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A GIRLFRIEND FOR DAVID (Orlando Rojas, 1985)
Una Novia Para David captures the situation of a young kid who leaves his village in 1966 to go to the University of Havana with a typical Cuban graffiti style, fast pacing, lots af music (Beatles an… Read more

A TIME TO DIE (Jorge Ali Triana, 1985)
Based on an original screenplay by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A TIME TO DIE is the first film from Colombian director Jorge Ali Triana. ... Juan Sayago has just been released from an 18 year |ail senten… Read more

ALSINO AND THE CONDOR (Miguel Littin, 1983)
Chilean, exiled film director, Miguel ... Littin's new production gives an idealised view of guerilla movements in Latin America; its cinematic approach is sophisticated and the acting highly profess… Read more

Assembly General (Gutierrez Alea, 1960)
Fidel Castro delivers his "Declaration of Havana" to over a million people in the Plaza Civica on September 2, 1960. The gathering began in the afternoon and lasted until dark, and Castro's address p… Read more

BIRDS WILL FLY (Rolando Diaz, 1984)
This is a charming comedy on a favourite new theme for Cuban filmmakers - the challenge of the growing consciousness of Cuban women towards the "machismo" traditionally cultivated in the Latin male. … Read more

CANTATA OF CHILE (Humberto Solás, 1976)
This Cuban film by Humberto Solas, creates a filmic equivalent of a musical cantata. It uses poetry, music, myths and historical reconstructions to put the case against foreign exploitation of Latin … Read more

Con Amor (Santiago Villafuerte, 1982)
The traditional methods of making building materials are compared to the new ones introduced since the Revolution. ... Read more

CUMBITE (Tomás Gutierrez, 1965)
The story unfolds in the hamlet of Fonds Rouge in Haiti during the Forties. Manuel, a young country­man, returns to his native village after having spent some years in Cuba as a cane cutter. He f… Read more

Cyclone (Santiago Alvarez, 1963)
A dynamic, documentary report, wilhout commen­tary, of devastation by the hurricane "Flora" through Cuba's provinces of Camueiicv and Ojienie in October, 1963. ... Read more

Eggshells (Mariana Rondon, 1991)
A woman sells tickets in a seedy art-deco cine­ma, as voices from a passionate melodrama float through the foyer, disembodied. The clean­er, reflected and distorted in a mirror, becomes the f… Read more

Filminuto #16 and #18 (Juan Padron, 1989)
The Filminuto series are designed to screen before a feature in Cuban cinemas (often with local newsreels). ... Each Filminuto is a collection of brief cartoon-strip-like comic animations of no more … Read more

Filminuto #2 (Juan Padron, 1980)
A series of 1 minute animated jokes ... Read more

Filminuto #5 (Tulio Raggi, 1981)
Old fairy tales are reworked, new jokes added, in this compilation of assorted animated snippets from Cuba. ... Read more

For the First Time (Octavio Cortázar, 1967)
A mobile projection unit visits a village in the distant, mountainous regions of Cuba, where no film has ever been screened. During the performance, the camera captures the expressions of adults and … Read more

Garbage (Lorenzo Regaiado, 1989)
Regaiado's surprisingly direct attack on the abuse of power and privilege by Cuba's bourgeouise is one of several similar films coming from young Cuban filmmakers. - (TB) ... Read more

LUCIA (Humberto Solás, 1968)
ln 1895, the Cuban people revolted ... against Spain. ln |933 they revolted ... against a dictator. Then in thc ... Sixties came Fidel. Lucia is a different ... heroine in each of three moments ... i… Read more

Ninos Deudoces (Estella Bravo, )
A documentary which examines the plight of children who are born with inherited debts. ... Read more

Now (Santiago Alvarez, 1965)
A look at racial discrimination in the United States. The background music is sung by Lena Horne. ... Grand Prize, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

PLAFF! (Juan Carlos Tabio, 1988)
... ... From the minute the projector rolls, it is obvious Plaff! is an original venture. Using satire, cinema jokes and a running gag a la Murder on the Orient Express, it's the best Cuban film this… Read more

Quinoscopio (Juan Padron, Joaquin Lavado, 1986)
'Quino' is the contracted form of Joaquin, the first name of a caricaturist who is well known and loved throughout Latin America. ... "The film is not only graphically accomplished, its gags are also… Read more

Quinoscopio #2 (Juan Padron, )
A light-hearted Cuban Animation. ... Read more

REALENGO 18 (Oscar Torres, 1961)
The title of the film refers to a tract of land in Oriente province. The story concerns an uprising of guajiros against an American-run company's attempt to seize their land. Tete Vergara, a Negro ac… Read more

Redonda Y Viene en Caja Cuadrada (Rolando Diaz, 1979)
A satiric look at Cuba's national sport, baseball ... Read more

SALSA (Rigoberto López Pego, 1996)
Presented by Isak Delgado - himself the latest hot property in Cuban salsa - this immense­ly entertaining documentary relates the story of the Latino music craze that swept the US from the 1930s … Read more

SLAVE HUNTER (Sergio Giral, 1977)
This Cuba 'western' is based on the diary of Francisco Estevez, the most notorious rancheador (slave hunter) of the troubled colonial period of Latin America. The rancheador was essentially a mercena… Read more

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