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The Cyclist (Henning Carlsen, 1958)
The multi-festival prize winner is an imaginatively scripted and photographed film directed at children. A lively tale told by a bicycle, it shows what can be done with a road safety propaganda film. ... Read more

The Danish Weather (Claus Ørsted, Niels W. Gadesgade, 1977)
The function of the weather in forming the country and people of Denmark. ... Read more

The Drop of Water (Bent Barfod, 1969)
In a magnified drop of water, the world can be reflected. But it is not the everyday world... ... Read more

The End of the Game (Theodor Christensen, 1961)
This controversial film, on the function of sport in society, claims that positive human and social values are to be found in athletics. At the same time it satirically surveys professional sport. ... Read more

THE EXHIBITED (Jesper Jargil, 2000)
Your life is controlled by an anthill in the New Mexico desert. Your emotions, social interactions, personality and relationships change depending on a few thousand bugs scuttling around the sand... … Read more

The Feelings are the Same (Christian Hartkopp, 1972)
The creators of the film declare, “A film about emotional relations and about the commonly human. Wish for contact may arise between people of different sex and of the same sex. The film tries to d… Read more

The Flying Dane (Jorgen Roos, 1957)
Recreated from old photographs and early cinematic material, The Flying Dane is the story of J. C. Ellehammer who, in 1908. was one of the first men to fly a powered aircraft. His time aloft &ndash: … Read more

THE FORGIVENESS OF BLOOD (Joshua Marston, 2011)
Winner of the Silver Bear at this year's Berlin film festival. ... Having debuted with Colombia-based cocaine drama Maria Full of Grace (MIFF 2004), American filmmaker Joshua Marston turns his attent… Read more

THE HUNT (Thomas Vinterberg, 2012)
“Vinterberg really has come storming back with this new movie… a reminder of his superb gift for unsettling collective drama.” - The Guardian ... Fourteen years ago Thomas Vinterberg helpe… Read more

THE INVENTION OF DR. NAKAMATS (Kaspar Astrup Schröder, 2009)
“My brain is very important.” - Dr Yoshiro Nakamatsu ... “The brain reaches maximum activity 0.5 seconds before death, then I can suddenly create a breakthrough!” So says Dr Nakamatsu, a Japa… Read more

THE JOURNEY (Peter Watkins, 1986)
I don't think we can ever say that we are informed rather that we are formed. ... Interviewee in The Journey ... Peter Watkins new film The Journey, the highlight of the International Forum at this y… Read more

The King's Meadow Garden (Claus Ørsted, Lars Brydesen, )
On the south-western outskirts of wonderful Copenhagen is the King's Meadow Garden—Kongens Enghave —now the city's gigantic rubbish tip. There in a shack for twenty years lives Martin, ag… Read more

THE KINGDOM (Lars von Trier, 1994)
The Kingdom is more of an epic than a small screen serial-a truly macabre work of diabolical diversity with an unpredictable narra­tive, harbouring a tender ghost story at the core of its haunted… Read more

The Man from the Deep (Martin Hagbjer, 1997)
The year 2059, Christmas eve. 3000m below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean a huge water ship floats past. The lighted portholes draw us into its mysterious interior. Jack Stenberg wakes from a night… Read more

The Merry-Go-Round (Kirsten Stenbaek, 1970)
A grotesque film collage with music and songs about how Soren Rasmussen buries his wife Kristine, and how the funeral procession ends the day on the merry-go-round. ... Read more

The New Tenants (Joachim Back, 2009)
Chronicles perhaps the worst moving day ever. Funny, frightening and unexpectedly romantic. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short in 2009. ... --- ... D Joachim Back P Tivi Magnusson… Read more

The Nun's Kiss (Kirsten Stenbaek, 1969)
An aggressive young man has his way with a nun, but in doing so, he destroys the fascination that stirred him. ... Read more

The Perfect Human (Jørgen Leth, 1967)
That pinnacle of evolutionary achieve­ment, embodiment of the dreams and desires of urban existence, twentieth-century Nordic man, is on floodlit display. He is subjected to a thorough zoological… Read more

The Performance (Kasper Barfoed, 2002)
Inspired by the beheading-cum-abduction of renowned Danish tourist attraction The Little Mermaid, the film's protagonist, Julius, attempts to emulate history. He concocts an elaborate plan but it goe… Read more

THE RED CHAPEL (Mads Brügger, 2009)
A subversive comedy tour through North Korea takes a turn for the absurd in this Yes Men-style gonzo doco from Mads Brügger. ... Fighting propaganda with propaganda, filmmaker Mads Brügger take… Read more

The Saints (Bent Barfod, 1968)
When the Saints go marchin' in . . . they do so to a swinging, animated dance of death. ... Read more

The Spirit of Sailing (Jørgen Ekberg, 1969)
A great athlete could be regarded as an artist expressing himself through his sporting ability. The film uses this approach to Paul Elvstr0m, who sails three different boats and explains his feelings… Read more

THE STAR DREAMER (Sonja Vesterholt, 2002)
Russian filmmaker Pavel Klushantsev had an extraordinary influence on an entire genre. The Star Dreamer explores the life and work of this visual wizard and the fantastic legacy of his films which tr… Read more

The Staunch Tin Soldier (Ivo Caprino, 1954)
Tin soldiers are cast and appear among the other toys on the birthday table. At night the toys come to life and the staunch tin soldier falls in love with the little dancer. ... Read more

The Stolen Feast (Peter Refn, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

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