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The Conquest of Mount Shisha Pangma (, 1964)
Chinese moutaineers scale the last of the worlds unconquered peaks over 24,000 feet — Muiml Shisha Pangma in Tibet. ... Read more

The Cowherd's Flute (Te Wei, Qian Jiajun, )
An animated fairytale about a cowherd. ... Read more

THE DAYS (Wang Xiaoshuai, 1993)
The Chinese film industry keeps producing new surprises, and low budget, independent productions are the latest. Made in black and white for only US $77,000, The Days is 29 year old Wang Xiaoshuai's … Read more

THE DRIVE TO WIN (Zhang Nuanxin, )
"I've been waiting for this match for over 10 years." Friendship is fine, but competition is important too and Sha Ou, a top player on the Chinese national volleyball team, is playing for keeps. The … Read more

This is a film of a Chinese national dance which is based on an old legend. Travelling to the capital to take his examination, Liu Yen-chang comes to the temple of the Goddess San Sheng Mu on Mount H… Read more

The Magic Paintbrush (Chin Hai, 1955)
A puppet film in which a peasant lad puts his valuable gift to good use. ... Read more

THE MANLO FLOWER (Fan Lai, Chao Huan-chang, 1961)
A folk legend of the Miao people is performed as a dance drama by the Kueichow Song and Dance En­semble. The story tells how the beautiful Manlo is deeply in love with the young hunter Adoya, but… Read more

THE OPIUM WAR (Cheng Chun-li, Chen Fan, 1960)
Lin Tse Hsu was the Chinese hero of the opium war of 1840. Driven on by easy money, traders and some irresponsible missionaries flooded the Chinese towns with this drug. ... The Manchu court was forc… Read more

THE ORPHAN OF ANYANG (Wang Chao, 2001)
Set in small-town China, an unemployed factory worker agrees to care for a prostitute's baby for a meager stipend. Slowly, something of a family emerges, but their shared path veers when the womans p… Read more

THE PIANO IN A FACTORY (Meng Zhang, 2010)
"Simple in its measured and assured direction, The Piano in a Factory establishes Zhang Meng as one of the most vibrant voices in Chinese cinema today." - Toronto International Film Festival ... Chen… Read more

THE PUPPETMASTER (Hou Hsiao-Hsien, 1993)
Possessed of a unique melancholic but never indulgent or nostalgic vision, and with nine successes over the last decade, Taiwan's Hou Hsiao-Hsien is unquestionably an international great. His 1991 hi… Read more

THE SEARCH (Pema Tseden, 2009)
The first Chinese production to be shot entirely in the Tibetan language. ... Moving from one stunning mountainscape to another, a film crew undertakes a series of auditions across Tibet - presented … Read more

The Shy Golden Oriole (Chiang Ai-chun, Lu Ching, 1960)
The small golden oriole is a very timid bird, but encouraged, she is able to sing in public. ... Read more

The Snipe and the Clam (Hu Jinqing, )
Beautifully animated story of the struggles between a snipe and its endeavours to make a meal out of a river clam, The clam has other ideas. ... Read more

The Spirit of Genseng (Wan Ku-chan, 1963)
A children's film using paper cut-outs. The story is aboul the trials and tribulations of an orphan boy who is finally saved from his tormentor by the Spirit of Genseng. ... Read more

The Temple (Joanna Vasquez Arong, 2005)
"I am living a Balzacian life". Dirty dishes, champagne, Beijing nights and gun play. Bold editing creates an unsettling portrait of a foreigner in China.---D/P/S Joanna Vasquez Arong L English, Mand… Read more

Plenty of Chinese documentaries look at the nation's poor and disenfranchised - The Transition Period gives us a rare peek into Chinese life from the other side. ... Director Zhou Hao was given acces… Read more

THE WORLD (Zhang Ke Jia, 2004)
The World is the first film of Jia Zhang-ke - MIFF filmmaker in focus - made with the tacit approval of the authorities. It is also his first film to be released in China. The World is set in World P… Read more

THOUGH I AM GONE (Hu Jie, 2007)
Pioneering filmmaker Hu Jie uncovers the tragic story of the Cultural Revolution's first victim. ... Made as a follow-up to his stunning Searching for Lin Zhao's Soul, Though I Am Gone sees Hu Jie re… Read more

Three...extremes (Takashi Miike, Park Chan Wook, Fruit Chan, 2004)
[Three... Extremes] is a chilling, top-shelf anthology, featuring three short 'horror' films directed by perennial MIFF faves Park Chan-wook, Miike Takashi and Fruit Chan. ... "Park's [Cut] ranks as … Read more

Thunder Lannyang (Hsueh Yuting, )
[Thunder Lannyang] is an elegant portrait of Taiwanese music and family tradition interwoven with a personal history. Jin-tsai Chuan is one of the few remaining exponents of Baguan traditional opera.… Read more

TOGETHER (Chen Kaige, 2002)
13-year-old Xiaochun is a shy and sensitive violin prodigy who lives with his father, a hardworking chef in a provincial Chinese city. They set out for Beijing to further the young boy's musical educ… Read more

TOUCH OF SIN, A (Jia Zhang-ke, 2013)
"This ultraviolent attack on Chinese consumerism is a stunning slap in the face from previously-sedate director Jia Zhang-ke." - The Guardian ... The blood hits the floor in this confronting look at … Read more

Training Players For Chinese Classical Theatre (Chang Chao-pin, Chen Chen-tsai, 1958)
An attractive film about one of the most exquisite ancient arts of the Orient, kept alive by exact teaching methods and unbroken tradition. The students work their way exhaustively to perfection and … Read more

TRIANGLE (Johnnie To, Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam, 2007)
“The beginning, middle and end of Triangle are directed by three different directors… it is like tasting an exquisite dish with three different flavors.” - Pusan Film Festival ... Combini… Read more

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