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Films From Denmark

FALKENBERG FAREWELL (Jesper Ganslandt, 2006)
“Part poetry, part sociological snapshot of small-town life, Falkenberg Farewell is like a Swedish I Vitelloni - the opening salvo from a new and distinctive talent.” - Toronto Film Festival Jes… Read more

FEAR X (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2003)
John Turturro is Harry Cam, a security guard in mid-west Amenca, whose wfe has been killed at the mall in which he works. Harry becomes obsessed wrth revenge, poring over endless surveillance camera … Read more

FIGHTER (Natasha Arthy, 2007)
“Quality teen drama boasts an appealingly feisty heroine and high-energy martial arts action.” - Variety ... Aicha, the teenage daughter of conservative Turkish immigrants, lives in Copenhagen an… Read more

FIREBIRD (Thomas Grimm, 1982)
In Glen Tetley's newly choreographed version of the classical story, the Firebird, a beautiful girl, is kept in an enchanted garden and is guarded by a Victorian family. Gradually, she liberates hers… Read more

FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS, THE (Jørgen Leth, Lars von Trier, 2004)
The Five Obstructions (De Fem Benspænd) Denmark'Between Lars von Trier and me I can say there is a sympathy and professional respect, but also both of us have an appreciation of play and experimen… Read more

FLAME & CITRON (Ole Christian Madsen, 2008)
“It's a taut, complex thriller, but beware: in Flame & Citron, truth is far bleaker than fiction.” - Independent ... Copenhagen 1944. As the war winds down, it seems the Nazi regime's days are nu… Read more

Flaneur (Torben Skjodt Jensen, 1992)
The strolling flaneur was the forerunner of 20th century travellers and their obsession with taking photographs. A whirl-wind trip through sensory superimpositions of all the world's most famous tour… Read more

FLASH OF A DREAM (Robert M. Fox, 2001)
Danish photographer Jacob Riis holds a rare accolade in the hearts of America, a country rarely known for recognising the power of foreigners to have a deep-seated effect on the way they live. In the… Read more

Frescoes in Danish Churches (Jorgan Roos, 1954)
The film tells in picture and music about the world that is living in the frescoes of the village churches. After the creation and the fall of man, the human beings are chased out of Paradise; the si… Read more

FROZEN (Juliet McKoen, 2003)
Kate (Shirley Henderson) is unable to grieve for her missing sister, who two years earlier disappeared without trace. In her search for answers, Kate - a fish-factory worker in the astonishingly beau… Read more

GAMBLER (Phie Ambo, 2005)
Phie Ambo's documentary sees her turning the camera on fellow Danish filmmaker, Nicholas Winding Refn, detailing his real-life tale of risk and sacrifice. ... After crashlanding in Cannes with the gr… Read more

GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL (Asger Leth, 2006)
“There has never been anything quite like Asger Leth's film; it's amazing it even exists and that the director is still alive.” - Variety It is 2004. The Haitian slum of Cité Soleil is the most… Read more

GINGER AND ROSA (Sally Potter, 2012)
"Lovely and devastating, challenging yet worthwhile, Sally Potter's Ginger & Rosa may be the English filmmaker's best since Orlando." - The Playlist ... It's London, 1962. Born in the same hospital o… Read more

Girl in the Water (Woo Ming Jin, Jeppe Rønde, 2011)
A Thai refugee trying to start a new life in a Malaysian fishing village is haunted by the absence of her child. ... D/S Woo Ming Jin, Jeppe Rønde P Edmund Yeo, Patricia Drati, Tine Fischer L … Read more

Gitte in April (Hans Kristensen, 1969)
In a mixture of fiction and documentation, this film tells about a single mother and her lover. ... Read more

GIVE GOD A CHANCE ON SUNDAY (Henrik Stangerup, 1970)
Born from the frustrating experiences of two theology students, the film describes the problems of a modern rural clergyman trying to keep a grip on a dwindling congregation, while examining the rele… Read more

GREEN BUTCHERS, THE (Anders Thomas Jensen, 2004)
The Green Butchers (De Gronne Slagtere) Denmark Stay away from the 'Chicky Wickies'! Tired of slaving away under Holger, their overbearing, abusive boss, 'sweaty' Svend and Bjarne open their own orga… Read more

Habibti My Love (Pernille Fischer Christensen, 2002)
A young Muslim woman negotiates cultural and personal boundaries as she comes to terms with falling in love.The film explores the ultimately triumphant way in which she deals with the men in her life… Read more

HAITI 1971 (Ib Makwarth, 1972)
This report from Papa Doc's and Baby Doc's Haiti shows the state of the Negro population in the Caribbean republic. Aiming at complete impartiality, the film presents facts and allows them to speak f… Read more

HAMLET (Svend Gade, 1920)
Here is a non-Shakespearian version of Hamlet, drawn from a Danish history recorded by Saxo Grammaticus in the 12th century, and containing characterization and incident not found in any other source. Read more

HAPPY END (Björn Runge, 2011)
“We follow individuals that are of most importance to each other, but they are not honest to each other.” - Björn Runge, director ... Preceded by Daybreak (which won the Silver Bear at the Berli… Read more

Heavy Heads (Helena Frank, 2010)
A minimalist black comedy about a woman whose only respite from her loneliness and despair is eliciting sexual favours from a housefly. ... D/S Helena Frank P Elisabeth Victoria Poulsen WS The Nation… Read more

Helgoland (Karin Westerlund, 2000)
Director/cmematographer Kann Westerlund pays a private and very subjective visit to one of her favourite places the sea-bathing facility at Helgoland. ... Read more

Her World (Lise Roos, Anker, 1975)
Every working wife has, really, two jobs, and when she has small children as well, her day is more than full Her World observes such a young wife with two small children at work, at home, and her inc… Read more

HIJACKING, A (Tobias Lindholm, 2012)
"A powerful and intensely watchable film." – Screen Daily ... Tobias Lindholm (co-writer of The Hunt, MIFF 2012) settles into his second stint behind the camera in typically taut style, cr… Read more

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