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BOSS OF IT ALL, THE (Lars Von Trier, 2006)
“Here comes a film. It's a comedy and harmless.” - Lars von Trier When the owner of an IT company decides to sell up, he's forced to wheel out the CEO to seal the deal. The only problem is the C… Read more

Brainy (Daniel Joseph Borgman, 2011)
Daniel Borgman (Lars and Peter, MIFF 09; Berik, MIFF 10) delivers a moving tale of a boy who believes that his much-loved grandfather is still alive and possessing the power to reanimate dead animals. Read more

Brazil 5. Amazon (Ib Makwarth, 1974)
An investigation of the position of the Brazilian Amazon-Indians today. In their natural state, in their own surroundings, they enjoy the very things western men crave for -an unhurried and untrouble… Read more

BROTHERHOOD (Nicolo Donato, 2009)
More than just a gay neo-Nazi film. ... Violent and affectionate, brutal and touching, Nicolo Donato's feature debut is a tale that delves into the dichotomy of homosexuality within the ranks of skin… Read more

brothers (Sussanne Bier, 2004)
In her powerfully immediate [Brothers], Suzanne Bier - director of the acclaimed Dogma film [Open Hearts] (MIFF 02) - has fashioned a taut psychological drama of a splintering family. ... Michael and… Read more

BURMA VJ (Anders Østergaard, 2008)
“Who did they shoot?… A guy with a camera.” ... While those in the West might bemoan the falling standards of news media, the Burmese live in a world where journalism of any kind is illega… Read more

Cathrine (Mads Matthiesen, 2008)
From Mads Matthiesen, winner of the MIFF 08 Grand Prix for Best Short Film, comes the story of 16-year-old Cathrine. She has a new boyfriend twice her age - and her overbearing parents are not going … Read more

CITIES ON SPEED - BOGOTA CHANGE (Andreas Møl Dalsgaard, 2009)
Bogotá Change ... Ridden with crime and drugs, Bogotá was once considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Then Antanus Mockus - a man fired from his university job for moonin… Read more

Cairo Garbage ... With 10,000 tonnes of new garbage produced every day, Cairo is drowning in its own waste. Even the ‘garbage people' who for years have made a living from the discarded goods can't… Read more

CITIES ON SPEED - MUMBAI DISCONNECTED (Camilla Nielsson, Frederik Jacobi, 2009)
Mumbai Disconnected ... With a population set to grow from 18 million to 28.5 million in the next 10 years - 80% of whom currently catch the train to and from work each day - Mumbai is a city warping… Read more

CITIES ON SPEED - SHANGHAI SPACE (Nanna Frank Møller, 2009)
Shanghai Space ... In a city that grows by half a million people per year, space is a precious commodity. Shanghai's rapid expansion is forcing officials to look at subterranean accommodation as a po… Read more

Cuba Cubanos (Ib Makwarth, 1976)
A personal account of life in Cuba, investigating the earnings, eating habits, working and social life of the ordinary Cubans. ... Read more

D . . . for Design (Hans Hasselbach, )
How Danish furniture is designed, what the artist looks for, the result, and its eventual use. ... Read more

DEAR IRENE (Christian Braad Thomsen, 1971)
Irene is a woman who doesn't quite know what she wants to do. She is married with an attractive child, but also has, a lover, Ebbe. He is deeply in love with her, but their relationship is not a happ… Read more

DEFAMATION (Yoav Shamir, 2009)
“Explores intelligently the very touchy topic of anti-Semitism.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Having elicited charges of anti-Semitism from critics of his previous films, Yoav Shamir (Flipping Out, M… Read more

Dennis (Mads Matthiesen, 2007)
Dennis's mother is hurt when he invites a local girl out on a date. Despite pressure to cancel, Dennis ventures into a night that he will never forget. Screened at Sundance 08 --- D/S Mads Matthiese… Read more

Dennis (Mads Matthiesen, 2007)
When Dennis invites a local girl out on a date, he ventures into a night that he will never forget. ... Not in competition ... --- D/S Mads Matthiesen P Jonas Bagger S Martin Zandvliet TD 35mm/2007 ... Read more

Donald McGlynn has developed documen­tary portraiture of jazz musicians to a fine art. Dexter Gordon - More Than You Know is his latest exemplary effort. Gordon is the transitional fig­ure be… Read more

DID SOMEBODY LAUGH? (Henning Carlsen, 1978)
Henning Carlsen's new film looks at first like a reprise of his best known film Hunger (1966) as it introduces us to a down and out in a cold Northern European winter. The film quickly departs into i… Read more

DREAMS IN COPENHAGEN (Max Kestner, 2009)
A voyeuristic ode to the buildings and landscapes of Denmark's capital. ... A tribute to the physical surroundings that shape the lives of Copenhagen locals, Max Kestner's documentary avoids historic… Read more

Driving in the Night (Ole Roos, 1968)
One motorist gives a lift to another whose car has broken down. It is a hazardous night drive, for a latent hostility between them bursts to the surface. . . . ... Read more

DUMMY PARTNER (Hans Kristensen, 1976)
This is the third feature film from Danish director, Hans Kristensen, following his earlier films. The Escape and Per. Per, a small-time hoodlum, reappears in this film, trying to make a respectable … Read more

EASY MONEY (Daniél Espinosa, 2010)
“It is smart and sexy and thrilling and shocking.” - Twitch ... Based on the best-selling book (the first in a trilogy) by practising Swedish defence lawyer Jens Lapidus, this tautly directed cri… Read more

ENEMIES OF HAPPINESS (Anja Al Erhayem, Eva Mulved, 2006)
Winner of Silver Wolf Award at last year's International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Enemies of Happiness introduces us to a remarkable 28 year-old woman during Afghanistan's first democratic ele… Read more

EVENING LAND (Peter Watkins, 1976)
In Evening Land, British film-maker, Peter Watkins, projects a frightening future for the welfare state. The film, which was provisionally titled Denmark 1980, chronicles the disintegration of the we… Read more

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