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METROPIA (Tarik Saleh, 2009)
You can't stop your thoughts. ... It's 2024 and an oil-starved Europe has connected its train systems via a massive underground subway network. Whenever Roger, a call-centre worker from Stockholm, st… Read more

MINOR MISHAPS (Annette K Olesen, 2001)
Berlin Film Festival award winner Minor Mishaps exhibits the peculiarly Danish brand of bittersweet intimate comedy and turbulent family relationships handled so expertly in Thomas Vinterberg's class… Read more

Miss Remarkable & Her Career (Joanna Rubin Dranger, 2010)
A humorous animated film about inner demons, crushing parental expectations and a career meltdown. It's tough to be a modern woman. ... D/S Joanna Rubin Dranger P Lisbet Gabrielsson, Jeremy Purcell, … Read more

Mixed Double (Bent Barfod, 1970)
Bent Barfod, Danish avant-garde film director, produced an experimental photographic ballet film in Mixed Double. ... Read more

Monarchy and Democracy (Jørgen Roos, 1976)
The family from which the Danish Queen originates, has reigned for a thousand years Radical political development has transformed Denmark into one of the world's most advanced democracies Yet, the mo… Read more

MONASTERY, THE (Pernille Rose Grønkjaer, 2006)
Wills are tested and lives changed forever in this heartwarming and often hilarious story of two very different people thrown together by chance. Fifty years ago, 82 year-old Vig bought a castle in … Read more

MR CATRa - the faithful (Andreas Johnsen, 2004)
Backed by a massive sound system pulsing with peak-volume bass beats, Mr Catra's sex and crime obsessed music speaks about life in the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro and ongoing wars with criminal… Read more

Mum (Mads Matthiesen, 2006)
A disturbing film that raises serious questions about the nature of care, Mum is set at wintertime around a housing estate. Focussing on a young couple grieving their dead cat, viewers are presented … Read more

NÓI ALBINÓI (Dagur Kári, )
From the country that brought you 101 Reykjavic (MIFF 2001) comes an equally humorous tragi-comedy. High school offers no challenge to the gifted Noi. He spends his days stealing beer to numb the bor… Read more

NO CHIEF IS GOOD ENOUGH (Svend Abrahamsen, 1975)
During a holiday in Sweden, the sailing boat of a group of Danish children becomes adrift; the children land on a desert island and spend two days before they are rescued. The film probes the social … Read more

NORTHWEST (Michael Noer, 2013)
"A tough, absorbing and watchable crime drama ... marks [Noer] out as a talent to keep on watching." – Screen ... In the rundown, impoverished Copenhagen suburb of Nordvest, 18-year-old Ca… Read more

Old People (Henning Carlsen, 1961)
Is life over when old age begins? Denmark has nearly 400,000 pensioners who have lived through the difficult days after having retired. Interviews elucidate the problems which are believed to crop up… Read more

ORDET (Carl Dreyer, 1955)
Dreyer has on occassion been described as the Kafka of the cinema. Both artists are devoted to bizarre and exceptional settings, both are decidedly anti-realists. The mental conflicts which motivate … Read more

Out Of Love (Birgitte Staermose, 2009)
The children of Kosovo survive in the aftermath of war, each with their own gripping, surreal and sad stories of memory, loss and fear. ... --- ... D Birgitte Staermose P Jesper Morthorst S Peter Asm… Read more

PAW - BOY OF TWO WORLDS (Astrid Henning-Jensen, 1960)
Paw grew up in the jungles of the West Indies — the son of a Danish father and a West Indian mother who died who he was bom. The picture starts when Paw, at the age of twelve, has lost his fath… Read more

Phoenix Bird (Jon Bang Carlsen, 1984)
In Carlsen's "documentaries" reality is staged: real people play "themselves" to give an impression of how they perceive themselves. In this case we meet James R. Jarrett, a returned warrior who brin… Read more

Ping Pong (Henning Bendtsen, 1950)
Dots, lines, loops, dance to a drumbeat background. ... Read more

PLAY (Ruben Östlund, 2011)
A behavioural and psychological drama, based on true accounts of a racially charged street scam in Sweden. ... Over the course of a tense afternoon, five kids of African descent playfully toy with th… Read more

PRINCESS (Anders Morgenthaler, 2006)
Anders Morgenthaler's debut animated feature came careening into audiences on the opening night of Director's Fortnight at Cannes just months ago. August, a former missionary priest, returns home to … Read more

Prostitution Behind the Veil (Nahid Persson, )
[Prostitution Behind the Veil] opens a window onto the difficult lives of Minna and Fariba, two young single mothers who make their way as best they can in a society that affords little opportunity t… Read more

PUSHER (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2003)
A furious, hyper-realistic window into the very bottom of the Copenhagen underworld, the blockbuster hit Pusher, the debut feature from its 25-year-old director, was instrumental in putting Danish ci… Read more

pusher II (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2004)
Just out of prison after 13 months, Tonny discovers that he has a child. He also has a debt to his father, the most vicious gangster in Copenhagen. Tonny desperately wants to find his feet, so he goe… Read more

PUSHER II (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2004)
“It's as if Coppola had decided to make sadsack Fredo Corleone the hero of one of the Godfather films.” - Toronto International Film Festival ... Just out of prison, small-time crook Tonny (alrea… Read more

PUSHER III (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2005)
“A vision that thoroughly debunks popular ideas of gangster romanticism.” - Toronto International Film Festival ... Taking place over the course of a day, ageing Serbian drug baron, Milo (Zlatko … Read more

RE: LONE (Franz Ernst, 1970)
Lone is a 16-year old girl who runs away from an institution for wayward girls. Determined to strike out on her own, Lone succeeds only in compounding her problems. ... The theme of the film is escap… Read more

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