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BONSAI (Cristián Jiménez, 2011)
“One of the finest accomplishments from the freewheeling new generation of Chilean filmmakers.” - Variety ... United through a shared passion for the written word, college students Julio, an inve… Read more

Julian Benedikt's third documentary to be screened at MIFF; this exhaustively researched film traces the life of Chico Hamilton from the early years performing with his school buddies Dexter Gordon a… Read more

DANCE OF REALITY, The (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 2013)
"Life can be comic, can be sexy, can be everything at the same time. So I will make a picture, but I will not say what you need to feel. You will feel whatever you're feeling." - Alejandro Jodorowsky… Read more

dias de campo (Raul Ruiz, 2004)
Following more than three decades in exile, acclaimed Chilean auteur Raul Ruiz returns to his homeland to bring cinema audiences [Dias de Campo]. This film was inspired by two stories from Chilean no… Read more

GLORIA (Sebastián Lelio, 2012)
"Sebastián Lelio's enormously satisfying spell inside the head and heart of a middle-aged woman never puts a foot wrong." - Hollywood Reporter ... Santiago divorcée and 58-year-old moth… Read more

History and Geography of Pablo Neruda: The South; Valparaiso (Hugo Arévalo, 1971)
The two episodes of a TV series show Pablo Neruda, Chile's Nobel Prize winning poet, visiting the South, where be spent his childhood, and Valparaiso, where he hid after escaping from a prison senten… Read more

In Absentia (Lucia Cedron, 2002)
Sitting in her bathroom in a new country, Maria takes a pregnancy test. While she waits for the results, she remembers the violence and exile she escaped when she left Argentina. Won the Silver Bear … Read more

IN THE NAME OF GOD (Patricio Guzman, 1987)
Well known for his landmark Battle of Chile trilogy, which received considerable international exposure and press coverage during the 1970's, Patncio Guzman returned to his native country m 1986 to s… Read more

Machuca (Andres Wood, 2004)
Santiago, Chile, 1973. A reserved boy from an upper-middle-class family, Gonzalo is warily edging towards adolescence. But his ordinary hardships, joys and rites of passage are charged with inordinat… Read more

MAGIC MAGIC (Sebastian Silva, 2013)
"Meticulously acted, gorgeously shot and hilariously insightful about the strange, inarticulable ways people can get on one another's nerves, this psychological thriller takes its premise to surprisi… Read more

MAID, THE (Sebastián Silva, 2008)
Filmmaker Sebastián Silva injects a simultaneously menacing and humourous undertone to this tale of a long-serving - and borderline psychotic - maid. ... Raquel has worked in service to the Valdes f… Read more

NO (Pablo Larrain, 2012)
“An absorbing account of one country's unlikely route from oppression to democracy.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Revolving around Chile's 1988 referendum on the Pinochet regime, this brilliant behin… Read more

NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT (Patricio Guzman, 2010)
An extraordinary viewing experience that has to be seen on the big screen. ... With this film, set in one of the driest place in the world - Chile's Atacam desert - filmmaker Patricio Guzmán uses th… Read more

OLD CATS (Sebastián Silva, Pedro Peirano, 2010)
"Sebastián Silva has emerged as one of cinema's greatest young talents." - indieWIRE ... The follow-up to Silva's Sundance prize winner The Maid (MIFF 2009), Old Cats cracks open the toxic dynamics … Read more

POST MORTEM (Pablo Larraín, 2010)
"A radioactive atmosphere of pure, nauseous evil." - Guardian ... Fans of filmmaker Pablo Larraín's Tony Manero (MIFF 2009) will appreciate his even more unnerving follow-up, set against the backdro… Read more

Proposicion Para (Entre) Cruzar Espacios Limites (Lotty Rosenfeld, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

SAGRADA FAMILIA, LA (Sebastián Campos, 2005)
La Sagrada Familia is a wonderful example of the fresh new cinema emerging from Chile. It captures the intricacies of a family's emotionally charged interactions with rare perspicacity but also with … Read more

Tarapaca (René Kocher, 1971)
The great physical and cultural distances between people living in the province of Tarapaca in Chile are diminished by the introduction of radio telephone services. ... Read more

THE FRONTIER (Ricardo Larraín, 1991)
... ... During the last years of the Pinochet regime m Chile, a mathematics teacher, Ramiro Orellana (Patricio Contreras) is banished to the backward, rain-soaked island La Frontera It is a rough, de… Read more

THE JACKAL OF NAHUELTORO (Miguel Littin, 1969)
One of Chile's most notorious crimes provides the subject matter for The Jackal of Nahueltoro. ... When Jose del Carmen Valenzuela, an illiterate peasant, killed a woman and her five children, the pr… Read more

THE MOON IN THE MIRROR (Silvio Caiozzi, 1990)
In the port of Valparaiso, an old and sick marine, Don Arnaldo, lives in self-imposed exile with his son, Fatty. From his bed, he can see and control every movement in the apartment by using mirrors … Read more

TONY MANERO (Pablo Larraín, 2008)
“A magnificently deranged study of overboard pop-culture fandom.” - Slant Magazine ... Set during Chile's darkest days under the Pinochet regime, Tony Manero follows a Saturday Night Fever-crazed… Read more

Venceremos (Peter Chaskel, 1970)
A juxtaposition of scenes in the lives of the well-to-do and the poor in Chile, culminating in an expression of hope for the future. ... Read more

VIOLETA WENT TO HEAVEN (Andrés Wood, 2011)
“The intense, remarkable life of Chilean singer-songwriter Violeta Parra is explored with sensitivity and exquisite lightness of touch in Andres Wood's Violeta Went to Heaven." - Variety ... In the… Read more

A civilization under threat, clinging to tradition. ... In southern Chile, unnoticed by the rest of the world for centuries, a remote community of people exist who call themselves Mapuche-Pehuenche -… Read more

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