and crime is Emily (Maggie Cheung), who is wrestling w… Read more

Climates (Suzanne Gervais, 1974)
An animated film expressing the emotional turmoil of a young couple in love. ... Read more

Clive Barker: The Art of Horror (Chris Holland, 1992)
Are fantasy writers seriously weird people? Clive Barker, the English writer, illustrator and filmmaker is, and if you are not an avid fan of Barker's miscreations, you will still find him seriously … Read more

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