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Cold Blood (Martin Thibaudeau, 2011)
A mother brings her reluctant son to the hospital for an ambiguous procedure. ... D/P/S Martin Thibaudeau L French w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011 ... Read more

Cold Feet (Jim Allodi, 1998)
A professional thief and his lover revisit their past and find disturbing omens for the future. With a title like Cold Feet you'd expect a 'cool' film and that's exactly what you get. Not the ostenta… Read more

Color it Living (Don Gray, 1970)
The film observes the life of Canadian wild life painter, Glen Loates, over two years, as he sketches and paints the flora and fauna of the North American wilderness. ... Read more

Cooperage (Phillip Borsos, 1975)
The dying art of barrel-making is still practised in the Sweeney Cooperage by old hands, working with ancient tools. ... Read more

CORPORATION, THE (Mark Achbar, 2004)
The Corporation CanadaThe CEO of Interface, a massive global manufacturing conglomerate, thinks this planet can support life for 30 to 50 more years and then it's lights out! Mark Achbar (Manufacturi… Read more

COSMOS (Jennifer Alleyn, Manon Briand, Marie-Julie Dallaire, Arto Paragamian, André Turpin, Denis Villeneuve, 1997)
A modern mosaic from the urban jungle, this is an omnibus film, six stories linked by the central character of Greek philosopher/taxi driver, Cosmos. Nightmares traumatise Morille, a young filmmaker … Read more

Coupe De Monde (Geoffrey Shea, 1982)
Part One in a series on sporting figures. ... Read more

COWARDS BEND THE KNEE (Guy Maddin, 2004)
Cowards Bend the Knee Canada'straight from the guilt mines of Guy Maddin's psyche to the collective unconscious of stunned audiences, Cowards Bend the Knee is film autobiography at its most hilarious… Read more

Cowboy and Indian (Don Owen, 1971)
A warm portrait of two Toronto artists and art teachers, Robert Markle and Gordon Rayner. ... Rayner, with his handlebar moustache, represents the cowboy of the title, Markle, half Indian ('the bette… Read more

Cradles (Louise-Marie Beauchamp, 1992)
Louise-Marie Beauchamp uses evocative images and haunting music to create a visual and aural poem. In six minutes, and without words, she tells the story of the formation and destruction of a relatio… Read more

McWilliams' ground-breaking documentary is a kind of x-ray into the creative mind of Canada's late animation pioneer, who passed away in 1987. ... Norman McLaren's influence on cinema cannot be overe… Read more

CREE HUNTERS OF MISTASSINI (Boyce Richardson, Tony Ianuzielo, 1974)
Canada's huge James Bay power project creates a conflict between the hunting culture in the area, and the white technical culture which would become dominant there. The film shows the Cree hunters' a… Read more

Critical Years (Gerald L'Ecuyer, 1987)
From the analyst's couch, the terminally tragedy-prone Chip Dexter tries to find the root of his grown up insecurities in his childhood horrors. Meanwhile, his analyst, played by Ann Magnuson, Doyen … Read more

CURLING (Denis Côté, 2010)
"Denis Côté has long since staked out his territory as Canada's most adventurous auteur." - Eye Weekly ... Winning the Best Director prize at Locarno, Curling is an offbeat and eccentric comedy wit… Read more

Da Da Da (Dennis Neil, Charles McRae, G. Gray Miller, Peter Hudecki, Jack Mongouan, Ian Bell, 1975)
A parody of a Busby Berkley Musical using incongruity as a means and an end. ... Read more

DAISY: THE STORY OF A FACELIFT (Michael Rubbo, 1982)
Daisy feels she needs a facelift. ... The film follows her through all the stages, from the preliminary visit with the surgeon, to the actual operation. Interspersed with Daisy's story is an examinat… Read more

Dance Squared (René Jodoin, 1961)
In this film music, dance, shape and colour are combined to excite and enlarge the student's interest in mathematics. ... Read more

Dans La Vie (Pierre Veilleux, 1972)
A child escapes from the rectangular stone world of a city, only to be placed into the microcosm of our world: the school. Without the use of a single word, this imaginative animated film sharply rec… Read more

David (Tom Kelly, 1979)
David was born with Down's Syndrome. His parents ignored advice to put him into an institution and took him home with them. The film was made seventeen years later, and shows how David has learned to… Read more

David Milne (Gerald Budner, 1962)
"Artists are hard to encourage. . . If an artist can be advised, directed, coerced, he isn't an artist at all. Better shoot him". These are lines from the letters of David Milne, Canadian artist who … Read more

Day After Day (Hugbert Aquin, Fernand Dansereau, Victor Jobin, 1962)
Day after Day gives us the monotonous routine in a small paper-mill town - a routine geared to the factory, and through skillful photography this machine world asserts a brutal dominance. By contrast… Read more

DAY OF THE CROWS, The (Jean-Christophe Dessaint, 2012)
"Combining elements of Shrek and Truffaut's The Wild Child." – Hollywood Reporter ... This debut feature from skilled French animator Jean-Christophe Dessaint is both beautifully crafted a… Read more

DEADLY CURRENTS (Simcha Jacobovici, 1991)
... ... The Intifada, Israel's occupied territories. This is a world of Israeli soldiers, Palestini­an child-warriors and CNN news crews, with politicians and rabble rousers on both sides. ... ... Read more

Deadly Deposits (Jay Falconer, 1992)
A pathological detective story where the culprit is either the victim's vindictive wife, environmental pollution or...? ... Read more

Did You Do the Napkin Tops? (Lisa Doyle, 1991)
A humorous account of the artisf s crummy-sut-high paymg jobs Utilizing repetitive edit-ng techniques and a rambling, ranting voiceover, the film takes a tongue-in-cheek ook at that daily phenomenon … Read more

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